[Official] What are you playing?

  • I've been jumping all over the place so let's get down to it.

    Fortnite Season 7

    Some really great changes already. Zip lines are fun to use, planes add an entirely new dimension to both combat and traversal, and being able to finally change the look of your guns/vehicles using "wraps" is such a good addition. They did remove some of my favorite spots (Flush Factory/Risky Reels) but showcasing player creations is going to be a enjoyable feature. I also won the very first game I played in the season, so that's a feel good moment.

    Cosmic Star Heroine

    I remember Bosman gushing about this on an older Frame Trap, so I picked it up on the cheap. Really thoughtful combat that is familiar yet unique and allows for a lot of choice and flexibility for how you tackle most encounters. The story doesn't feel like anything special yet but the characters are growing on me.


    Playing this game single player is a blast, I love having different objectives to aim for and most of the game types are interesting. Playing this online was one of the buggiest experiences I've ever encountered. Maybe their servers were overloaded because of all the PS Plus players, but woof... I'd constantly load into games that didn't exist, load into games with 2 seconds left, explode before I was even given a chance to respawn/move, and all sorts of strange things that just didn't feel right. Maybe I'll try again later in the week to see if it was a fluke.

  • I'm obviously playing the Persona dancing games, I'll have o play them more to see how I end up feeling about them, but man I forgot how much of a blast just playing the game was.

  • @ezekiel Well I don't think you need to call the developers stupid because you didn't like the game.
    You are entitled to your opinion and luckily for you there are still plenty of games that aren't concerned with story.

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    I am having fun with this, even though it's certainly not perfect. It's great coming to this after RDR2. I might have adored RDR2 but it's nice to not worry about my horse being out of whistle range.... though I still accidentally killed someone when trying to talk to them.

  • Banned

    @inustar You're right, they're not stupid. They're just giving the tasteless masses what they want, what sells, which is as bad. There are not plenty of other (fun) games. Film envy has infected almost the whole AAA industry. I don't wanna be forced to just play indie and Nintendo games (as much as I like my Switch). There are good ways to copy cinema. This is the lazy, boring way.

  • @sabotagethetruth Glad to hear ONRUSH is a good experience for playing single player. It was on my buy list after Bloodworths review, but now its free! I was curious if playing solo is rewarding, I am not sure what to expect since it's such a unique racing game.

  • @cptcobblepot I don't think its as robust or as rewarding, but for an hour or two, it's a blast. Gives me some Burnout vibes, even if you're not technically racing.

  • Cosmic Star Heroine

    There's a huge Resident Evil 2 nod/reference in this game!

    There's a side quest to explore the police station which is infested with zombies. You have to put jewels in eyes of statues, play a piano after finding sheet music, and the main boss is the police chief that looks a whole lot like Tyrant.

    It has really grown on me overall. I think some of the battles can take just a wee bit too long at the end of the game (at least I think I'm near the end?) but the combat is the highlight of the game, so I don't mind too much.

    Rock Band 4

    I got a really odd itch to play plastic guitars (and I've been playing real ones too) so I booted this bad boy up after a few years of inactivity. I was blown away by the number of DLC songs available... over 2,000. There's also the Rivals DLC to purchase, but I can't afford it currently. I'm sure I'll drop this in a week or so but I can see some long nights ahead for me.

  • slowly grinding to get trophies for NBA 2k19 today

  • I'm playing Spyro Trilogy and it's a great game.
    I'm also playing Danganronpa on the Vita.
    I thought the first trial was great even though it was easy to solve who did it and probably my favourite trial so far.
    The second trial wasn't as great but it was harder to solve and had a twist.
    Hopefully I would finish both by the end of the work week and play both games sequel

  • Banned

    Something else I miss about the old God of Wars are the grandiose, trumpeting soundtracks that made it feel like an epic. Because this is a walk and talk and you have to listen to them chatter, all of that is gone. The music rarely plays outside of battles now, making the whole thing more depressing.

  • @iboshow Danganronpa 2 is such a good trip. Probably my favorite thing I've played this year, or at least tied with Hollow Knight.

  • @sabotagethetruth Right now I'm up to the 4th trial. The third trial was good but I feel like the mystery about the school is more intriguing than the acts of crime. I would like to know how it changes in Ultra Despair Girls and the sequel.

  • @iboshow The sequel is going to appear very, very similar at first. There's a method to the madness, stick with it. Ultra Despair Girls is vastly different since it's mostly a third person shooter. I'd say it's the best case I can think of where "swimming in 7s" applies.

  • Banned

    Like Burnout had a baby with Motorstorm. Soooo fun.

  • Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and soon to be playing some Counter Strike GO :P

  • Just the first few minutes of Atelier Rorona, it is clearly a low budget game, but I like the premise and goddammit is it freaking adorable.

  • Children of Zodiarcs

    I generally jive pretty well with SRPGs and when I saw this one had deck-building mechanics similar to some board/card games, I was really on board. Critically, it seemed to review well but the user score is abysmal, mostly it looks like due to difficulty, so that made it an easy choice to start the game on normal. I'm only on about the sixth mission or so currently, but I'm having a good time. The deck and dice building doesn't seem as robust as I initially thought, but that could just be because I'm not far enough in the game. It's giving me Fire Emblem vibes so far - what I mean by that is I don't care at all about the story, but the combat is fun. Interested to see how this changes and evolves throughout the game.

  • More a question really. But I'm thinking of taking my X1S back and getting a X1X, but I dont want to lose my current save progress.
    How do o use the Cloud save function on X1?

  • Banned

    @dmcmaster On PS4 you would go to the game you want to upload in your Library, hit the Options button, and select "Upload/Download Save Data".

    Can't imagine it is radically different on Xbox, though I have heard horror stories about how incredibly unintuitive the Xbox UI is, so I could be wrong.