[Official] What are you playing?

  • HAvent really been playing anything too much ratchet and clank a bit here and there and yakuza kiwami

  • I finally started playing Shadow of the Colossus (PS4). I never played the original, but I played The Last Guardian which I had many issues with and... so far I have the same issues with SotC :(

    It really bums me because it's such a beloved classic, I don't understand why it just doesn't click with me. I find the controls irritating and imprecise (just like TLG), and it just takes me out of the game. It's a seriously gorgeous game though, so there's that, but so far I find the game structure repetitive and boring, and I'm struggling against the controller more than against the Colossi...

    I'm only one hour in (3 Colossi down), so hopefully I get used to it / it gets better.

  • @axel I would honestly say it doesn't. I know it'll probably officially be One of the Greats pretty soon, but it has a ton of problems people overlook. A huge world with nothing to do. Controls that never feel just right. It looks fantastic and has an immense sense of scale but major problems that are easily lobbed at other games seem to be ignored with it. It's a game I like watching occasionally but actually playing? Nope nope nope. Good luck though!

  • @sabotagethetruth A huge world with nothing to do is not a problem, it's a positive. Having a genuinely vast and beautiful area to roam as opposed to all the open world games where I need to collect 10 different types of items all populated on my mini map... I'll take SotC everyday.

    If the controls were still identical and had the same issues with input latency, I'd at least be okay with the criticism but the new controls bluepoint have aded still maintain the feeling of the original SotC while streamlining some parts of it.

  • @tokeeffe9 Look at something like FF15 though. While I severely dislike that game, a common complaint was the open world felt barren - pretty and interesting sights but nothing to actually accomplish, save a few fetch quests. So it's strange to me that it's a boon for one game and a detractor for another. I also remember reports saying Cuphead was too bland as a boss rush game, so they had to add in other things to do in the game - yet Shadow of the Colossus is nothing but bosses, minus the "rush" aspect.

    One thing I'll note is I'm comparing current games to something that really came out about 13 years ago. For what Team Ico initially accomplished back on the PS2, I could see how that would blow people away back then. Seeing as how it seems to be re-released on each new generation though, personally, I can't help but notice all the flaws as the years go on, no matter what new coat of paint is applied.

  • @tokeeffe9 I don't really see how that is a positive, to me it certainly wasn't, and while I wouldn't say SoTC was worse because of it Icertainly don't think the open world was a benefit and I can't say I had fun going about it.

  • There's nothing I 'need' to play right away in March or April so I'm trying to fit in my ng+ and platinum playthrough of Persona 5.
    I would probably want to get Yakuza 6 but need to finish Kiwami first. God Of War I can wait on.

  • @tokeeffe9 @SabotageTheTruth I mean I don't want to condemn the game just yet, I really want to like it, these are just my first impressions.

    As for the open-world, I also wouldn't expect it to have tons of collectibles and side-quests, I know this is not that kind of game. But my problem is the game still makes me traverse all these areas in-between fights and the controls are so sluggish that it makes those moments unenjoyable and "un-fun". It really feels like a drag to go from A to B, which means that every beautiful vista I encounter is hampered by it. And whenever I reach a Colossus I'm just relieved that I get to finally "play".

    But hopefully I'll learn to tolerate the controls and focus more on enjoying the world!

    EDIT: Well well, I just played some more and beat Colossus 4, 5 and 6. That's more like it! They were all a lot more interesting to fight, and visually more diverse and impressive. I'm also getting to grips with what the game expects of me. Now we're talking. I'm actually curious to see what's next.

  • I'm on chapter 13 of Yakuza 0. It seemed a little slow to get going really, but it's really ramping up now thankfully.

  • Finally jump in on the Overwatch craze with some buddies of mine. Been playing hours at a time as Solider 76. Getting good with him too. Although its Quickplay so not actually really competitive. Still had some great matches, regardless of having a handful of FPS experience on PC.

  • played some Dark souls tonight i forgot that new londo runs at like 7 FPS

  • I'm about 20 hours into Xenoblade 2, from being indifferent I'm starting to outright dislke it.

    I'm not as out of it as I was with the first game when I stopped playing which was also aroung the 20 hour mark, that said I'm finding this one to be much less interesting that the first up until now, I'll keep going slowly with it for now.

  • @axel @tokeeffe9 @SabotageTheTruth I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but I would be curious how you all feel about the two types of collectibles (spoiler tiptoeing) that do exist in the game. Do you think they help break up the gameplay loop at all? Personally I find that I ignore them until I need them, and then I manically search for them all so that I can better keep track of which ones I've gotten. That's not a very fun way of doing it but for some reason I can't bring myself to space them out.

  • @robbobwill I've now defeated 11 Colossi and have only found 3 of those shiny sparkly thingies, more or less accidentally. No idea what they are or what they do, there's absolutely no information given by the game. If there's actually one per Colossus and it turns out that you actually need them all to progress later in the game... I'll just stop playing.

  • @robbobwill Can't say they really added much to the game for me personally. It's just one of those situations where I wish I loved it but I don't... jealous of those that do though.

    So update in my gaming life. I hit the second PVE zone in Fortnite and... I feel like I've just hard-quit on it. The game felt beautiful when it was introducing all sorts of new mission types and variety but now it's just become "do that one mission 4 times in a row" and that's usually when I check out of most games. I may dive in from time to time since they do seem to be updating constantly but the passion isn't there anymore.

    I have however decided to right a wrong. In my life, I've started up Final Fantasy VI twice and the farthest I've ever gotten is the opera house. I'm only an hour in right now but I'm having a much better time with the game than I was previously. All I can say right now is Edgar with the auto crossbow is king of the castle, literally. I'm really eager to continue sinking my teeth into one of the few FFs I don't have much knowledge on.

  • @robbobwill Ah, I thought they were a very cool tribute to Nomad and I loved watching the stream where the community of SotC players were trying to find the last one for with this guy and see what happened.

    But in terms of actually collecting them, I didn't have too much interest in it. They were more of an aside but I watched a friend play through SotC for the first time properly and he loved just exploring the world and happened to find a good few of them without necessarily looking for them.

    And on what you get, I think the item isn't that great in terms of gameplay but where you get it from and the design of it is pretty cool.

  • Playing Wolfenstein Old Blood

  • About 30 minutes of MN9, it's just soooooo boring. Bland uninteresting visuals, seemingly non existent music, and the 3 robot masters I tried range from boring to tedious

  • my Replay of Dark souls on ps3 has shown me that this game is indeed in need of a remaster
    Offering item to covenants is a chore as u can only do one at a time
    Frame rates in some places tank to almost dizzing levels

  • I went back to playing Super Mario Odyssey since I started bringing my Switch for lunch breaks instead of my 3DS. I haven't done anything amazing since I've gone back, just messed around in some worlds and picked up random moons since this game hands 'em out like candy but dang it feels good to come back.