[Official] What are you playing?

  • @sentinel-beach Red 9! Pops the heads right off! :p

  • @sentinel-beach Long after the human race has perished, the only signs of our existence left to the aliens will be the heavy documentation of the great TMP debate, and whether it caused the end of the world.

    For the record, I am #teamTMP

  • Fortnite finally showed up on the Region 3 PSN store, so now i'm playing that.

  • Beat Ys Origin, and then spent a few hours getting annoyed at the challenge quests in MHW for the Ryu and Sakura costumes...I'm not a fan of challenge quests...

  • Tried out the Life is Strange demo, really intrigued by it but i'm still on the fence whether to get the whole thing or not.

  • Shadow tactics.

    its basically commandos in japan.

  • Cosmic Star Heroine and also trying to remember which Frame Trap it showed up in.

  • I returned to Doom (2016) after a six months pause. Played the level where you get the double jump, the big tower one. Nooot the most exciting one to return to, I have to say. First person climbing and jumping isn't really my favourite thing in games, I mean. Well, I got through it, and the next address seems to be Something Else Entirely, luckily. :]

  • @deimosclay How is Cosmic Star Heroine? I saw it was coming to Switch and looks like a very decent 16-bit JRPG from the trailers.

  • @axel 7 hours in it has been quite solid so far. No big complaints and the soundtrack is cool.
    Well suited to a handheld (playing on Vita here) so should be good on Switch.
    I read things online a while back saying how buggy it was but haven't run into any problems so far. Maybe they patched them out.

  • Octopath traveller is weird.

    on one hand, i've ever been a big fan of turn based JRPG's. those type of games usually shit me to no end.

    but on the other hand i just can't seem to put this one down. granted i'm still only at the beginning. but so far i started my game with Therion and i just beat the first boss and moved onto the 2nd town. this definitely isn't my favourite type of game, far from it, but i'm strangely addicted at the same time.

  • Finally got back to playing Dragon's Crown Pro. It's fun, but has some flaws in the gameplay. IE, if you want to play as a new character, you have to go through all of the tutorials again. That is stupid, but it does not take away the overall experience. This game is a fun old-school style hack and slash, and might as well be the closest sequel we'll ever get ti Golden Axe or the two DnD games from Capcom. Great job, Vanillaware. I am looking forward to your mech game.

  • Attacked the stack earlier:

    • Aragami. Really enjoying it, gotta kill em' all.
    • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. "Flying" around is fun.

  • Sonic Mania Plus finally released, no way I'm putting anything before this.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Mighty's gimmick so far, neat that it keeps you safe on spikes but I dunno. Maybe I just need to play with it more. Ray's seems way more interesting but I haven't gotten the hang of it. I think I'll enjoy it a lot when I do though. I really love the way you switch characters in Encore mode, and how they basically replace lives. Pinball bonus stage is okay, but honestly after you've already gotten all the gold medals in blue sphere having something that can actually give you bonuses like lives or shields is better by default. The rings for special stages have been moved around, it's fun to have to re-learn those layouts even if these new stages are way harder than the originals (which isn't a complaint by any measure mind you.)

  • After about 6 hours of grinding, I went back to try the level I was stuck on in FF Tactics. Beat it without breaking a sweat. Special shoutout to @SabotageTheTruth for giving me tips to improve my party setup. Maybe I can actually beat this game now!

  • I'm still slogging away at Star Ocean 3. I just got to where you set off to form an alliance with Airyglyph.

  • 20 hours deep into Octopath Traveler!

    So far its everything I was hoping for and even more!!! Excited to see what happens in the end game with all of the characters, and how the difficulty increases.

  • I'm several hours into Shining Resonance and I have to say it's an absolute winner. Tony Taka's style shines through, the characters so far are engaging and interesting and I love the internal dialogue and overall writing. I can't fully commend the battle system at this point, as these things always grow, but what I have played so far has certainly shown I'm in for a treat.

    The only complaint I have at the moment is the tutorial. It slows the start down so much, just to state things you were actually trying to do.

  • Still playing Doom, the game really gained some good momentum after that Argent Tower climb level. This has been a blast! Running and jumping around, shooting demons, punching when they glow, getting some sweet HP and armor in the process, giving the chainsaw to those tough as nails Pinkys etc. Feels really good, when the action truly reaches its climax. I think I only have the final level left, gonna try and finish the game tomorrow.

    I'm kind of tempted to return to the levels after that and try and find all those secrets and collectables I've missed. It isn't a huge number luckily, I've been pretty thorough, but I still feel I'm gonna need a guide for some of those. Some of those weapon challenges seem kind of hard or long, but let's see about that later. I mean, there's also the question about the platinum trophy. It doesn't seem too impossible...

  • Banned

    Finished replaying Bayonetta. Too much story, badly told. Towards the end, I just started skipping cutscenes. They also tried too hard. It's so over the top that it starts to feel dumb. Sometimes, it's fun. Devil May Cry 3 still reigns over this.