[Official] What are you playing?

  • Currently playing three horror games at once XD

    The first is The Forest with some other live streamers. We're trying to make our own sacrificial tower complete with skull church. It's been insanely intense. We're on day 41 currently.

    The second is Resident Evil 2. It's going slower than usual because I want to stream the entire experience with my wife so we can only play on Saturday evenings. Almost done with the game though! Just leaving the sewers and I am super excited.

    Finally I am playing Subnautica and I DARE you to argue that this is not a horror game. I have never felt such anxiety in a game in all my life. Normally these survival games allow you to build bases, armor, and weapons to the point where survival becomes a breeze but in Subnautica, you are ALWAYS at the bottom of the food chain. Upgrade your PRAWN, MOTH, or Cyclops all you want; it does not matter. All you need to do is attract the attention of the wrong fishie fishie and you will watch all your hard work explode around you leaving your defenseless body swimming as fast as possible from an ocean of meat eats.

  • Two Falcom games mostly, and two very different experiences.

    Trails in the Sky SC

    Jumped right away after finishing the first, this is a strong start for a JRPG, and 6 hours I'm just loving it, definitely a strength of a having a whole previous game to set up the game and plot for this one

    Tokyo Xanadu

    This game is baaaad, I wasn't expecting the same level of quality as other Falcom games, but this is just pretty bad, many aspects are competent, but it is just so incredibly uninteresting, like I'm finding it even less compelling than DQ11 which is saying a lot, I'm so close to the end so I'm just gonna push through but don't touch this one.

  • Apex Legends

    Finally got in a solid 2 hours with friends and had a much better time, especially since I was playing as Bloodhound, using his tracking abilities, and helping the team score some kills. Still, I'm already a little concerned with how long I'd be entertained with this game so I feel it's really up to Respawn to constantly push out updates a la Fortnite to keep things feeling fresh, with new map areas, weapons, and characters. If they go the route of Call of Duty: Blackout and fail to update the game quickly/significantly, it's going to sink pretty fast.

  • Apex Legends

    The first BR game which i actually like to play. It's fast, twitchy and snappy. Cool guns, great mechanics and lots of fun. If anyone wants to play on PC on EU servers, let me know. I'm so down.

    Edit: Also for me, looking at Fortnite now it looks soooo dated and boring. They might lose the crown for a long time.

  • Snagged Just Cause 4 for pretty cheap, and I dont think I've ever been so bored with explosions going on.

  • Finally playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. It's solid, I do enjoy it a lot, and I think it has a better soundtrack than 3 even. But I dunno I guess it's just one of those things where it's hard to go back after playing the sequel so much. The fact that it's got that patented PS1 low framerate isn't helping but I've mostly adjusted to it at this point.

  • I finally bought a Switch. I love the system, it's a really stylish piece of tech. And I'm actually enjoying playing some of the time in handheld, even thought I bought it primarily to be a home console. I'm playing Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8.

    When it was released I heard a lot of commentary about Odyssey being too easy, but being really precise with the controls is an issue, so I wouldn't like for the game to be any harder. The boss battles are all lacking inspiration too. That being said, I'm still loving my time with the game. It has strong Mario 64 vibes, and I'm enjoying the creativity and vibrancy of the game. This is my first Nintendo system since the DS, and this is the type of experience you don't really get on other consoles. Great game.

    Mario Kart 8 is super. My OCD means that I have to get 3* on all the tournaments in order starting with the 50cc grand prix. I'm nearing the end of the 100cc grand prix, and it's not been to challenging yet. Because I'm always leading in the races the only weapon types I've really seen are bananas and green shells, so hopefully 150cc and 200cc will prove more challenging.

  • Just played the Yoshi's Crafted World demo. I can confirm that it is both jolly and fun.

  • @bard91 Thanks for reminding me that I bought Zero and Ao, and still need to play them for the Crossbell context.

  • Played a bit of the Daemon x Machina demo last night, will play some more tomorrow. Got my Asuka color scheme down pretty well though.

  • Fire Emblem Warriors and Onimusha: Remaster.

  • Ghost Survivors, baby! Not quite what I had been anticipating, but free dlc is free dlc, still had fun with it.

  • Prey

    Man I wish I could say I'm liking it more than I really am, because it is pretty interesting, but it just not great in some pretty important aspects in the 5 hours I've put into it.

  • I was watching reviews of old Game Boy games about a week ago (no real reason, sometimes I just put on things like that as white noise) and there was this pretty cool looking game called Penguin Wars. Doubted I'd ever bother playing it but then a day or two later I was looking up recent releases and saw this game for the Switch called... Penguin Wars. Life's funny like that. Ordered it online and been playing off and on the last few days.

    Has a hideous load time when you start the game up but after that it's smooth sailing so I mean I dunno, if it's good enough for Naughty Dog it's good enough for whoever made this game I guess? Beyond that though it's a pretty fun game. I'd recommend giving it a look if you're into arcadey stuff like this.

  • RE2 hc mode. I can beat Birkin 2 and have 30 min left to finish it but not sure if I should restart or not. I have shaved 5 minutes off on previous run but died because of bad RNG on the pool. So was wondering if I should have saved before collecting chess pieces since I'm screwing up in that area a lot. I have been saving just before Birkin 2 but that has been 1h 50 min into the game and it is cutting close and save before Birkin 3 on 2nd time. Not really going my way since I lost my infinite knife on adult G.

  • Playing a bit of The Division again, getting the last Shields that I am still missing. Also Dead Cells, but I am still pretty new to the game.

  • I've gone back to MGSV as it's one I regret not finishing. It does still have a lot of problems, but I mist say I'm getting into it a lot better this time around. I am avoiding a lot of stealth this time though, due to the size of the game it just takes too long and I actually prefer shootouts a lot of the time.

  • Time to bust some criminals and steal some limelight from the Bracer Guild in Zero no Kiseki. Stop right there! This is the Crossbell State Police, Special Support Section!

  • I'm losing interest in PC games in general and finding it hard to get into a game. A lot of them are competitive and just attract the worst the online community has to offer.

    To rekindle my passion for gaming I'm playing a solo experience, FF IX! I'm not one for RPGs but the pacing of the story keeps it fresh and driving forward. The graphics and imagination behind each level is inspiring and feels akin to a Hayao Mikyazaki film, with the blend of steam punk and magic combination which just blends together so naturally like ice cream and waffles.

    One of my fav's.

  • I had the previous week off to help my girlfriend move in with me (I traveled about 3,000 miles in 3 days, whew) so I didn't get a lot of time to play anything but I did get a chance to try out...

    Hitman (2016)

    Although I've only messed around with the tutorial level on the boat, I spent a solid hour trying different approaches, new weapons, new outfits, etc. I feel like this is a game I'm initially pretty terrible at but I'm learning with each mistake and propelling myself forward. This is the first Hitman game proper that I've played on my own and it's great so far, I can only imagine how it will feel when the levels and objectives become more complex.