[Official] What are you playing?

  • @bam541
    That's how I played MGS5 with the HUD only popping up when aiming or trying to select a weapon.
    Also did the same with Metroid Prime 1

  • Man, i'm thinking of playing God of War again. My memory of that game is so fuzzy, it really needs a refresh. I feel like i played it at a bad time, can't think any other reason as to why my memory is so bad.

  • Finally, FINALLY got passed mission 6 on Ace Combat 7. feel like this was the noob filter.

    Had to get 17,000 points, mainly by getting 3 SAM/AA Bases, AND go back to rearm part way through so you dont run out of ammo. All within 15 Minutes. i cant tell you how many times i attempted this mission. Ended up settling on a Mirage plane with Long range Air to surface missile that clusters before it lands. ended up taking out over 100 targets.

    It was fun but very frustrating.

  • Speaking of Suda51, I've decided to hop in my time machine (PS3) and jump back to about 2014 to check out Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day.

    Random browsing of the PS3 psn store reminded me that this was a thing...thank god for random browsing, cause my memory is garbage.

  • @minamik that is legit the first time I ever hear about that game, how exactly does it happen that this man just pulls games out of seemingly nowhere

  • @hanabi good to hear you are enjoying it, I'm not planning to play it soon but it is certainly something I want to at least check out at some point, and the generally meh reception it has been getting was not that encouraging.

  • Check out this video "Yakuza 4 on PS4" http://www.twitch.tv/psnhayterfan/v/369310585?sr=a&t=0s

  • @bard91 I feel like it was a semi-big deal at the time...maybe? I know it's connected to a collection of animated shorts put together by the guy who did Akira...I don't know. I have the long term memory of a peanut, so don't ask me, haha.

  • @bard91 Doesn't get more anime than this.

    Youtube Video

  • I believe this was around the same time as when he participated in the Guild01 collection of short 3DS games (his was Liberation Maiden)

  • Got through 15 missions of Ace Combat 7 in one sitting, what a game. I think i'm on the last act of the story now. Some missions are harder that others, but none of them i didn't enjoy, and it gets crazier as the game goes along. So many great moments so far, i can't see the game messing it up.

  • Downwell

    I had downloaded this on sale awhile ago and played it for maybe 15 minutes, all while not really forming a solid opinion on it. I was stricken with analysis paralysis on what to play last night and it was still on my hard drive, so I gave it a real go this time. This definitely falls under the "one more time" type of game and thanks to the upgrades and random guns you can grab, each run feels different enough. Once you get in a rhythm, you can really move through stages quickly while slaughtering enemies, in a weird pseudo-dance descent of death. I'm not sure if I have the patience or skill to make it to the end but I think this will be a great game to play when I don't have a lot of time on my hands.

  • Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day: What a mindfu** this game is...I guess that's a given with Suda51, but I'm getting Gainax levels of weird, lol.

  • @bam541 ever play any ace combats before? how would you rate it?

  • @dmcmaster lol i loved 3 so much. that last level felt like it deserved to be long but it is a great trilogy to me. really defined my experience on 360

  • @bigdude1 Only finished the PSP ones, Skies of Deception and Joint Assault. Barely touched the PS2 ones.

    Skies of Deception is one of my favorite games on the PSP, it's an absolute blast and i really like that the branching paths do affect the gameplay. Also remembered that i quite enjoyed the story a bit. I don't remember much from Joint Assault tbh. It's definitely not as good as SoD.

    I would say that AC7 is easily better than them (already made a long post on the Last Game Finished thread about it). Right now i'm playing AC5 The Unsung War, i'll probably share my thoughts pretty soon.

  • Been playing the Ace Combat 7 multiplayer for a bit. My hands really hurt from all the radical motions and positions it was doing, lol. Switching targets, launching missiles, doing high G-turns, aiming the machine gun reticule, watching the radar AND preparing to pop the flares at anytime, all at the same time. Never gets breezy, unlike the singleplayer.

  • @bam541 I loved 5, really great story, and great campaign in general.

  • Final Fantasy 7 on PS4. Just left the Temple of the Ancients.

    I sure like it, but it plays a bit clunkier than FF6 (which I also just finished for the first time a couple of months ago). And the translation sure is distracting.

  • @minamik said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    I believe this was around the same time as when he participated in the Guild01 collection of short 3DS games (his was Liberation Maiden)

    Correct. I really liked both Lib Maiden and Short Piece.