[Official] What are you playing?

  • @dipset I am glad to hear that! It is one of my favorite games because it got me into the new era of Metrodvania and 16/8 bit games. So far I only played the Specter of Torment and it was a really cool twist of gameplay experience.

    At least you have your new game for laundry day, hope you enjoy it!

  • Got sidetracked from my platinum hunt of Modern Warfare Remastered by the multiplayer, been playing for 4+ hours non stop, it's really fun. Up until now my go-to multiplayer game have been Uncharted 4, and it feels good to find new multiplayer game to sink my teeth into.

  • For most of my life, I heard how incredible Chrono Trigger was and when I finally dived in a few years ago, I felt generally underwhelmed by the experience. The combat was simplistic, the overall story and writing felt bland, and very few characters actually stood out to me. For a game about time travel, it felt like hardly anything I did actually mattered and instead, the different time periods were just used as different levels/backgrounds for where I was fighting. I've owned Radiant Historia for awhile but never felt compelled to give it a chance until now. This game is already shaping up to what I expected Trigger would be - a compelling story with unique and interesting battle mechanics. I was immediately impressed with the dialogue and within hours the game does a good job of showing how your actions shape the world around you, with the ability to go back and choose other decisions to see their outcomes. Really good stuff so far, I can't wait to play more - which is going to be a hell of a struggle with Spider-Man releasing next week.

  • I've got a billion modern games I need to get through and some I haven't even opened yet, but I came across a copy of Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom at the local secondhand store a few days ago and I'm just playing that instead. The heart wants what it wants, I guess.

    I dunno it's fun, not hard by any stretch but that's not a bad thing especially considering this is a game made for eight year olds. Honestly my biggest gripe is how the guy they have voicing Mr. Krabs sounds nothing like him when (far as I can tell) everyone else has their original VA's.

  • Yesterday i was playing Shenmue 1 while i was pre-loading DQ11on ps4 , i knew somewhere Huber was smiling.

  • Octopath Traveler

    60 hours in, I finished all the Chapter 3s so I'm ready to finish the fight with everyone. I'm savouring this game like a fine wine, it's not perfect in every way but it has so much charm, the battle system is exquisite and I'm honestly enjoying the different storylines a lot. Some tropes are repeated a bit too often but it still works for me, nothing mind-blowing but the writing, voice acting and music help make it engaging and satisfying. Can't wait to see how all these stories unfold as well as how they connect to each other!

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Just started it and it's probably going to take up most of my time in September (sorry Spidey!). So far I'm blown away by the graphics, it seriously looks photo-realistic in some places. The story is intriguing so far, I very much appreciated the recap at the start too, I needed it!

  • Link's Awakening DX on 3DS virtual console. I am really enjoying this one. I do get lost a lot but that just means more time exploring this super cool world.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. So far, no surprises. It's an SMT game so it has top tier music, dark tone, a great battle system (though I do prefer the traditional press-turn over this variation, myself) and the time-devouring rabbit hole that is demon fusion. It's also nice to get a break from Tokyo in an SMT game.

    Persona 4 Arena. I pre-ordered this and its sequel when they came out but never really got around to playing either - BIG mistake. I never realized how deep the system was and am having a blast learning all of the intricacies. It's also super cool and helps connect to P4 when all of the moves are actual moves from the RPG. The story mode is certainly a bit text-heavy (it IS Persona, after all) but I now plan to play through it all in this and then to move on to the sequel. Here's hoping the P5 Arena rumours are true!!

  • I'm gonna try out the Battlefield V Open Beta for a bit.

    Edit: Detoured to Shenmue, just now i actually started the BFV beta, gonna share some thoughts soon.

    Edit 2:
    The BFV Open Beta (PS4) is very good, very strong first impressions from me. I have played 3 long Grand Operation matches and a Conquest match so far, and i'm loving it. The guns feels and sounds great. I really like how squads can revive you now, making them far more important especially since the bleeding out mechanic is more fleshed out and can't be skipped easily. The maps they had available are beautiful and seems well designed. I like how colorful and vibrant Rotterdam is, and Narvik's landscape is filled with wonderful snow visual effects. Grand Operation feels epic, at times it feels like straight out of a AAA singleplayer game set piece. This feels like the best Battlefield yet, hoping it turns out as well as this.

    Glitches wise, there's some graphical and animation wack-a-doo but overall it's pretty polished for a beta. There's still some performance issues particularly in heavy combat situations. No netcode problems for me.

    If you haven't tried the beta, jump in right now, the end date is September 11. Don't skip!

  • A lot of The Witcher 3, idk how many hours I've put into it at this point but this game is just great, very well on its way to become one of my top 10 games ever.

  • After hearing all the Kiwami 2 hype, I decided to go and buy Yakuza 6. I was initially holding off in order to play the games in a more chronological order, but I figured Kiwami 2 increases the spectacle and might be better to play after. Onomichi has such a cozy vibe, and seems to perfectly balance out the glitz of Kamurocho.

    Otherwise, I’ve been chipping away at Hollow Knight. I guess I could challenge the final boss, but I’m trying to work through the DLC first. Also, Into the Breach is a very cool game.

  • Just ended my experience in the BFV Beta with a very intense, super close conquest match. The beta's not over yet but it's the last match i can play. I'm really looking forward for the full game launch now, i'm sold.

    0_1536597124737_Battlefield V™ Open Beta_20180911002249_compressed.jpg

  • Banned

    Playing the Battlefield 1 single player. I'm actually frustrated that I can't run sideways with Shift. It's so limiting. Modern shooters suck. All the tank-like troops aren't fun either.

  • I've been playing through Destiny 2 on PS4. I was skeptical at first, but the gameplay feels great and is pretty addicting.. it looks fantastic too. I probably won't start picking up all the DLC since there's a lot of stuff coming out here, but I'm enjoying it right now.

  • Playing Torna: loving it the changes to the battle system help it alot and i loved the main game

    OCtopath Traveler : 50h in finishing up chapter 4

    Yakuza 0: only about 2 hours in (my first greatest hits ps4 game)

    NHL 19 : i buy this every year they changed the menus and engine and playablility for the first time since 2012

  • Played a ton of Steamworld Heist. Now I'm playing PGR4.
    Oh yeah and tons of Paladins and Heroes of the Storm.

    Steam still has no idea how to manage cloud saving + offline play. I keep overwriting my own saves.
    SteamWorld has some pretty excellent aiming though. I kind of want to see it without turn based play.

  • I bought a SNES Classic a few months ago and messed around a bit but never really dug into it. I figured I'd take advantage of this short lull in big new games to check out a big gap in my gaming history, A Link to the Past.. the only main console Zelda game I haven't played. I've only spent a bit of time with it so far, but I'm loving it

  • Played some Vita stuff:

    • Motorstorm RC. This is surprisingly fun, using exclusively RC-like controls is a fun decision.
    • Muramasa Rebirth. The combat is pretty satisfying, it plays differently than the action games i usually play but i'll get used to it. The artwork looks really beautiful too.
    • FIFA 15. Got an used copy for cheap, it's good enough to satiate my cravings for a on-the-go football game.
    • Rayman Origins. I like that it's structured more traditionally compared to Rayman Legends (which i had on PS4). It plays just as good, and it looks great on the little screen.
    • Medal of Honor Heroes. It's originally a PSP game, and it plays way better with the second analog. Still holds up pretty well.
    • SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3. Another PSP shooter, but the second analog was useless since there's no control scheme that fits. This is a bad game, doesn't feel like a SOCOM game at all. There's basically no tactical gameplay here. It just feels like the worst kind of mindless shooter, in the sense that it's very boring.

  • Capcom Beat'em up Collection (PS4). It's a good collection but the online could be better (The Switch version is the worst apparently). I get decent online play 70% of the time. At least now I can play Battle Circuit without having to use MAME.

  • I'm playing Ni no Kuni 2.
    It's charming as hell. I prefer the combat immensely to the first one, and the characters are fun.
    That being said, I am feeling that normal JRPG slowdown now, after a couple hours. So much of that go here and talk to one person only to go back to where you were. Thankfully the fast travel is easy and everywhere.

  • I picked up a second hand WiiU and I'm playing through Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
    I'm getting mixed reactions from it, the entire game feels like it's struggling from some kind of identity crisis.