[Official] What are you playing?

  • Gran Turismo Sport

    Another one that I wanted to check out due them adding more content for VR, so again I bought it on a sale (Wipeout next please!). Now I haven't played a full Gran Turismo game since... possibly 4. I do tend to get into a racing game every so often. Like I love the Wipeout series and I actually really liked Driveclub but now felt like the right time to have another racer on the go and this is a racer which absolutely wants to teach you how to drive.

    It has the fanciest intro and menus that I've seen in a game in a while. Everything just feels very high class I guess. And the first thing they tell you to do is driving school. Every single challenge has an accompanying video on it. So these aren't really there just as challenges, the game absolutely wants you to beat these so you learn how to play it with different cars and assit meters turned off etc. So I think it's one of the deepest driving games out there in trying to teach you on all aspects of it.

    And what I really like so far is that it's got a nice sense of progression. It clearly marks when you'll get a gift. There is a daily challenge which gives you a car, so that incentives you to check in for a bit each day which I actualy really love in this case as I think I will just play a bit each day.

    So I checked out some of the races and had a good time with those. As I play more, I want to turn off all the assist items and go for it.

    But the main reason I played was to check out VR. You have the option to go to a showroom, VR race with another car and VR time trials. Unfortuntely I don't think you can play online. So the graphics obviously go down a bit but again with VR, that feeling of immersion is just so cool. I tried a race and a time trial. In the race, I picked a convertable and I instantly just starting looking all around me and it just is so cool. The other really nice thing about it is the mirrors actually work which is essential so for the first time in a racing game, I actually feel like I'm properly using my mirrors! In the time trial, I went with a dirt track type course and it was super fun to jump over mounds and skid around the place. Overall, it's very cool but I'd probably tell someone to take it slowly as I can imagine if you crash a lot or play races where you're jumping around, that could hit a little bit if you're in for an hour or 2.

    Anyway, I'm happy I got it and I'm looking forward to my daily check ins with it now.


    Oh Overwatch, my go to multiplayer game. I love this game but if there was ever a time that I've found it to be really frustrating, it's right now. They added a new character recently called Brigitte and have changed Hanzo's character a little bit and have basically made both characters essential picks in every single match. Brigitte is a support/tank who can basically take on anyone and stun anyone quite often with very little (if any) risk to her at all and it just makes the game super frustrating as it just turns into a battle of who is a better Brigitte. I'm seriously hoping they make some bigger nerfs than what they have planned. I'll still keep on playing but I do feel like they're pushing people away a little bit.

  • PUBG - My first ever Steam refund. I just can't get into it. I have been craving a good tactical MP experience but this game wasn't it. I pushed right to just under 2h played and I found that most of my time was spent running around trying to get into the circle. I think we're en route to bringing back tact shooters but I don't want it to be exclusive to the battle royale genre.

    If anybody has some good MP recommendations, let me know. If it helps, my favourite MP games are: SOCOM II, Warhawk, The Last of Us, TF2, and Halo 3.

  • @tokeeffe9 GT Sport is quite possibly the most classy/fancy racing game ever.

  • Finally got a copy of The Surge, been wanting a Souls-esque game to play but i don't want to play DS3, and i'm way more interested in the sci-fi setting. It's quite rough graphically, there's a lot of distracting pop-ins when you look around. It's very fun though, there's a lot of cool mechanics that make it feel a bit unique.

  • I just got the Mega Man Legacy Collection cause it's a series I've never really touched before and the Mega Man 11 trailer intriguied me, so I'm goin back through it now. Good thing there's a rewind button on this thing cause I just beat the first game and I don't know if that ever would've happened without it.

  • @jamicov said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    I just got the Mega Man Legacy Collection cause it's a series I've never really touched before and the Mega Man 11 trailer intriguied me, so I'm goin back through it now. Good thing there's a rewind button on this thing cause I just beat the first game and I don't know if that ever would've happened without it.

    Megaman isn't that difficult, it's usually more about figuring out the best order to do things. They really added a rewind to these games?

  • Devil May Cry 4

    This game has made me realize something... I am not good at Devil May Cry. I'm only a few missions in but what can I say, it's loud, dumb, and somewhat fun. I got the special edition on sale and it just loads you up with tons of currency, so I have literally every upgrade that is possible to get, right from the beginning. Feels a little cheesy but again, since I'm not great at keeping combos alive, I don't mind the extra help. The motorcycle blade mechanic is absolutely ridiculous... but I kinda love it.

  • Did anyone ever play Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap? I'm kind of tempted to try it, it's currently 9,95 € on Store. Watched Ben's review, and the mentions about aimlessness and running around the world without a clue what to do next or where to go don't sound too good to me. Frustration danger. Also I wonder about the whole game's nature, is it a straight remake of the '89 game? Meaning the difficulty is from that day and age, as is the lenght of the game etc. It just looks so beautiful, this new version, that that alone makes me want to give it a go. Decisions...

  • @sabotagethetruth Imagine feeling that way about almost every game you play, and you've reached my level. Devil May Cry 4 was one of those first games that made me think "wait... am I just bad at games?" Still had a lot of fun with it, though, even if I couldn't beat it.

  • @Sentinel-Beach I played it. There is a main area with a shop and a tower on it that is sort of the centre of the world. And as you transform into different animal forms you gain the ability to head in different directions. If you can suddenly go in a direction that was previously blocked to you, then that's the way to go.
    I've never played the '89 version but I found it difficult enough that I never finished it. I got to the final boss, but no matter what I did, or how many times I tried I never even got close to defeating it. The game isn't long, but it didn't feel insultingly short either.

    The soundtrack is superb.

  • Finally finished Ni no Kuni 2...haha...time for Yakuza 6!

  • @naltmank Considering I'm pretty terrible at Fortnite but it has consumed my friends, I keep asking myself that question lately too, haha.

    Having a much better time with Devil May Cry 4 now that I'm in the castle. Things are finally starting to click a little better and I'm really enjoying some of the boss designs.

  • PSN down?

  • Pixel Junk Monsters 2

    There's not a lot to say besides this game being super jolly. It feels waaaaay easier than the first though, even on Tricky difficulty, I'm getting a perfect on every stage without trying too hard, whereas the first game felt like a constant struggle to achieve that. I really need that Danganronpa DLC to release already.

  • Just started Devil Summoner Raidou vs Soulless Army and I am surprised to say I really like it. Most people seem to say 2 is better so I am stoked to get to that. Since Persona 3, I have been a bigger fan of SMT mainline over Persona and this feels like mainline SMT with a dash of early Persona quirkiness. Gameplay is totally different, of course, but vibes wise, this is where it falls for me. The battle system may get old, I will update if my opinion sways.

  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - the gameplay is extremely satisfying. Shredding people with Schockhammer never gets old, but the story... What happened? This story is absolute gar-bitch. Nazis have taken over the world -> go stop them is just about unfuckable premise, and they did it. Bravo.

  • Just started Tales of Berseria, and I have to say man this game looks/feels cheap.

    I was very much aware that I shouldn't expect any high production values from a Tales games, but man when Ys 8 looks good in comparison, I have to say that is a bit much.

    Also it has been a long time, but the only Tales game I've played was Vesperia in the 360, and maybe I just don't remember correctly, but I remember that having a much more solid look that this.

  • Tales of Berseria has wonderful art and graphics, I fell in love instantly. Reminds me, I need to complete that game.

  • Yakuza 6: Dad Souls. ;)

  • @bard91 its a ps3 game but yea its visuals arent the greatest however, its pne of my favorites in the series