[Official] What are you playing?

  • I bought Tekken 7 last night. Played a bit of the story mode and one or two matches in that prize mode where you get unlocks for character customization but for some reason I just got addicted to the bowling minigame instead.

  • @bam541 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Resistance: Burning Skies demo. I enjoy the gunplay and overall combat, but it lacks so much polish that not even a FPS nut like me would spend money on it. Maybe if it's like 10$ or something.

    I grabbed that day one, I think it was a solid entry for the series actually. I put it below 1 and 3, but above 2.

    Quite confused by your comment though; you wouldn't spend money on it, but you would spend 10 dollars or less?

  • @sheria That's good to hear, i guess i'll pick it up way later.
    I meant that it doesn't seem to worth more than 10$ from what i have played, sorry for the confusion lol.

  • I Finally got a ps4 for around 75 dollars and i got 3 games for it so far. some recommendations are appreciate if you feel compelled.

    Gundam Versus- the main reason i wanted a ps4 for a while but wasn't a big enough deal to get solely for it. really liking it so far i liked Federation VS Zeon growing up and its tons of fun. a few complaints i have is that you don't have pure space battles like you had in Federation Vs Zeon. Still having lots of fun.

    Mortal Kombat XL. only played a little bit but im liking it so far.

    Killzone Shadowfall- Only a couple hours in but I'm liking it. gameplay so far is way different than killzone 2 (the only other killzone game i played) this is less going into cover and more sneaking and stuff. really fun, cool gadgets, great weapon variety so far.

  • @bigdude1 What kinds of games are you into? And would it be exclusive recommends or multiplatform as well?

  • @smoothrunes well i do got a pc so exclusives mainly. maybe some more obscure hidden gems

  • @bigdude1 I woulda said the Yakuza games were somewhat hidden gems but 0 has just arrived on PC with more to follow. Same goes for Salt & Sanctuary, although the PC release was a long while ago now.

    Obviously you probably know about some of PS4's heavy hitters like Bloodborne, God of War, Uncharted 4, Horizon etc. Might I recommend Infamous: Second Son if you want a good superhero game. As it stands, it is probably my least favourite entry in the franchise but that also speaks to how much I enjoyed the first 2 games. If this was going to be your first Infamous, you'd probably have a blast with it. Driveclub is another oft forgotten exclusive, though obviously that's only really of interest if you are into sim racers.

  • Ni No Kuni 2

    I was initially put off by this game for two reasons - I really didn't enjoy my ten hours with the first game and every time I heard a conversation about the game, it was usually complaining (especially about the difficulty being too easy). I learned difficulty settings were patched in and I was able to borrow it so I dove in... and I'm really having a great time so far! Just unlocked my kingdom and I can already tell most of my time is going to be spent upgrading it to greatness. I'm playing on hard and while I haven't hit a game over screen, the game is certainly starting to push back more, which I'm appreciating. The characters and story aren't anything special but they aren't bad either - besides Evan, who can fall off a cliff for all I care. Huuuuuge improvement over the first game, I'm really looking forward to these next two days off of work so I can dive in even further.

  • @smoothrunes would you recommend drive club over gt sport

  • @bigdude1 I haven't played GT Sport so I can't really say.

  • @bigdude1 they're both great racing games, if you have to pick one i have to say GT Sport because first of all, the driving feels great just like past GT games. The online component in this game is impeccable and they have added much needed singleplayer content, making it a pretty complete racing sim. The game incentivizes daily play sessions by giving you a free car after a doing a good amount of racing. It also seems that GT Sport is going to be supported with updates for the foreseeable future.

    If you enjoy a bit more arcadey racing then Driveclub is a great pick, it has a really well done dynamic weather system (GT Sport doesn't have that) that looks fantastic and also affects the races considerably. I swear, some of the races i can't finish just because thunderstorms suddenly appear in the middle of the race. They make the car harder to control, and to top it all off the visual and sound effects are pretty intense. Imagine driving a sports car in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm, trying to not hit anything that's hiding in the dark as slippery road troubles your car while maintaining 150km/h speed. It's one of the most intense racing experience i ever got in a game.

    You can't go wrong with both honestly, they're both wonderful in their own ways.

  • Wow, just finished The Abyss dungeon in Ni No Kuni 2 and I'm really impressed. Not only was the dungeon aesthetically pleasing, traversing it was a blast, and it had such a unique boss fight at the end of it.

    The deeper I get into this game, the more I'm confused by the lukewarm response it seemed to have gained on release. Maybe the difficulty being too easy at the time really did hinder it but playing on hard feels just right currently. I'm getting strong Suikoden vibes (due to recruiting for my castle) and Tales of Vesperia vibes (overall tone, pacing, etc.) so I'm having a much better time than I could have possibly expected.

  • took a break from my newly purchased ps4 n stuff to play some Okami on switch.

    about 9 hours in over the past 2 days and all i can say is that its blown me away. Also its perfect for portable mode and i have yet to play it on my tv

  • The Tekken 7 EVO 2018 matches were super hype, so i caved in and bought Tekken 7! Been a while since my last Tekken game (Tekken 6 on PSP), which basically means i'm starting from zero again in terms of skill.

  • I finished Tekken 7's story mode earlier today. Those last two boss fights were the bad kind of hard.

    Also, I've never played a Tekken before (unless you count maybe half an hour of Tag 2 a long while back) but it seems weird to me how they're treating Heihachi and Kazuya like they're equal villains considering one is a shitty dad and the other is literally Satan. Maybe it'd make more sense if I played the others, I dunno.

  • I want to be playing either Dead Cells or Shovel Knight Treasure Trove. Never played either and I’m interested in both. Can somebody help me pick one for Switch?

  • Got Civilization V working on my cheap little laptop, runs well on Low settings. Been a while since i played a Civ game. A few hours in and I'm already hooked to this game again, but i don't mind.

  • Picked up Dead Cells and.... it's okay? Huge fan of rogue-likes, decent fan of Metroidvanias, and while I don't have any major complaints about the game, I feel a lot of the hype around it raised my expectations. Combat is fast and slick but despite how everything is meant to be randomly generated, levels feel insanely similar on each run. The extremely limited arsenal at the beginning of the game doesn't help and maybe RNG just isn't my friend, but any sort of blueprint drop is rare - I made it all the way to the Forgotten Sepulcher on my last run and no blueprints dropped at all. I do like the mechanic of the timed doors though - do I rush through a level underpowered to get more cells, or do I comb every nook and cranny to beef myself up? Strangely, despite the combat in Moonlighter being boring and tedious, I devoured that game and made sure I completed it as soon as I could. With Dead Cells, my play sessions are quickly becoming one or two runs and then moving on to the next game.

  • Big Flea market in my home town today so i picked up

    Yoshies island cib for 30$
    F zero x 25
    Dierge of cerberus 20

  • Bought Pixel Junk Monsters 2 on sale from the Nintendo eShop ($11CAD vanilla, $13 with all DLC, great sale). It is still a blast, especially two player couch co-op, but it made some design choices that change the formula of the original game for worse.

    • In Pixel Junk Monsters 1 - the entire level is visible onscreen without a camera having to track the player. This means when playing couch co-op, the two players can have agency over themselves and the other player will not be affected. In Pixel Junk Monsters 2, the maps are larger and the entirety of the map does not fit onscreen. This means the camera tracks the players who cannot be in two different places on the map. It makes the second player beholden to player one which doesn't compliment the game well compared to the original.
    • Frame rate dips to almost nothing at times. No reason for this. PS4 version is fine. Switch version desperately needs a patch. If somebody knows where I can submit feedback to Q-Games, I'd love to because they need to patch this.
    • Character designs are still wonderful and stand out as something entirely unique. I am quite surprised the Tikiman and his Chibi's didn't become an icon of last generation but these designs are still some of my all time favourites. They glossed up the presentation where everything looks bigger and more detailed. The maps are bigger - for better or for worse - but one thing I appreciate is that the maps now have a larger sense of scale with elevation and valleys being a welcome new addition to the style of the map.
    • They added some new tower types and enemy types, and a major change is that bosses spawn monsters as they progress through the level so you have to make sure to kill them quickly. If a boss spawns a few spiders with full health 50% through the level, you may be cutting it close which makes for intense moments.
      - Recommend, but not as good as the original. Must play roommate/sibling/best friend couch co-op game.