[Official] What are you playing?

  • @dipset your put in a middle of a planet the controls are ass floaty robots kill u and walking around kills u

  • @ff7cloud Basically how I feel about FarCry 2

    • Put in the middle of Africa
    • Gun jams, people kill you
    • If that doesn't, malaria will

  • @ff7cloud Don’t put it down! Are you playing on survival mode? It really shouldn’t be that hard if you play on normal mode unless you’re super unlucky with the initial planet spawn. Go normal and give it some time and you might end up loving it, trust me :)

    Feels like I have to defend it a bit here, you see I’ve been playing it for roughly 300 hours, no exaggeration, and it’s one of my favorite games right now, my kids love it too, it’s really special, once you get hooked and start to farm stuff it’ll swallow your free time like nothing else, and the never ending quest to find the perfect home planet obviously never ends. :) The support from the devs has been insanely good too, several huge free updates that has slowly made the game 10 times better than at the launch. The ARG was super fun as well, and I ended up getting a physical V4 Atlas Pass woohoo! :D

  • @jaggafredde im on normal and yes ill stick with it to fix the ship

  • @jaggafredde I picked up No Man's Sky at launch and liked it a lot, because I got the game I was expecting. A lot of people added in their own crazy ideas on what the game should be and really didn't give it a fair shake. I'm super curious about all the new updates though, I need to reinstall that bad boy!

    Ugh. Everyone, you don't understand pain until one of your favorite characters in the Danganronpa series as whole turns out to be a killer. It hurts the spirit. Still working my way through D2 and it looks like I have two chapters left. This game took a lot longer for it to sink its hooks into me (unlike the first game) but now I'm really starting to feel it.

  • I bought Bridge Constructor Portal. I don't know why exactly but I keep seeing it on PSN, Steam and eShop and it kept tempting me and I finally broke I guess.

    It's fun. It's not funny when it's trying to be, but it is funny when I watch my slipshod bridges just crumble under the slightest pressure and the dudes bail out into an acid pit. So there's that.

  • Banned

    Got Little Nightmares complete edition on the PSN sale going on. Might try to play some of that when I inevitably have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed babby.

  • Y A K U Z A K I W A M I

    I have to say, after playing Yakuza 0 and now 3 chapters into Kiwami, Yakuza has easily jumped into my favourite all time series. It feels so special and warm to just walk around the city that is so believable. Very few games immerse me like Yakuza does. The story and characters have so much drama and emotion attached to them that you can play it for the story only and enjoy yourself but its also fun to just walk around. I can't wait for Yakuza 6 and I can't wait to see where they go after Yakuza 6.

  • Banned

    @dipset Yakuza games are peak comfy.

  • Still playing Persona 5, 50 hours in. It's already number 2 in my personal best games of all time list, maybe could be number 1 when i finish it.
    Also playing Monster Hunter World in between P5 sessions, absolutely love it. I'm a big fan of the Monster Hunter games on PSP, never played one since they when to Nintendo up until this point. It's pretty tear-inducing for me to think that what i dreamt years ago (a console MH game) would come true in the best possible way.

  • Despite having nearly every fan tell me to avoid Danganronpa Another Episode : Ultra Despair Girls, I decided to take the plunge last night. I'm only close to the end of the first chapter so my opinion could change.... but I actually like this game... a lot.

    The first thing I noticed was the upped production value. Instead of just static character images that sometimes change poses a la the main series, there's actually a lot of anime-esque cutscenes and while the 3D character modeling isn't going to blow anyone away, it is nice to see characters actually move around scenes and emote towards each other. The protagonists back and forth might be my favorite part of the game and while the shooting isn't groundbreaking, it honestly isn't bad either. Overall, vibes are real nice and dark and everything fits together in a way that reminds me of Killer 7.

    My main downside right now is the antagonists they set up immediately. Shooting Monokumas is great (and much needed) but the children behind everything are just downright annoying. I don't know how much screen time they honestly get or if they develop beyond those initial stages, so I have no clue how that is going to affect my enjoyment. The camera isn't the greatest and is zoomed in a little too close to the character, but it works. I've also experienced one crash and had to replay about twenty minutes worth of content, which isn't the worst thing in the world, but I truly hope that was a one time occurrence.

    Either I'm falling in love with what the world considers a 7, or the world doesn't know what it is talking about. Can't wait for the next few days when I get to dive in deeper.

  • @sabotagethetruth I've actually skipped that one but not because of a recommendation, it simply fell through the cracks and I never actually got it, having played the 3 main games already I'm not so sure that I want to play it in any case, seeing how I like the series but I'm not so invested in it that I feel I need to go over all of it, which is also why I dumped the anime a few episodes in.

  • @bard91 Yeah, I can't speak to how "important" it is yet, but considering who the two main protagonists are, I'd say it's important enough. I wasn't planning on being fully on board with everything this series has to offer... yet here we are. I also wouldn't be surprised if the jank starts popping up after the initial few hours.

  • Been playing a lot of Splatoon 2 lately. Still trying to find "my" weapon. Splat Brella is nice but I think I'm more fond of the guns based on the Zapper.

    I don't think I can possibly understate how much better it feels to "earn" a sweet new hat or gun in Splatoon 2 by playing matches until I get enough coin to buy it in the shop than to just try and luck one out in a lootbox in Overwatch.

  • Just started playing Fallout: New Vegas. My story with Fallout is actually kind of sad: I haven't finished FO3 despise having started it like four times over the years. I lost my save file multiple times due to all sorts of circumstances and I cannot stand the idea of starting all over again for a fifth time so I jump up to New Vegas. Liking it so far, just a couple of hours in and I'm already feeling the environment and nifty tone. I have really high expectations on this game so hopefully they'll pay off.

  • @sh1ken New Vegas starts out rather slowly, so it’s a good sign if you’re already having a good time. It’s my favorite entry in the series. Have fun!

  • So, I recently I seem to have a different gaming itch every other day. After really needing to kill some stuff last week (which I did in Wolfenstein 2 and Dying Light) yesterday I felt this urge to go deep into an Open World. So I thought about getting Black Flag on the most recent PSN sale, but that didn't quite feel right, also considered getting back into Skyrim, or finally getting around to playing Witcher 3. But I kinda wanted something more Japanese, and man, there really aren't too many Japanese Open World Games. So finally, I got up early today, and bought Breath of the Wild. I've never really gotten into Zelda too much (the one I played the most was one of the Oracle Games on Game Boy Color). But the first couple of hours in BotW really made me feel like I might just fall in love with this series after all.

  • just finishing stuff off after finishing Yakuza kiwami im finishing off Ratchet 2016 then ill go back to mario Odyssey and finish the campaign on that

    once thats done ill dive into Horizon again , then ill be all caught up to play some 2018 games

  • Played Bound Shattered Kingdom for a bit, so far i don't get the gameplay side of things, just haven't clicked yet for me. Moving the camera around is a joy though, it feels so smooth, best camera control in a game hands down.

  • @billy This would explain why I couldn't get into New Vegas despite adoring Fallout 3.
    This is high on my list of games I would love to see remastered on current consoles so I can give it another shot.