[Official] What are you playing?

  • I have hit the perfect gaming balance in my life right now and it is absolutely glorious.

    On the mechanical front, I'm still absorbed by the brilliance of Monster Hunter World. I feel I'm closing to hitting credits (after slaying 3 elder dragons in a row) and I know that's when the real game actually begins. The fact that I've devoted so much time to this game and new things I can do keep popping up or I understand something a little better, just shows how much attention to detail went into creating this. Predicting it very early, but it's going to take one hell of an amazing game to steal GOTY away from this one.

    On the narrative front, I finally decided I'd live up to my promise and start the Danganronpa series. I picked up the Reload version of 1 and 2 on PS4. I remember distinctly plopping my headphones on at 11 pm, loading it up, going to the kitchen to grab something to drink and once that music hit... I just wanted to dance. Before I knew it, it was 5 am and I had just completed the first trial. I know there's a few people that hype this game up but how it hasn't reached critical mass yet is beyond me. Characters that slowly grow on you, the tension that builds, the music, the varying art styles, and overall, just the vibes. Walking down the hallways of the school in first person reminds me of the very first Persona. I completed the second trial last night and while it wasn't quite as juicy as the first, the fact that we are slowly coming to smaller numbers is just going to ramp up the intensity. Love, love, love the first game so far and the prospect of having an entire series to work through? I can't wait.

    Edit: Sorry if it shows here I was replying to your message @bam541, I goofed in writing my post and can't seem to edit that away.

  • A little bit surprised with myself...I went into the final boss fight of Monster Hunter World expecting to fail, so I didn't do all the prep I usually would...and somehow I managed to beat it! So happy!

  • Just put together my new PC + I'm on vacation from work.

    Mixing it up between GW 2 (with expansions) and Civ VI Rise and Fall.

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    On the final boss of Monster Hunter World. I’ll be playing this game all year round I think. That is until Megaman 11 comes out 😁.

  • PERSONA5 4G (Vita) - to help with my departure from P5 friends. Bought the Vita just to play this game.

    MONSTER HUNTER WORLD (PS4) - can only enjoy in multi-player, get bored in single player. I know everyone loves it, but I am struggling a little. story is quite flat and coop-session mechanics a mess (couldn't care about the cut-scences).

  • just did Rina's side story in Yakuza Kiwami thank go no one walked in the room lol

  • I've went back to give Witcher 2 another go. I've been struggling in recent weeks to find a game that will truly immerse me. The menus put me off last time but I think I can power through it for the story.

  • Still chipping away at Monster Hunter World when I have the time. It’s super encouraging to see so many people enjoying it. I’m not especially far along, but that’s alright. I just enjoy roaming the wilds and living in that world so much. I keep trying to get more comfortable with some of the other weapons, since they all feel great in their own way. However, it’s comforting to have that familiar hammer to come home to when I need it.

    Beyond that, my wife and I just finished a playthrough of EDF 4.1, which I’m surprise she liked so much. Hopefully we see another release in the West eventually.

  • I still playing bubble spinner and can't complete the 2nd level :@

  • Started playing a little game called Grandia.

  • @minamik love Grandia Justin and Feena are so good

  • Monster Hunter World!
    It's pretty great, though I wonder if I would like it as much if it wasn't for the palicos and the poogie.
    I am still learning stuff since this game can be rather complicated. Took me a week to realize investigations were added from the resource center, kept wondering why the only one I had was to hunt great Jagras. Stuff like that I feel might be needlessly complicated, but it's still fun.
    Was using the insect glaive, but recently switched to the bow since I prefer staying back a little.

    And so far I've never had the heart to skip that cooking scene. I love that meowscular chef.

  • I'm 8 hours into Xenoblade 2.

    I just rescued Nia from the ship but haven't actually finished the ship mission/dungeon, instead, I fast traveled back to town with Nia in my party grinded for a bit while watching some videos, completed a quest, salvaged for a bit and went back into the ship to finish rescuing Nia.

    From this and other parts I've concluded that I must take this game as light as I possibly can since it takes itself so lightly as well.

    Other aspects, the combat while I also think it is boring and nonsensical is not as messy as the one from the first game, so I'm fine with it thus far, there's also too many systems already which are hard to fully embrace, the story is ok so far, I like the lighthearted comedy moments well enough, music is pretty good, and I don;t understand why the localization of this wasn't more critized because at least to me it has had some pretty bad moments, and I'm not referring to the english VA which are hilarous.

    The thing that really bothered me was seeing the blade fights in cutscenes, I had seen a lot of gameplay streamed, so I had just assumed the blades supported drivers, seeing them fight and doing so it such an intricate way only to have them stand in battle doing pretty much nothing is just sad to me, it's not like I need the combat to be flashy or anything but having such a dissparity between what the game is and what the apparent intention of what the combat is like on the word is really offputting to me.

    Anyhow I think it is alright so far, I'll keep playing it on handled mode sadly which really does have poor resolution, since that is my only option during weekdays.

  • I felt like playing Legacy of the Duelist again so I'm going through the story. I stopped watching Yugioh like halfway through GX so everything from 5Ds and Zexal has been new to me. 5Ds' story seemed like it got real stupid after a certain part but it was still fun to summon up some nice Synchros (even if I never used Stardust Dragon and just used Junk Warrior and Junk Archer in every duel instead). XYZs are probably my favorite type, while Synchros are nice (and Pendulums are just stupid frankly, I don't know anything about Links since those came out after this game and I can't be assed downloading Duel Links when I've already got this anyway) they feel more finnicky to work with while XYZs just happen. That and they have way more interesting effects with their attachment thing.

  • @bard91 do you find the cut-scenes overly long because i did

  • @ff7cloud I haven't had an issue with cutscene length tbh, but I could see how they might be a bit too long

  • I'm continuing my save of Mass Effect 2. Already have 20+ hours on it. I focus too much on side missions, I guess xD

  • Titanfall 2. Surprisingly good singleplayer and top tier multiplayer

    Monster Hunter World. Don't think I need to say much here. Amazing. Been waiting for this for over a decade.

    Knack. ITSA A MASTAPIECE BAYBEE! But seriously its a decent platformer/beatemup. Don't understand all the hate it gets.

  • @volthred That is one game where you most definitely want to complete as many side quests as possible. It’s not a hassle, really, as they provide some of the best character moments in gaming.

  • Evil Within 2. Huber was right its a 10. A true survival horror game.