[Official] What are you playing?

  • Watch Dogs and Star Wars Battlefront.

    WD is pretty fun, although the sequel definitely needs improvements and additions to the gameplay. Running is incredibly slow. Driving mechanics are fine but could use some tweaks. Ridiculous that you can't shoot while in a car, but enemies can if they get a good angle. Makes car chases harder and a game of bumper cars for the most part since many instances occur on highways, where there's nothing to hack. I also had it with the online cheaters who hacked the game (ironically) so they can be invisible to you when they invade. So I'm just gonna quit the game or disconnect my internet whenever I get an invader again.

    As for SW Battlefront, its a good game. And is not a Battlefield clone as some misinformed or low IQ gamers try to put out there. The gameplay is nothing like Battlefield. Or hardly anyone would be able to fly an X-Wing. Its a highly authentic star wars experience. And bots have been added for free so the game still has use once the servers go down.

  • @The_VeryBest I'm 10 hours in and Chie has to be the most annoying character in a game I've heard in a very long time.

  • @GoTaco Ben Moore would not like you.

    Seriously though is it the character or the voice that's annoying to you, I had an issue with her voice at first coming from the original P4, but I grew to like it, and I think it fits really well her character.

  • @bard91

    Even at 10h in, I find I haven't really gotten to know any of these characters well enough to truly know much about them (outside of the Other-Self revelations, and maybe my Drama Club friend). Besides the main story moments, most dialogue is quite trivial.

    But crazy you mentioned the original P4 because you confirmed my confusion. I played the intro of P4 on PS2 and I never found Chie too annoying, actually I don't remember her being annoying in the slightest, but she is insufferable as I currently play P4:G. I thought I was just tripping out but lo and behold, the DID change her voice. I just watched a comparison online. This new voice is BRUTAL. Somewhere between whiny and North Dakota or Manitoba. It's really nonsense.

  • @GoTaco Opinions are weird man, I feel the exact opposite of you on this one. I disliked Chie severely on my playthrough back when the game was first released on PS2. I personally think they did a great job with the re-cast for Chie as the new voice actor brings that energy and spunk the character was written to have, it actually made me enjoy her much more overall. The new voice actor for Teddie sounds similar enough that most people don't seem to notice, so that's no issue. The one thing that keeps things in perspective for me is this - your entire party (save Teddie) is high school students. I want trivial dialogue. I want them to have cooking contests where they make fun of each other. I want Teddie's bear puns. I want Yosuke and Chie arguing like children because other RPGs (and most games in general) take themselves so seriously, with long talks about destiny and self-sacrifice, and how important it is to save the world, blahblah. I love the series (3 and 4 in particular) for mixing in super goofy moments with intense Jungian philosophy, it feels more natural and is an excellent juxtaposition. Life is about enjoying the small, silly moments and Persona captures that mentality with a grace other games should be paying more attention to.

    tl;dr - Yukiko/Rise are best girls.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    By trivial I meant it is more fact of the matter.

    i.e. > You eat steaks and enjoy Yukkiko's company

    As per Chie. I'm not against a more youthful voice but she sounds like a grown woman putting on a rural Western Canadian accent. Ever watched Fargo? She sounds like the kid version of the cop. They maybe should have casted an actual girl instead. I also find that they are FAR more childish than I or anybody I know was in grade 10. That's for sure. I mean we were on the liquor by that point.

    Either way, what am I playing? P4:G. And yes I enjoy it. I just cannot handle the squeal of Chie. And I love Yuki. She's so nice and kinda quiet. Reminds me of me.

  • @GoTaco The solution to your problems lies in Kanji, Rise, and Naoto.

  • Grabbed The Witcher 2 since it was on sale. Loving it so far

  • @Musou-Tensei Maybe they will eventually make a metroid 2 remake, one can dream

  • Currently, my gaming is focused almost entirely on Pokemon. I've active (post-game) files in Black, Black 2, Omega Ruby and Y, with new, slower-pace files in Y, Alpha Sapphire, LeafGreen, and White. I'm meaning hit the post-game the new files, accomplish some in-game goals, and chalk them up to games well enjoyed.

    Beyond that, there's some breeding and Shiny hunting I'm feeling encouraged to pursue.

  • @GoTaco I can see how some would find her voice annoying, but at least I grew to like it, partly because it is much more in character with her than her original voice, which was definitively much lower key.

    The changes for Teddie were sometimes pretty apparent but usually pretty negligible, Rise in Dancing All Night though ... that one was really rough.

  • Global Moderator

    I picked up Tales of Berseria last week; finally had the time to dig more into it from Sunday on though! About 29 hours in and oh man am I enjoying myself more than I thought I would. I knew I'd probably at least like it. But I really am loving it. The main parts are fun but all the "side" things and side conversations are where I'm feeling so much richness. It's all the little things!

    I just want to hug all these characters to death and get to know them all. Both the main cast and all the people one meets.

    If I had to guess I think I'm somewhere around the half way mark. Probably somewhere past it a bit. Maybe. I'm so bad at gauging and I don't want to check :p

  • Finally started playing Beyond Good and Evil HD. Really fun so far

  • Started X-com: Enemy Unknown Plus on vita.

    First game after the tutorial was a bit of a buggy mess and had to restart but it's been all good since then. Think it really suits a portable device too. It'll be interesting to see how long I keep playing as I had it on PS3 too but just stopped playing for some reason.

  • Currently balancing Trails in the Sky SC, World of Warcraft, and Resident Evil 0 HD.

  • Paragon. Every day.

  • Just played a bit of Human Revolution on PC, I really need to break down and buy a mid range gaming PC

  • DotA 2
    Talos Principle
    I Am Setsuna
    Battlefield 1 Open Beta
    Clicker Heroes
    Trying to get back into Skullgirls

  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided has my focus at the moment, but I haven't been able to play a lot of games at the moment anyway. DEMD kind of demands that I have a few open hours at once which I haven't had a lot of lately.

  • I'm playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PS4 while I'm at home and still playing P4: G on my downtime at work (I have a lot of downtime - at 20h).

    I was complaining about Chie earlier and I have to say that her voice lets up drastically as the game progresses. It was brutal near the beginning but I think the writing is also just a lot more trivial in the beginning hours too. I have no issue anymore.

    I have a lot of fun playing some of these scenes. These kids are a lot more childlike than I ever was but as an adult its fun to play something so youthful in spirit. I really like Yukiko, Kanji, and Rise, they have a fun spirit about them.

    As per Deus Ex: MD,

    I have really sunk my teeth into this game and I wish I hadn't because I'm about to start 4th year of university. I've gotten so into side missions and exploring that I have literally only done ONE main mission in a good handful of hours of play. The atmosphere is truly there.

    However, I get serious Oblivion/Skyrim vibes and for the wrong reasons. This game controls and simply feels absolutely clunky. At least on PS4. The frame rate drops all of the time, there is a lot of screen tear, and movement feels very angular and clunky. Something like jumping feels no different, say, climbing over a rocky hill in Skyrim; no grace to smoothness at all. UI is slow to load and save reloads are over a minute which really takes away. I also find my lipsync is waaaaaay off. Not even close. I'm surprised nobody is mentioning any of this in the reviews.

    With that said, its a very rich game. Sometimes I find 3 different ways to complete a side mission before I even finish it. Clearly a great bang for your buck title.