[Official] What are you playing?

  • @bard91 do you find the cut-scenes overly long because i did

  • @ff7cloud I haven't had an issue with cutscene length tbh, but I could see how they might be a bit too long

  • I'm continuing my save of Mass Effect 2. Already have 20+ hours on it. I focus too much on side missions, I guess xD

  • Titanfall 2. Surprisingly good singleplayer and top tier multiplayer

    Monster Hunter World. Don't think I need to say much here. Amazing. Been waiting for this for over a decade.

    Knack. ITSA A MASTAPIECE BAYBEE! But seriously its a decent platformer/beatemup. Don't understand all the hate it gets.

  • @volthred That is one game where you most definitely want to complete as many side quests as possible. It’s not a hassle, really, as they provide some of the best character moments in gaming.

  • Evil Within 2. Huber was right its a 10. A true survival horror game.

  • Metal Gear Survive because I got it for $6
    Youtube Video

  • @minamik Oh flame, burn em!

  • I am about 10 hours into Paper Mario: Colour Splash. Good golly, I love how this game looks. The whole cards thing could use some ironing out and it would be good to have a motivation to ever enter battle but I'm enjoying the exploration and, of course, the vibes. The boss battle I finished last night was serviceable to so hopefully they get better from here.

  • @billy yeah, I have no problem in doing side quests. I just wished the mining resources part wasn't so repetitive. It gets exhausting at some point. I'm obviously late to the party of complaining about this mechanic though xD

  • Put about 6 hours into Metal Gear Survive.... I can't be bothered to put any more time into it, it's just so dull and boring, I'll be trading it in soon seeing as I'll probably get double back in store credit then what I spent on it (got it for $6 due to human error)
    If Konami ever does a MGS remake or collection on PS4 I might pick it up, but this feels like watching a old beloved friend getting hit by a train, only for the train to reverse and back over the corpse a few times.

  • Decided to do the Reverse Duels in Legacy of the Duelist since I finished the Zexal story but I still wanna play more. Starting from the original Yugioh and man, the progression of card types and deck builds was great as I went through so having to go back to square one almost feels like an entirely different game. I want my XYZs back. I guess I could just build my own deck for these instead of using the Story Decks but that wouldn't feel right.

  • I reached chapter 3 of Xenoblade 2.

    I do feel the cutscene length is getting excessive, but most importantly I have to say this, the ending sequence for chapter 2 was freaking terrible, and reinforced my impressions that I can't take this game seriously in any way.

  • @volthred It's better then the mining in Andromeda...

    But I think I am in the minority, since I didn't hate mining in ME2, but then I was a completionist with that game. I just wanted to make it last longer.

  • I have fallen from grace and somehow really started some battle royale gameplay with Fortnite. I remember trying it out a few months ago and not really getting into it since I was playing by myself and constantly dying without realizing what was happening. Watching Jones/Huber stream the game, I decided to give the game another shake and asked some friends to try it too. We were absolutely awful at first but started getting more and more top 5 placements before that big victory happened last night in duos. I recognize my skill level and although I'm getting better at building, I'm never going to be able to pull off some of that insane stuff I see in highlight videos. If anything, I'm just viewing this as good practice for the PVE mode, which I'm much more excited to try out once it finally releases for free.

  • Grandia: Reached the other side of the wall. Man, this game has a really unique battle system.

  • Just started Rime because it is one of the PS+ games this month. I'm not very far into it but it feels janky as all hell. The camera pops around a ton and the aesthetic is really bland in my opinion. The painting is far too cartoony for what the game is trying to go for. Not impressed yet.

  • In my effort to keep up the "perfect balance", I've decided to dive into the second Danganronpa while exploring another loot based game.

    So first things first... Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. I haven't even gotten to the first murder yet, so my impressions are real limited. Just like in the first, there's some characters I love and some I despise, which is pretty much exactly what I would want in this situation. Hard to judge them much further than initial introductions, so hopefully the cast continues to open up like in the first game. Although a lot of the soundtrack is familiar, some of the songs have been improved and some of the newer ones are excellent. The main character being more suspicious and cynical fits in with my sensibilities more, so I'm appreciating that. I will say, I'm extremely glad I am playing the series in chronological order though, because the introduction to this game is much more....strange. I like strange but had I come in blind not knowing anything about the series, I could really see myself abandoning it early. Luckily, I'm attached and plan on seeing this bizarre creation through to the end.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I'm a weak human being and purchased Fortnite: Save the World since it was half price. While the battle royale mode has some really high highs and some immense lows, this is more of a consistent experience overall. The amount of progression and various systems at play are absolutely staggering. The first time I opened up the skill tree, I was shocked with how many options existed... then I noticed there are 3 more skill trees... and 4 research trees. It's a game where I feel I could easily sink hundreds of hours into it and still have not witnessed everything it has to offer, which is both daunting and exciting. I think what I'm most impressed with is its open-ness and variety of missions. While most core missions do result in building a fort and defending against waves of zombies, what you can do before launching the main mission is where the game started to really shine for me. Whether it's saving surviviors, gathering resources, hunting down treasure chests, building challenges, or whack-a-mole... there's enough there to feel unique. Plus, now that I have the time to build at my leisure with friends, we've been working on better and better fort designs.

    Honestly, knowing this mode will be free to play this year and then looking at Warframe as well... I cannot understand how Bungie gets away with their Destiny model. Destiny has substantially less content and depth to its customization, yet it's a full price game that basically demands you purchase expansions to continue to play it.

  • About 2 hours into Kingdom Come, thats a whole hell of a different control setup to get used to, but I'm Intrigued to see where it goes

  • I'm just starting Dishonored 2, really like the first so I'm pumped to see how I like this one.

    Also literally off the boat in Karnaca and I got an accidental game over, it seems I was unwilling pushing the R2 button which resulted in immediately stabbing Meagan in the head as soon as I regained control, gotta love accidental deaths.