[Official] What are you playing?

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    It's that time of the year again so I'm going all in on Christmas NiGHTS.

    Still that time of the year. Finally set a new personal best.
    You are not far away
    Feels good. Wonder if I can break 430k in the next 10 days.

  • Currently playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey on Xbox One and really enjoying it so far. I haven't had this much fun with an AC game since Black Flag. On my PC I have finally taken the time to jump into Subnautica, and I am loving that as well, despite the almost constant anxiety and terror it causes me!

  • I thought it was a bad idea, but I started three jrpgs at the same time nonetheless, I only have like 4 hours into each one but still.

    Trails in the Sky

    I bit the bullet and finally decided to actually see if I'll go through all Trails games in preparation for ToCS3, so far I like do not as much as ToCS and I can at least say Estelle is a treasure already.

    Atelier Rorona

    This game is potentially dangerous, like I can see myself just getting completely absorbed into it and some parts have been just unbearably cute.

    Tokyo Xanadu

    I like the beginning, gameplay is much worse than Ys 8 but I'm at least interested to see more of it based on the first few hours.

  • @hanabi said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Feels good. Wonder if I can break 430k in the next 10 days.

    I had a run yesterday that completely fell apart when I couldn't pull off the paraloop on the boss at the start, but I managed to rebound today and crush 430k like it was nothing. Don't think I'm gonna top this before the end of the holiday season, but it can't hurt to keep trying to break that 450k barrier.
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  • Tetris Effect in VR with headphones is like a whole other experience.

  • Started hollow Knight and im in love, i don't play 2D games ever so i challenged myself to finish this one, hopefully i can before the new year.

  • I already did two, full 100% playthroughs of FFX-2 on PS2, but I felt it was time to do another now. I'm actually aiming for PS4 versions platinum this time, which does actually have a number of criteria not involved with seeing It to 100%. It all looks perfectly doable, getting to Trema was a pain in the ass, but I've done it before, so I can do it again. There's only one thing I don't like about the trophy list though, it seems I HAVE to play shitzball.

  • Still playing Azur Lane... gotta catch'em all...

    Azur Lane

    And the newly released global version for Destiny Child... another hero collector...

    Destiny Child

    While Azur Lane is a pure waifu collector (with ship girls and bullethell shooter fights), Destiny Child (with Demon Girls and a more traditional combat system) has not only waifus but also enough male or other character designs to collect, grow, equip and perfect. Lucky, both mobile games belong to the most f2p friendly mobile games, I know. So paying real money is optional (or for cosmetic items like skins). Everything else can also be obtained with enough patience to grind for them. Of course, real money can make progress faster, but even without money, there is enough progress in a reasonable amount of time possible. Both games have a unusually helpful and welcoming communities on their very active discord servers and both games are fairly new. Updates including new content or events happen often and regularly. There is always more than enough to do and aim for. And the artstyle and presentation in both games are just phenomenal with solid but grindy game systems underneath all of it.

  • Speaking of Azur Lane... Just found "Azur Lane: Making a Better Gacha" on Crunchyroll's Youtubechannel.
    The developer explains here his philosophy for the game (of course intended as marketing for the game).

    Youtube Video

  • Almost stopped playing BFV when DICE fucked up and made the game way worse in an update a couple days ago, but now everything is back to normal and they also gave us 2 free guns to play with so i'm happy.

  • Rainbow Moon

    If I had to sit down and be objective about this thing, it's maybe a 5 or 6... but I can't seem to stop playing it for some reason. The art style is pretty bland, the music feels repetitive, the characters and skills aren't anything special... but the combat is just fun enough to make me want to keep going. Is this what Stockholm syndrome feels like?

  • I played a bit of smash this morning and when I was done I checked the news feed and saw the latest releases on eshop. The nanosecond I saw Puzzle Bobble was on the list I bought it. I've loved that game since I was a small kid playing awful Shockwave ripoffs of it on my dad's computer. Game's still great, even if I'm not good at it at all.

  • Red Dead Redemption

    No idea why I skipped this when it came out but I recently grabbed the GOTY version and am really enjoying it. And it even looks a bit Etter than I expected. I hear there's a second one so maybe I'll give that a spin after.

  • I caved in and bought FIFA 19 (half price sale). I might be imagining things, but the controls feels more accurate and weighty than 18. They did the UCL justice, too.

  • Fortnite: Save the World

    I've been pulling a Jones with this OG mode of Fortnite - I'll hop in every few months, notice all the updates and changes, then hop back off. Even though this was supposed to release as a free mode at some point this year, I can tell why they held back. It had a lot more problems and hiccups than battle royale does and a lot of the menus felt extremely clunky and hard to decipher what was going on. It looks like they've streamlined research points and your upgrades to a much easier to use menu instead of giant tech trees that took up the entire screen. I also feel like the amount of rewards must have been upped (could be due to Christmas) because I was smashing llamas and looking at new loot for about 30 minutes before I even hopped into a match. It's a fun distraction during this holiday season but the mission variety is still lacking, which is probably the reason I end up losing interest each time.

  • I'm stuck here at work on Christmas so I decided to boot up a jolly game on my Vita.

    Papers, Please

    I'll say this foremost - this is a little rough to play on a Vita, I'd feel much more at home using a mouse. Controls aside, this game provides a lot of interesting choices. Do I rush the paperwork and let just anyone in so I can get more passports done and help my family? Do I scrutinize each and every detail to avoid fines and terrorist attacks? It gives me a similar feeling to something like XCOM - no matter what I choose, some other area is failing. I only got up to about day 8 because I spent money on my sick family and got thrown in prison for being in debt, so I really can't think of a better holiday game. I definitely wanna keep going with this one when I've got opportunities to do so, it's wildly different from most stuff out there.

  • @sabotagethetruth Never played it on Vita, I think it plays perfectly well on PC, but even then some people find it to be clunky, I honestly think it is part of the whole concept of the game and it serves it perfectly, agree with everything you mention and it is one of my top 10 games ever in no small part because of how unique and interesting it is.


    Trials Fusion

    Boy does this game throws microtransactions in your face, literally the first tracks it suggests are all of the ones that are part of the DLC packs, screw you Ubi you ain't getting me with that, and aside from that it is the same good old trials I remember from years ago and that is everything I need from it.

  • 100+ credits or so later, I got my 6yo nephew in to help me beat Metal Slug 4.....because the Lego Ninjago patch was taking too long...

  • Played JetMoto. This is definitely far from what i expected, in the best way possible. It controls surprisingly well, and is also quite challenging IMO. Remake this too Sony, plz.
    I also got Suikoden, will start playing it very soon.