[Official] What are you playing?

  • Finished The Wind Waker yesterday. Solid 6/10.

    Playing through Paper Mario right now, and going to start Monkey Island 2 and Metal Gear Rising soon.

  • Started playing Bloodborne. As a Souls veteran (Demons and DS1), it has been an adjustment. I died at least 15 times trying to reach the checkpoint after the top of the church after the clinic. Lost all my vitals and currency. Then saw I was suppose to buy the armor from the bath messenger in the dream that essentially doubles your health.

    So I ended up restarting the game, as I wasn't far from the start. Got the armor, and starting doing much better. Helps that I learned to not be intimidated by the sheer number or size of unknown foes. As my charge from the extended axe can take them out, and to engage enemies one on one for the most part. Still learning how to time gun shots to stagger enemies. As the second boss gave me a hard time before I finished him. And I had to get used to not using a shield, relying more on the dodging mechanic that isn't full proof to avoid attacks.

    I'm getting far. But its been a tense ride. Any enemy that gets the jump on you, can kill you if you aren't careful. And there's no good starting shield to hide behind. Although I haven't tried the wood shield I just got.

  • Started playing Grim Fandango on PS4. I'm mostly using a guide because I want to experience the game without wasting a ton of time figuring out how to move forward. Still really enjoying it though

    I'm downloading Furi now.. I'm really excited to give that a try after all the positive things I've been hearing about it

  • Ive just finished FF1 and have starting streaming FF2 over on http://twitch.com/0m39a its an event to play every FF up to the release of FF15 http://ffcountup.com #FFCountUp (sorry if this is a bad place to post this)

  • Decided to give Bloodborne a serious go after months of inactivity. (was near the start so decided to start from scratch) Think I got the handle of things (already sent a few bosses to the grave, including an annoying Cleric Beast-esque boss who can heal herself; something tells me things are only gonna get worse though)

    @-Jak- said in What are you playing?:

    Although I haven't tried the wood shield I just got.

    It's practically useless I'd imagine.

  • @ChaosBahamut Yea I haven't bother trying to use it. After reading the description that its useless against beasts.

  • was cleaning up the house last night. stoked to find out that my wife's HDMI cable for her macbook is exactly what I needed for my Surface Pad Pro. INSIDE couchplay here I come!

  • Banned

    I've been hooked on Starbound for the last couple of days.

  • i am setsuna the final dungeon is a bitch
    tokyo mirage sessions im in the second dungeon with the cameras
    star ocean 5 not sure how far i am im in the desert for the second time
    omega quintet i like idea factory games but this is one of their weaker ones kinda simular premise as tokyo mirage sessions but that game does it 100x better
    and a little of riptide renegade my stress reliever

  • Just got into hand of fate recently without really know what to expect from it and I gotta say its a fun little pick up and play game

  • About to finish Bravely Default to comfortably play I Am Setsuna. Want to get back on that game without thinking about another JRPG at the back of my head :)

  • Finished:
    1- Wild Arms 4 on PS2.
    2-Resident Evil Zero PS4.
    3-Professor Layton and The Curious Village on the DS.
    Now playing:
    1- Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix on PS3 and I'm nearing the end of KH2FM.
    2-Resident Evil Remake PS4.
    3-Digital Devil Saga 1 PS2.
    And of course I'm still playing Overwatch.

  • I've been really enjoying Furi.. even though its frustrating as hell

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    Just finished Uncharted 2.

    so I guess now that next for me is to start with the third game in the series!

  • I am Setsuna. So many things I don't like there, but I can't stop playing it.

  • I'm not playing anything at the moment, which is weird. I finished the Witcher 3 a week ago with the Blood & Wine, and now I just... am. Basically, I'm waiting for Deus Ex in three weeks. Maybe I'll try that Tetris game that comes as a PS Plus freebie in a few days.

  • Playing Abzû right now.

  • Finally bought Blood and Wine.. then realized I still had a couple side quests from Hearts of Stone to finish...

    Almost there with Furi.. took me forever to get past the sniper boss

  • Doom (2016)

    I'm halfway through and It's probably my favorite FPS in a decade or so. Really, really liking it.

  • Bit of an off mood lately, so I just played a little Metal Slug 2 today. Jolly!