[Official] What are you playing?

  • @dipset That one was one of the official images released by SEGA at some point.
    I didn't screenshot it.

  • @tokyoslim

    Ahh I was hoping you had secrets haha

  • @dipset I mean, I have secrets. But not those kind of secrets.

  • Shadow of War, it's pretty good once you get into it

  • Playing Metal Gear Solid V.

    Not gonna lie my favorite thing so far has just been abandoning any pretenses of stealth, putting "Rebel Yell" on blast and just mowing down enemy camps with a machine gun.

  • Playing God of War. Working on the platinum right now.

  • I'm playing two at the moment: Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Recore.

  • Got bored of Unravel, might skip it and start GoW right away.

  • I've been playing Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology for a while going a bit slowly, I think it is pretty good and at about 15 hours in it has started to get pretty interesting. I do think it handles some of its time traveling mechanics with a bit too much freedom but it doesn't detract too much from my enjoyment of the game.

  • Started replaying Metro 2033 Redux edition, after that i will play last light. in a preparation of Metro Exodus

    and man, this game is still a freakin Masterpiece. still feel so amazing, so great. without a doubt Metro going to be Greatest trilogy of all time. I can never get bored of More Metro.

  • Phantom Breaker (Switch version)

    Youtube Video

    Ninja Striker!

    Youtube Video

    Undercover Cops (Japanese version) (MAME)

    Youtube Video

  • Really, really, really close to dropping the Zero Escape series while playing through Virtue's Last Reward. Not only do I not enjoy the 3D character models they've switched to or the lackluster bunny that wishes it was Monokuma, but I am constantly having to re-do entire sections of the game due to a bug. I'm playing the PS4 port and the first time I played the game, I just couldn't save... at all. So I restarted my PS4 and bam! I could save. I figured it was just an issue with my device itself but nope... It randomly stopped letting me save after a super long story sequence and escape room were completed. It took over an hour (even while skipping dialogue) to get back to the point I was already at. I'll give it one more chance (and will begin annoyingly saving every 15 minutes, even during story segments) but I'm really disappointed at the moment.

  • FarCry 5
    There's a lot of criticism tossed at this game that I don't agree with. It's no more chaotic than other FarCry games, I never imagined it would have something poignant to say about white nationalism, and I didn't expect it to have Oscar quality writing so I've usually been pretty happy with the final product.... besides last night. Woof, last night. So I was tasked with taking down Jacob, the brother controlling the north. You're thrown into a nightmarish hellscape and tasked with destroying six small towers, fair enough. Except there are snipers and wolves everywhere, you die in two hits of anything, Kirby, and enemies seem to respawn at an alarming rate. I kept dying over and over and over... until finally finding a sniper rifle leaning against a rock, then I only died about five more times. Whew, okay, towers down, now what? Now I've got to deal with ANOTHER gauntlet of enemies while Jacob is perched on top of a mountain with the longest range sniper rifle in existence that is sometimes able to pierce through rocks and bend at impossible angles. Death after death after death. After I finally killed him, I just kept shooting his corpse like a psychopath because that is the most annoying sequence of events I have ever encountered in the series. I'm still working on finishing it but that's a memory I'm not planning on forgetting.

    Why does it feel like the world slept on this one? It is gorgeous and the soundtrack is right up there as one of the best in 2017. I get the impression that I'm having the feelings I was supposed to have when I played Journey, except Rime is actually a good game. I turned to this when FarCry was being a butt and I'm very glad I did. I'm probably about halfway through so I don't see my impressions changing much but we'll see!

  • i've been playing a lot of ps2 games lately, re4, every damn kingdom hearts thats on ps2, and the warriors series. i have to say the controls for re4 on pc is just abysmal.. at first. you can get used to it fast though

  • Mad Max (PS4)

    Played it for 30 minutes, really excited to continue playing.
    Moving around as Max feels quite weighty (which i like), but actions like climbing stuff feels quite stiff and limited.
    The combat, while quite simplistic, is pretty satisfying because hitting the enemies feels good, the sound and visual feedback is pretty brutal. It's a bummer that you can't actually aim your guns, only auto-locking in to enemies.
    Driving vehicles feels weird, it's hard to control the car in terms of turning around. Vehicle combat is fun though, and the engine sounds are great, they are loud and fierce.

  • RESIDENT EVIL 1 HD REMAKE! (Imagine Huber's voice)

    Been playing RE1 for a few hours now and i just collected all the masks, however im running low on ammo and ive wasted some unnecessary healing items.
    So i think im gonna start over, maybe lowering the difficulty. (currently playing on hard/hardest)

    I actually never played a Resident Evil game until last year (im 29 years old) when i played RE7 with a friend,
    however i saw the movies(both animated and live-action) and had read up on some of the lore surrounding the games during the years.
    I was however worried about the old graphics, something that has always kept me from playing older games.
    Watching EZA has changed my view of this completely though, and i can now see through the outdated graphics and enjoy the games for what they are.

    I recently bought all RE games available for PS4 and started out by playing Zero.
    I can see why people dislike that game, however i loved it!
    It felt like my real introduction to the series, and even though the backtracking/item management SUCKED i really enjoyed the puzzles and mysteries surrounding the game.

    Other games i sporadically play are Hearthstone, MTG Arena, Overwatch and WoW.
    Putting God of War on ice until this summer, hoping i wont get spoiled.

    Will be playing Detroit though, since ive played both Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls and loved em both.

  • Gotta say, final boss of Splatoon 2? Not as good as the first one. That said the credits music is definitely at least as good. I might like it even more than 1's. And I absolutely adore how they gave everyone their own graffiti name instead of just being a string of text.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think I'm gonna quit Xenoblade 2 and just lose a bet I had with a friend, I just don't wanna deal with this anymore.

    In general I think the game is bad and is plagued by poor design choices all around, the story had a few good moments and there were a few times were I enjoyed the character interactions but for the most part I found it to just by cringy and really too much of the aspects I don't enjoy of jrpgs.

    From what I've played this is a 5/10

  • This time of the year I just really wanna play NBA Jam I guess.

    Weirded me out at first that Rodman was on the Spurs, though I guess this game came out in that weird in-between period where he wasn't on the Pistons or Bulls so that makes sense. Funny how his hair changes color every quarter too.