[Official] What are you playing?

  • @sabotagethetruth The older Fallout games are a different beast for sure, i would love to dive deep into them but i just don't have the time anymore. The 2 hours i spend playing Fallout 1 was full of confusion due to the UI, minimally explained mechanics, and the sheer cryptic-ness of it all. I did have fun despite all of that, so it's good to see you're enjoying the second one.

  • Played Valiant Hearts The Great War.

    Just finished chapter 2 (3-4 hours in), I want to continue but I feel that at this point the game is just too long, which is a shame. The story itself good but it's hampered by the some playable sections that i feel is unneccesary. The puzzles are quite varied, but there are overused mechanics. The strength of the game, the presentation, is heartfelt and full of personality, but it's not enough to keep me playing.

    I remember having similiar feelings to Child of Light, another Ubiart Framework game. I find it weird that these games are limited to short-term enjoyment for me.

  • Nothing more satisfying than watching your car crunch into a beautiful heap of scrap metal after a collision with a wall in Burnout Paradise.

  • @bam541 Yeah, I would honestly be having a miserable time if I hadn't learned a lot about the mechanics through watching a playthrough of the first game. Sidenote, the playthrough has been hilarious because the person I'm watching accidentally created a character that was too dumb to hold conversations with most people, so he really struggled in the beginning. Once you settle into things, it feels pretty good but I really think the original Fallouts could benefit from some sort of remaster. I wouldn't necessarily want them to look like 3, NV, or 4, but just some changes to make it more user-friendly would be nice.

  • Picked Chrono Cross back up after ditching it for a while. Still think the story is nonsensical and the characters are paper thin, but they hooked me with Kid's connection to Chrono Trigger. Just got out of the "dimensional rift" area. I think it might be worth it to continue just to see if they keep pushing the art like that. Loved the almost Van Gough style of that area. Completely caught me off guard.

    I also started playing Final Fantasy Tactics again. Just some grinding here and there to help re-teach me the controls. I've decided that since it was too hard for me before, I can look at a guide to at least see how to unlock jobs, since that will help me change up my strategies a bit. I'm also going through the diary to catch up on some of the story details I've forgotten. Mainly character names - there are just so many of them that it's hard to keep track of everyone. This game is really good, though. Crazy how deep it is. I just wish I was better at it.

  • @naltmank Highly recommend making Ramza a ninja as early as possible and make sure you learn Dual-Wield. It basically allows him to equip a weapon in each hand and get double hits, which equates to massive damage. The reason I recommend Ramza specifically (although the whole party can benefit from it!) is there's a few later missions where he's either singled out from the party or entirely alone. Also, if you use Tailwind/Yell with him, you're basically casting haste while gaining XP and AP, so you wanna abuse that skill as much as possible when you're not in immediate danger. Glad you haven't completely given up on the game though! It took me years to get to a place where I felt comfortable with encounters and now the game is just really cozy every time I go back to it.

  • 10 hours in Tales of Berseria is honestly like a 6, but my god Magilou is making it like an 11

  • @sabotagethetruth clutch suggestion, thanks! I was pushing him towards Samurai, since I like him as a physical attacker, but I didn't realize dual wield was an option in this game. I still don't get how to change/improve peoples' bravery and faith, but I read online that if I make my healer a chemist, I won't have to worry about missing on revives (which happens like 60% of the time with my white mage because of her low faith). I'm also grinding Agrias because she seems super cool and I like her base class. Thinking about bulking up Mustadio to have a solid ranged attacker as well. Now it's just a question of what kind of magic attacker to use. I'm using a summoner/black mage combo right now, but I think I liked him better when he was just a black mage. We'll see how it goes.

  • I'm halfway through Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

    Very enjoyable, I love the art style and character design. The overall game structure is interesting with a main town hub, an overworld map and 8 dungeons where the meat of the game takes place. You control your character in a top-down view and must avoid traps, solve puzzles and can approach/avoid enemies a la Chrono Trigger.

    One gripe I have is that characters not in your party do not level up, so you either have to stick with the same group throughout the game or grind to keep everyone at the same level. This means replaying dungeons, but the game at least offers an interesting mechanic in that you can pick a difficulty level at the start of each run, which yields better rewards. The dungeons layouts are randomly generated, you may not even face the same puzzles/events on your second run, so that makes it a bit easier to swallow.

    The equipment and stats are fun to tinker with, not overly complex like Xenoblade, and each of the 5 playable characters feels distinct and useful, hard to pick my favourites.

    There's also a superfluous and out-of-place fishing feature for some reason.

    If you need a gorgeous, polished old-school JRPG on your Switch while waiting for Octopath Traveler, I highly recommend it!

  • I put together a Trello board that helps me track what I should/want to be playing, and it's led me to a replay of The Last Of Us (Remastered, PS4) and it's just as wonderful today as it was in 2013. It's amazing how good Naughty Dog is at building living, breathing characters that you believe in. I can't wait to go back to that world.

  • Halfway through Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. I was planning to get the Wolfenstein II DLCs but i forgot my brother borrowed my copy so i bought this instead.

    I LOVED New Order and New Colossus, so it's no surprise to me that i love this game too so far. It's basically a more condensed New Order, the gunplay feels as tight and satisfying as before. There's less story here, but what it does have is effective. There's some cool character moments here and there, like learning where did B.J. got his "count to four" mantra. Unfortunately, now i'm in danger of unable to finish the game because the game keeps crashing at a specific point.

  • @naltmank Yeah, I never got much into the bravery/faith stuff, I know it's important but eh. Agrias is great! I'm personally a huge fan of Summoners and Geomancers, but I don't think there's anything wrong with going for that straight Black Mage damage. Sounds like you're progressing pretty nicely though.

  • Currently playing PUBG on mobile because PC was having problems, I sort of got the hang of it and now I am addicted. lol

  • Like @Axel, I'm also playing Battle Chasers: Nightwar, I'm only about 7 hrs in. I haven't played a jrpg in a long while (sure, this isn't 100 % that genre), so I'm actually kind of eager to grind, as crazy as that sounds. I found the game for only 10 euros on PS4, so that was great. Axel said a lot of what I was going to say, so I won't repeat that. It just feels good to play a turn-based rpg after many years, honestly. The style I like a lot, and Calibretto's Gut Punch feels perfect with the controller.

  • I wouldn't be playing it if it wasn't free but Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is what I've been diving into with a buddy. Wow, what a glitchy mess, I'm honestly shocked with the amount of problems we've been having considering the amount of money that was dumped into this production. The zombie mode offers basically no explanation on what is happening and I don't feel like diving into YouTube tutorials, so we've been playing the campaign instead. The glitch that happens every time one of us is down, we lovingly refer to as "the table glitch" - basically the person who is down has their gun replaced with a laaarge black rectangle, it's pretty humorous. Sometimes the game just doesn't recognize checkpoints you obtain and takes you far, far back if you both happen to die, yet other times it remembers perfectly. Today we were close to finishing a mission but the checkpoint put us inside the room we were supposed to bust into, which would have been fine, but the event didn't trigger until pressing the other side of the door that was completely locked off. Even killing ourselves just loaded us into a locked room where we couldn't make progress.

    It's weird, in all of the COD talk I've heard over the years, I've never really heard much mention of performance/bugs but woof, this experience has been extremely rough. I've always wondered if passing every year on COD was a good idea, that maybe I was missing out on something truly special..... nope, I've been smartly keeping my money apparently. Probably just gonna finish the campaign with my friend and uninstall.

  • @sentinel-beach If you want more context on the characters, you should check out the comics: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Joe_Madureir_Battle_Chasers_Anthology?id=5HEuDwAAQBAJ

    I can't see the price now but I bought it a couple months ago and it was on sale for a couple euros, well worth the read!

  • Now playing Dishonored 2, just got through the second level. I really liked the first game, but for some reason i had a bad feeling about this one. The Allies' positive review made me a bit less hesitant, but i still skipped it due to having other games to play. Now i'm regretting that decision, because so far this game is freaking awesome! My first impressions:

    • Playing as Emily, she's certainly showed her character quite well due to her dialogs, which made me care more for her than Corvo in the first game (i wonder if the same still stands for Corvo in this one).
    • The enemy AI will investigate anything suspicious; door sounds, missing guards, you name it. Sneaking around is harder than most stealth games i played due to that fact and their sharp vision. They will notice you if you treat them like regular video game AIs and just play around. I never seen enemy AI done like this in any game. I'm playing on Normal btw.
    • The bloodflies are way less annoying than the rats (their counterparts from the first game). Still kinda hate them though.
    • Karnaca is a cool setting, less uglier than Dunwall which is great. There's a good amount of interesting lore placed here and there too.
    • Only problem i have now is controlling the "teleport" power, it doesn't always place the target where you want it to.

  • @bam541 It only gets better. Dishonored 2 & the criminally ignored Death of the Outsider are special games that don't come around that often & sadly it seems we won't seeing again for a while.

  • Got a little too hyped from E3 related RE2 stuff, and replayed RE7. I very rarely replay anything. It's a good game!

  • Still playing Mass Effect Andromeda right now. I dunno, it's 150% janky, but I'm having a pretty good time. So far the story and action compares favorably to past Mass Effect games IMO, it's just the ugly character models, quest bugs that require resetting the game to fix, and occasionally falling thru the world map that are issues. Should these things not happen in a $60 game? Definitely not. That's why I only paid $12.

    I like most of the new characters, too.