[Official] What are you playing?

  • Started playing Grim Fandango on PS4. I'm mostly using a guide because I want to experience the game without wasting a ton of time figuring out how to move forward. Still really enjoying it though

    I'm downloading Furi now.. I'm really excited to give that a try after all the positive things I've been hearing about it

  • Ive just finished FF1 and have starting streaming FF2 over on http://twitch.com/0m39a its an event to play every FF up to the release of FF15 http://ffcountup.com #FFCountUp (sorry if this is a bad place to post this)

  • Decided to give Bloodborne a serious go after months of inactivity. (was near the start so decided to start from scratch) Think I got the handle of things (already sent a few bosses to the grave, including an annoying Cleric Beast-esque boss who can heal herself; something tells me things are only gonna get worse though)

    @-Jak- said in What are you playing?:

    Although I haven't tried the wood shield I just got.

    It's practically useless I'd imagine.

  • @ChaosBahamut Yea I haven't bother trying to use it. After reading the description that its useless against beasts.

  • was cleaning up the house last night. stoked to find out that my wife's HDMI cable for her macbook is exactly what I needed for my Surface Pad Pro. INSIDE couchplay here I come!

  • Banned

    I've been hooked on Starbound for the last couple of days.

  • i am setsuna the final dungeon is a bitch
    tokyo mirage sessions im in the second dungeon with the cameras
    star ocean 5 not sure how far i am im in the desert for the second time
    omega quintet i like idea factory games but this is one of their weaker ones kinda simular premise as tokyo mirage sessions but that game does it 100x better
    and a little of riptide renegade my stress reliever

  • Just got into hand of fate recently without really know what to expect from it and I gotta say its a fun little pick up and play game

  • About to finish Bravely Default to comfortably play I Am Setsuna. Want to get back on that game without thinking about another JRPG at the back of my head :)

  • Finished:
    1- Wild Arms 4 on PS2.
    2-Resident Evil Zero PS4.
    3-Professor Layton and The Curious Village on the DS.
    Now playing:
    1- Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix on PS3 and I'm nearing the end of KH2FM.
    2-Resident Evil Remake PS4.
    3-Digital Devil Saga 1 PS2.
    And of course I'm still playing Overwatch.

  • I've been really enjoying Furi.. even though its frustrating as hell

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    Just finished Uncharted 2.

    so I guess now that next for me is to start with the third game in the series!

  • I am Setsuna. So many things I don't like there, but I can't stop playing it.

  • I'm not playing anything at the moment, which is weird. I finished the Witcher 3 a week ago with the Blood & Wine, and now I just... am. Basically, I'm waiting for Deus Ex in three weeks. Maybe I'll try that Tetris game that comes as a PS Plus freebie in a few days.

  • Playing Abzû right now.

  • Finally bought Blood and Wine.. then realized I still had a couple side quests from Hearts of Stone to finish...

    Almost there with Furi.. took me forever to get past the sniper boss

  • Doom (2016)

    I'm halfway through and It's probably my favorite FPS in a decade or so. Really, really liking it.

  • Bit of an off mood lately, so I just played a little Metal Slug 2 today. Jolly!

  • Batman: The Telltale Series. It's legit.

  • I am Setsuna
    Zero Time Dilemma
    Stories: Path of Destinies

    And the occasional run of Furi, that game's fun!