[Official] What are you playing?

  • @bard91 Not as good as the 2.5D older Ys games and a bit too long in the tooth imo.

  • I got the Xbox versions of Fatal Frame 1 and 2 a few weeks back and just finished playing 1. Was my second playthrough (1st was the PS2 Classic on PS3)

    Equal parts frightening and frustrating, but I still love it, lol. Now on to 2. Should I try out the exclusive fps mode?

  • Got back into Awesomenauts today. Holy crap! So much has changed since Ted dropped. 34 Nuats and its free to play noe.

    [brain bits everywhere]

  • @theultimogringo I haven't played it in years! That was the only MOBA to ever capture my attention, I'm curious to go back with that many characters now.

  • @sabotagethetruth Give it a shot. Its active enough to get games in. Have yet to play a game with bots.

  • Any thoughts about Snake Pass? It's currently on sale at Store, only 5,95 €. I'm really curious, as it seems so unique. I think I'll end up getting it now, but is the game how frustrating? Does it take long to begin to understand the snake's movements? How did you like it, the ones who've played it?

  • To try out my new Analogue Super NT, I decided to start with Soul Blazer. For as much love as Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma get, I'm surprised this doesn't get more attention. I'm really enjoying it so if the spiritual successors get that much more attention, I'm looking forward to them. Also loving the Super NT.

  • playing kingdom hearts 2 right now.

    about 3.5 hours in, seems kinda shallow

  • Finished Fatal Frame 2: Director's Cut on FPS Mode. Fun to replay this gem in a new way.

  • Kyle and Lucy: Wonderworld is about as blatantly inspired by Sonic as it gets but it doesn't feel like a ripoff since it's more about exploring the levels than just blazing to the end. Considering that was my favorite aspect of Sonic CD I can't complain.

    Also been playing a bit of Wandersong and I dunno if I like it or not. The whole singing mechanic is great and I love messing with the world while doing it like causing leaves to fly around or changing colors of flowers, but one major gripe I have about it is how some characters have a bad case of the "high schooler that thinks they're too cool for everything" attitude in their writing. I feel like I've been seeing that a lot lately and it's always incredibly off-putting.

  • I have been playing the hell out of Persona 5

  • Played Mega Man 11 and Tetris Effect. So far both games are exceeding my expectations. GOTY contenders? Why not.

  • 2064: Read Only Memories

    One of my favorite things about PS Plus is jumping into a game that I know very little about and being pleasantly surprised. As soon as the title card hit with this game and a real catchy jam came on, I knew I was going to enjoy it. I'm still in the very early goings (just completed chapter one) but this is the type of point and click experience I love - lots of characterization and jokes to be found if you just mess around with everything you find. Although the whole robot acceptance in our immediate future has been done to death in media, I'm a sucker for stories on the subject. Some real solid 80s vibes on this one too, max cozy levels.

  • @sabotagethetruth I'm actually in the early parts of 2064 as well, first impressions are good as you mention, though I don't know that I like the generic options for interfacing with things in place of a more contextual option that is way more efficient, still I'm looking forward to more of it.

    Also Valkyria Chronicles 4 is fantastic and deserves way more attention.

  • @bard91 I personally have a lot of fun trying to talk to inanimate objects and attempt to pour the spoiled milk on everything I've come across.

  • Final Fantasy 12 : zodiac age just got to the Salicka wood enjoying this version much more as everyone has a defined class

  • After a 2-week holiday during which I played no games at all (and fell behind on important things like EZA content and WWE, incredibly hard to catch up on!), I'm back to Assassin's Creed Odyssey. As much as I enjoyed it before the break, I'm starting to feel the repetition and am ready for it to end now, but I'm only at 57% of the main story so it should still take a good 20 hours! Definitely going to make my GOTY list, it's a very engaging RPG, I dare say the best since Witcher 3.

    I also bought an NES Classic and started poking at some games I never played before, like Ninja Gaiden and Kirby's Adventure, might go all the way with those!

  • Playing the season 1 Hitman content in 2, via the Hitman 2 prolog download, things finally seem to be clicking a bit more then they did previously.

  • I've more or less got a GOTY list ready to go (only thing I can see getting a slot that isn't out is Smash, unless I find some weird hidden gem between now and the end of December) but Tetris Effect just eked its way onto the list. The way the soundtrack changes with your gameplay (there's an underlying track, but every move and drop has sound effects that are more like instruments to the song itself) just appeals to me on some primal level. Combine that with the great backing soundtrack and all the interesting visuals it takes what's already an amazing game and makes it even more enjoyable. I dont' even have a VR headset so for all I know I'm missing out on what really makes it shine, too, and it's still one of the best Playstation games this year.

  • Finally finished Ys VIII. Thought about moving on to Red Dead Redemption 2, but all the mixed opinions out there have got me a bit cooled off on that, so I might start Valkyria Chronicles 4 first instead.

    Shout out to Ricotta for being an op powerhouse with that dumb bone swing skill, lol.