[Official] What are you playing?

  • I bought a SNES Classic a few months ago and messed around a bit but never really dug into it. I figured I'd take advantage of this short lull in big new games to check out a big gap in my gaming history, A Link to the Past.. the only main console Zelda game I haven't played. I've only spent a bit of time with it so far, but I'm loving it

  • Played some Vita stuff:

    • Motorstorm RC. This is surprisingly fun, using exclusively RC-like controls is a fun decision.
    • Muramasa Rebirth. The combat is pretty satisfying, it plays differently than the action games i usually play but i'll get used to it. The artwork looks really beautiful too.
    • FIFA 15. Got an used copy for cheap, it's good enough to satiate my cravings for a on-the-go football game.
    • Rayman Origins. I like that it's structured more traditionally compared to Rayman Legends (which i had on PS4). It plays just as good, and it looks great on the little screen.
    • Medal of Honor Heroes. It's originally a PSP game, and it plays way better with the second analog. Still holds up pretty well.
    • SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3. Another PSP shooter, but the second analog was useless since there's no control scheme that fits. This is a bad game, doesn't feel like a SOCOM game at all. There's basically no tactical gameplay here. It just feels like the worst kind of mindless shooter, in the sense that it's very boring.

  • Capcom Beat'em up Collection (PS4). It's a good collection but the online could be better (The Switch version is the worst apparently). I get decent online play 70% of the time. At least now I can play Battle Circuit without having to use MAME.

  • I'm playing Ni no Kuni 2.
    It's charming as hell. I prefer the combat immensely to the first one, and the characters are fun.
    That being said, I am feeling that normal JRPG slowdown now, after a couple hours. So much of that go here and talk to one person only to go back to where you were. Thankfully the fast travel is easy and everywhere.

  • I picked up a second hand WiiU and I'm playing through Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
    I'm getting mixed reactions from it, the entire game feels like it's struggling from some kind of identity crisis.

  • Almost 40 hours in Dragon quest XI, i like the game alot but it's slightly harder than ni nu kuni 2, btw ni nu kuni 2 was too easy, and i love the music, it's gives the game a unique charm.

  • When Hollow Knight released on Switch, Ben kept saying it should be eligible for GOTY this year despite releasing on PC last year. I thought that was such a silly thing to say but now that I've finally gotten a chance to play it on PS4... It'd easily take my number one or two spot this year.

    The world, the music, the exploration, the characters, the ambiance... I love nearly everything this game has to offer. I'd consider Symphony of the Night one of my favorite games ever made and this is giving me similar feelings, especially when I discover a new area or secret.

    Unfortunately, I do have a gripe with the game that is becoming increasingly worrying - the difficulty. I've taken my time with diving into the world, so I have a significant amount of charms, health/soul upgrades, and nail modifications, but I'm starting to hit some hard walls with bosses. I spent an hour last night on a particular boss and by the end of the hour, I was nowhere closer to defeating her, despite changing load-outs and trying various approaches. I have other areas to explore with other bosses I can't quite seem to defeat, which feels strange considering I defeated every other boss first try until approaching what I assume is close to the end-game. I'll have to give it the ol' Dark Souls try and keep hitting my head against a wall until the perfect run happens, but it seriously kills a lot of the fun for me.

    Either way, it's arguably the best $15 I've ever spent in my life.


    I damn near cried when the infection spread to Myla and she just straight up attacked me. I don't know why, but listening to her sing while she mined filled me with a lot of hope and happiness and just seeing her become a normal enemy... that's devastating.

  • A coworker introduced me to this nastily addicting phone game that really distracted me from my real games for the past few months. I guess the slow as molasses grind of Octopath didn't help matters, but now I'm back and about a chapter or two into Yakuza Kiwami 2.

  • Valkyria Chronicles 4

    Sp glad to say I'm playing this game after thinking the franchise was dead just two years ago.

    Also reached Mexico in Red Dead Redemption, I gotta say I'm surprised to see such bad quality of 'Spanish' voice acting and writing, it just speaks of lazy work and I would expect better from Rockstar

  • Who can guess what I'm playing?

    Hunting pirates on the ocean, relaxing at the beach, slaughtering monsters, enjoying the forests and virtual life in a huge open world...

    here some of my screenshots from the game:





    magical world

    It is...

    Black Desert Remastered: A sandbox mmo (mixed with a asia grinder)

  • I've only played the first hour of 428: Shibuya Scramble but between the writing, the funny bad ends and the sheer concept of having to crisscross every character's plot correctly in order to continue on I can already see why this got a 40 in Famitsu when that still meant something.

  • I'm exploring the countryside in Forza Horizon 4 and travelling all the 531 roads.
    Maybe I will see and meet some Allies in there? My Account: Guthwulf06
    Or we could even race together in an Easy Allies Forza Club?

    Forza Horizon 4

    Forza Horizon 4

  • I wasn't sure if I wanted to play Spider-Man since it was close to Valkyria Chronicles 4 being released but I managed to squeeze it in. Beginning was such a big hurdle but it went way better after getting used to controls because it just throws a lot at you in the beginning.
    Now playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 and I'm on a last or second last mission. It's a good game even though I admit that one that got blown over internet was unnecessary. Only one mission was really annoying since I had bad RNG in the beginning so I restarted it all over again and again. Overall I really like it and appreciate side characters getting some love the way 2nd game did even if it gets a bad rep for it's setting.
    Never did that scout meta in any of their games but I really like a certain mechanic later introduced in this game. Funnily though scouts are the last group I maxed out. Always used more shocktroopers and grenadier is such a good addition that lancers I only use if it's necessary.
    Shout out to more variations on stages though some would have been cool to have more in (weather, time, mechanics)

  • The White Palace in Hollow Knight is going to make me go bald from pulling out all my hair.

  • @sabotagethetruth Happy to see that you really enjoy and diging into Hollow Knight, it such a great game. It reminds me to finish the last two dlcs.

    BTT: Finally I can continue Shenmue (thanks to the patch) and just taking my time with Dragon Quest 11 really love this game.

  • I played the new Halo, that officially released just today...



    So if anybody want to join in a multiplayer session or join our Easy Allies Clan?

  • I'm chasing an unfinished swan.

  • Thinking of ditching Hollow Knight even though I'm probaly close to the ending 20 hours in, at this point it seems like I'm just spending most of the time going through different corners seeing what the hell I can do to keep going, and then doing so again after I'm killed, and whime it was fun at first I'm juat finding it tiring at this point.

  • It is crazy. There are high budget titles like Forza Horizon 4 and Black Desert available, which I wanted to play. But instead I keep playing the small mobile f2p game Azur Lane, even when I'm on my PC (in an android emulator). I already explained, what Azur Lane is in another thread. So here just a small update... My collection is growing. I married a few of my ship girls (first one was the IJN Atago) and keep experimenting with new fleets. Although I still need better gear and further train their skills and levels. There is sooo much stuff to do in this game and it is surprising fair for f2p players. If you can endure asian weirdness and lots of fanservice, than maybe give the game a try?

    Azur Lane

    Azur Lane

    Azur Lane

  • Banned

    Bought Redout as it is on sale for 60% off on PSN right now and I'm a huuuuge sucker for futuristic racers where you go a fucktillion miles an hour. Haven't played it yet but will when I get home from work. Also like that only the host of MP sessions needs to own DLC and everyone else can play it.

    @guthwulf That game looks like it has a good plot.