[Official] What are you playing?

  • Picked up Dead Cells and.... it's okay? Huge fan of rogue-likes, decent fan of Metroidvanias, and while I don't have any major complaints about the game, I feel a lot of the hype around it raised my expectations. Combat is fast and slick but despite how everything is meant to be randomly generated, levels feel insanely similar on each run. The extremely limited arsenal at the beginning of the game doesn't help and maybe RNG just isn't my friend, but any sort of blueprint drop is rare - I made it all the way to the Forgotten Sepulcher on my last run and no blueprints dropped at all. I do like the mechanic of the timed doors though - do I rush through a level underpowered to get more cells, or do I comb every nook and cranny to beef myself up? Strangely, despite the combat in Moonlighter being boring and tedious, I devoured that game and made sure I completed it as soon as I could. With Dead Cells, my play sessions are quickly becoming one or two runs and then moving on to the next game.

  • Big Flea market in my home town today so i picked up

    Yoshies island cib for 30$
    F zero x 25
    Dierge of cerberus 20

  • Bought Pixel Junk Monsters 2 on sale from the Nintendo eShop ($11CAD vanilla, $13 with all DLC, great sale). It is still a blast, especially two player couch co-op, but it made some design choices that change the formula of the original game for worse.

    • In Pixel Junk Monsters 1 - the entire level is visible onscreen without a camera having to track the player. This means when playing couch co-op, the two players can have agency over themselves and the other player will not be affected. In Pixel Junk Monsters 2, the maps are larger and the entirety of the map does not fit onscreen. This means the camera tracks the players who cannot be in two different places on the map. It makes the second player beholden to player one which doesn't compliment the game well compared to the original.
    • Frame rate dips to almost nothing at times. No reason for this. PS4 version is fine. Switch version desperately needs a patch. If somebody knows where I can submit feedback to Q-Games, I'd love to because they need to patch this.
    • Character designs are still wonderful and stand out as something entirely unique. I am quite surprised the Tikiman and his Chibi's didn't become an icon of last generation but these designs are still some of my all time favourites. They glossed up the presentation where everything looks bigger and more detailed. The maps are bigger - for better or for worse - but one thing I appreciate is that the maps now have a larger sense of scale with elevation and valleys being a welcome new addition to the style of the map.
    • They added some new tower types and enemy types, and a major change is that bosses spawn monsters as they progress through the level so you have to make sure to kill them quickly. If a boss spawns a few spiders with full health 50% through the level, you may be cutting it close which makes for intense moments.
      - Recommend, but not as good as the original. Must play roommate/sibling/best friend couch co-op game.

  • Taking a break from Easy Livin (and Twitch in general) to start Okami HD.

  • Playing World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and a few other smaller titles to fill time in between. I'm torn on a pile of other games to begin.

  • I gave ARMS another chance since the last time I played I was trying to make do with joycons but now I have a pro controller and I enjoy it a lot more. Dunno how long I'll stick to it but I'm enjoying messing around in grand prix and trying to unlock new arms at least. Mainly just stick to the basic punchy ones though.

  • A Hat in Time is under 11 € now in PS Store, bought it immediately. It's been nearly 30 € before this. Now downloading.

  • Golf Story on Switch.
    I am enjoying the writing and setting, however 5 hours in the activities start feeling a bit repetitive.
    Also the game makes me really wish we got a story-mode based Mario Golf.

  • Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. A major improvement over the Wii U version; which I did enjoy. The upgrade has best the features and DLC of the Wii U and 3DS. I didn't pay full price though. I bought it used, and took some store credit to bring it down to $17.89. Worth it.

  • @enzo88 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Also the game makes me really wish we got a story-mode based Mario Golf.

    I think there's one on the gameboy color, but I never played it so I wouldn't know for sure.

  • @hanabi  Oh yeah i know, i meant a new one, it`s been a while :(

  • PUBG, all day and night !

  • Been playing Shenmue 1 and loving it, but my dusty copy of Yakuza 0 looks at me in jealousy as i play it so i'm finishing Yakuza first. Been months since i made considerable progress in this game.

  • I think chapter 10 is as far as i'll ever get in Yakuza 0... back to Shenmue.

    On the other hand, i have also been slowly progressing through Uncharted Golden Abyss, really impressed with it 3 hours in.

  • Wanted to play pinball, figured Pinball arcade would be the best bet. Whoops, all the good tables were delisted because the licenses expired. But at least some of them were on the season 1 disc they made for PS4 back a few years ago, so I got that. This is why I'll always prefer physical releases and why I'm not a fan of this digital future so many people are advocating for.

  • I just started playing Shenmue remastered.

    controls are terrible. but my impression is so far. not bad, not bad. not for this kind of game.

    i will post more i play.

  • Invisible Inc.

    As I patiently wait for Spider-Man, I'm trying to avoid any games that take a large time commitment. Since I've been digging in deep to rogue-likes lately, I figured I'd give this a spin. There's a lot to like here - the art style, how different the characters feel, a turn-based strategy game not based on killing people - but there's still something preventing me from wanting to play it more. If I had to narrow it down, it's "unwinnable" situations and time spent on each level. For the first, the cooldown timers on most of your weapons last for several turns and while it's best to avoid detection completely, there are times where that feels impossible. For example, on the last mission I played, I needed to wait for about 8 turns to have enough energy to hack a terminal while about a dozen guards scouted the area constantly. That ties into the point about how long each map takes (generally 30 minutes) and a whole playthrough is usually 3 or 4 hours it seems like. For the genre, that just feels like a slog.

    I honestly don't think I'm in the right mindset to enjoy this one right now but I might return in the future, because it's quality is apparent.

  • Dead Cells

    While I was pretty lukewarm on this game initially, I could recognize there was still a lot to uncover and decided to dive back in last night, for what ended up being my favorite play session of the game so far. I was finally given a projectile (Fire Brands) that allowed me to run and hide from enemies and gradually set them on fire until death and eventually stumbled across what equates to force lightning as well. Just those small gameplay wrinkles were what I was desperately missing from my other experiences with the game.

  • I recently started Red Dead Redemption and aside from that I've been mostly playing The Witcher 3, Hollow Knight, along with making slow progress in Berseria.

    I gotta say I'm finding RDR to be an ok game with a few things that have really annoyed me and in general so far I don't even think it matches the modern GTA games which I didn't like all that much to begin with.

  • Mario + Rabbids on Switch.

    As a big Xcom fan, i am really liking this.
    As of now (halfway through world 2), the game is on the easy side, but nonetheless the gameplay is really fun and allows for cool mobility options.

    The exploration part in-between battles it`s not too deep, but allows for a nice change of pace.

    I gotta say though, really don`t care about the set-up and the rabbids themselves.

    Hopefully the game keeps adding depth and challenge moving forward, it`s looking like a solid 8/10 for me.