[Official] What are you playing?

  • The FF8 demo was a beloved memory for me as a kid. Sadly never got to play the actual game, but damn if that soundtrack isn't one of the greats.

  • Played RDR2 for a bit after messing around on Fallout 76 for nearly a week straight. Boy oh boy, it's like travelling dimensions.

  • @bam541 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Played RDR2 for a bit after messing around on Fallout 76 for nearly a week straight. Boy oh boy, it's like travelling dimensions.

    I was playing on Thanksgiving, and a turkey ran out into the middle of the road straight into my horse...A noble sacrifice!

  • @minamik I wouldn't put it past Rockstar to actually code turkeys to do that on Thanksgiving.

  • I think i'm going to be addicted to BFV now... been playing it for like 8 hours total after getting the copy yesterday (which is unheard of from me these days). It's still far from perfect (there's a good amount of annoying glitches, matchmaking problems) but i can't deny how fun it is to play. The shooting feels great, i think it's improved from BF1 which already had great gunplay. Grand Operations, Breakthrough, and Frontlines are all amazing game modes. I'll probably spot more problems with the maps as i play the game more, but so far it's great (Arras, Devastation, Twisted Steel and Fjell 602 or whatever are my favorites right now). Can't wait for the upcoming December Update, i'm very optimistic about this game's future.

    I haven't even touched the War Stories yet. I don't if i will, tbh. All i want is to play more multiplayer matches.

  • Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

    My first thought when the game started... "Wait, is that Steve Blum talking? IT IS STEVE BLUM!" So that was a nice pleasant surprise. I realized I was in store for a "dumb" game and this fits the bill very well. I do like the challenges that are added for each weapon, it does lead to you experimenting and trying new methods to kill things but after an hour or two, it does start to wear on you. Some of the dialogue is.... something else. A character told me she was going to kill my dick, so that's a thing. I might continue picking away at this occasionally but I'm certainly not invested.

  • It's that time of the year again so I'm going all in on Christmas NiGHTS. Took me two or three attempts to get back in the groove but the fact that I almost beat my previous best already put me in a good mood. Don't expect to have runs like this every time but it's nice to start off with one at least.

    In a dream I can see

  • So I recently got a X1S and a year of gamepass, playing Sunset Overdrive and damn is it addicting, it has that "just 5 more minutes" loop on lock, and it just feels Incredible to move around the city.

  • NBA 2k19 and PES 2019

  • A Link Between Worlds. Love it. Not sure how I feel about the dungeons and item collection versus previous entries but the puzzles are still great and the Zelda charm is certainly present.

  • @sabotagethetruth I highly recommend you keep playing. You'll start unlocking new weapons and there is a decent amount to do after beating the 7 chapters. There is a new game+ called overkill mode, which let's you have a weapon wheel for all of your guns instead of the limited 3. Echoes mode where you play bits and pieces of certain chapters and go for a high score run. Bulletstorm is a good game from last-gen, that I felt was held back a bit from following certain modern day trends. The get-behind-cover health regeneration and the 3 weapon limit. That said, it's better than most of the shooters that were following COD4.

  • I don't know if I have ever been as uninterested 20 hours into a game as I'm with Dragon Quest 11, I legit forgot I was playing it and just remembered when I saw the box and immediately groaned, IDK if I wanna ditch it but I definitely don't have any desire to play it at least right now, I'm agreeing with a description I saw in reddit for the game, as weaponized nostalgia for japanese gamers.

    On the brigther side The Missing is turning out to be a pretty interesting game.

  • @bard91 oh no, I was really looking forward to that game. For my own reference, have you played and enjoyed any others from the series?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I played 8 like 10 years ago and liked it but I wouldn't say it is one of my favorites or anything like that, and I have to wonder how much I would like it if I played it today. On this one there's literally nothing that has me invested with very bland gameplay, unfulfilling exploration, and a flavorless story.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @bard91 oh no, I was really looking forward to that game. For my own reference, have you played and enjoyed any others from the series?

    If it helps, I've played every entry and I've found XI to be outstanding so far. It truly is JRPG goodness.

  • Banned

    Got God of War for 17 dollars on Black Friday. I just finished the first boss and decided to take a break. It's not very fun. If I want an action game so obsessed with story, I'll rather watch a movie or TV show, which do it ten times better anyway. I LOVE cinema. But I don't envy it when I'm playing games, like these stupid developers. This story isn't entertaining or interesting so far. The son and his shitty father haven't done anything for me. The presentation is very impressive, but so what? I think I already prefer the old games. They felt more like games. Even Uncharted, the game that all these are influenced by, felt more like a game. Once again, it seems all the reviewers and PlayStation fans got it wrong. These action games are so pretentious. Like taking Die Hard and trying to turn it into high art. It's also really fucking annoying to look back now and remember how people attacked me for criticizing the game without playing it. I have eyes and experience from similar games. I can see problems. I don't have to play every game to decide whether or not it really is that good. The camera IS as problematic as I predicted and the story DOES quickly get boring and intrusive and the gamey level design IS missed.

  • Titanfall 2

    Finally got around to trying it. The on foot gunplay is actually a lot of fun, but I don't like the titan gameplay all that much so far.

  • Beat Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. Excellent game that people with PSVR headset should get. It's that good.
    Currently going through Shenmue. 1st timer to the series but I tried a bit of Shenmue 2 on my friends Dreamcast a long time ago.

  • @sheria That's awesome! I saw the ultimate edition was on sale (PSN store) frequently and I decided to finally buy it. I had a pretty good time with the campaign actually, and I was addicted to the multiplayer for a while.

    I also used soldier more than the titan, only because the solider can perform a lot of fast paced moves on titans or soldiers.