[Official] What are you playing?

  • Trails in The Sky

    This game is good as I expected it to be, but unless something really extreme happens that changes my perspective radically I'll be in the minority camp that prefers Cold Steel over Sky, there's just no comparisson to the level of engagement I got on ToCS. Still glad I'm playing it and possibly will convince me to check the rest of the Sky games at the very least.

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  • I needed a break from endless horse riding and being an outlaw, so I picked up one of Ben's suggestions.

    Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

    alt text

    This game is great. Love the art style, music is nice but not quite memorable, but the characters are immediately likable and it does a good job mixing genres to create something very unique. It does a nice job of slowly introducing mechanics that make a 'simple' match 3 game turn into something much more complex. It's just downright jolly and the perfect game to take a break with away from much more serious endeavors. It's on sale for about $10 right now too!

  • @bard91 Like, how far in are we talking here? The first Sky is a very slow burn.

  • I bought that dumb SNK collection, and the only game that I've kinda had fun with is Psycho Soldier (the weird song helps). Nothing against the games in the collection though, they're just products of their time. It's neat to see them given this treatment.

    I played a ton of Valkyria Chronicles 4 today...and then lost it all when the game crashed, and the harsh reality of auto saves not being a thing set in. I heard Psycho Mantis in my head, chiding me for forgetting the lesson he taught me about saving all those long years ago...

  • @minamik finished the first two parts meaning Chapter 1, the thing is thatit is not the plot or characters, and even though it is generally considered to be a slow burn I haven't felt it to be that way tbh.

    The main thing to me is that simply because of presentation and how things work in each game I feel more connected to the world and characters of Cold Steel, now granted I've spent a ton more time with Cold Steel but it's something on the design of the game itself that I hardly see it might change a lot even if I end up liking the plot more.

    And that's a painful thing to hear with VC4 and pretty unfortunate I must say, never had a crash in nearly 80 hours with the game or any particular nasty bugs.

  • Tetris Effect, such a hypnotic game. I love it.

  • Getting back to Mega Man 11. Got sidetracked by RDR2 and BFV early on. This is a fantastic game.

  • Gears of War 1-3 completed

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 and Smash Ultimate. Jolly times.

  • I was getting worried with Valkyria Chronicles 4, because I hadn't encountered a mission that frustrated me as much as that stupid desert tank mission in the first game...........now I've found an equally frustrating mission. All is right in the world again.

  • I'm playing KH2 final mix and in the pirates of the Caribbean World i immediately noticed that they got some sound a like to do the voices of the main characters, and then Jack sparrow used the line "Imitation is the highest form of flattery", i want to say that this line is intentional but i don't have faith in Square Enix.

  • School Girl Zombie Hunter

    God this game is fun. There's a huge amount of challenges to beat, with a lot of the main characters losing piece by piece of their clothing as they get attacked.

    This is honestly a must for gamers up for some straight up fun.

  • Finally picked up Divinity Original Sin 2 from the winter steam sale, and holy crap Ben was not joking about how good this game is. I'm already 30ish hours in and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface.

  • VC4 is so much tougher than the first game, holy crap.

  • @absoluteuppercut Divinity is such an amazing series. Both games are just fantastic. Surprisingly good console editions of games that don't tend to do as well on console.
    I just loooooove those games.

  • Just Played Catherin Full Body demo, yeaaahhhh I need this game now please ....

    Like it didn't only remind me how awesome the game is I want to see what the new stuff is about so badly.

  • RE2 demo was so good. And I only got bitten around 5 times...my aim is trash.

  • Tales of Vesperia. 21 hours in and I'm enjoying it. Controls haven't aged that well but I can live with that.

  • Playing Tales of Vesperia, about 20 hours in. I completed it twice the year it came out. First solo and another with my cousin. Games have come a long way since 2008 but this is still one of my favorites, even though some parts don't hold up to modern video game standards.

    Also, I wish they could have used Troy Baker again for the new scenes. It's jarring every time they go between the two voices.