[Official] What are you playing?

  • DOA6
    Gotta say I'm loving the idea of DOA Quest mode, quick little challenges using different characters. Good way to motivate me and others to try other characters

  • Closing on to 10 hours in Prey, and while I don't love it and have more than a few complaints with it, I can see why some people think highly of it, as it does do some pretty interesting stuff, but I just can't bring my self up to play more than an hour at a time.

  • @bard91 I'm curious, which part of the game bothers you?

  • @bam541 it doesn't bother me but the gameplay itself is not that much fun to me, combat specially feels kind off, and I've seen a few technical issues, other than that I think most of the things that bother me somewhat are more on the design of the game and them not necessarilly being my preference, but not flaws necessarily.

  • @bard91 Ahh, okay

  • Platinumed RE2. Now I have time for other games but man did it take my whole month getting it.

  • Not playing but just ordered Ace Combat 7. Never played any of the games but I want to try it in VR and see how Sturdy my VR legs are.

  • 40 hours into the second game of Trails in The Sky and I just discovered there's a turbo button on the PC version ... FML!!!!!

  • @bard91 nice. Played FC and SC on Vita. Best RPG I've played for over a decade. Just loved the world and characters.

  • @tearju-engi I'm really liking it, I think I still prefer Cold Steel to be honest, but there are aspects that Sky undoubtedly does better. At this point I can safely say that Trails overall is my second favorite JRPG franchise.

  • @bard91 haven't played other games in the franchise yet. Because 3rd never came out on Vita over here. I will eventually even if I'm not fond of playing on PC.

  • Banned

    Started playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus yesterday. This game is shit so far. From a storytelling and wheelchair perspective. Probably won't even finish it before DMC5 comes out this week.

    (Also disappointed that they changed his lover's beautiful face.)

    The action is dull, nothing I haven't done many times before.

  • Still playing through Divinity: Original Sin on PS4. My main characters are level 9 and now that fights stopped to be a matter of life and quickload the game got a lot more enjoyable because it has a better flow now.

  • Exams done, and i finally got time to continue playing Okami HD, been a months since i last played this. It keeps getting better, and now I'm hooked. Hopefully i can finish this soon, gotta clear my backlog a bit.

  • I'm 6 hours into Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines (Unofficial patch plus)and I'm still only on the first level. I've never felt so inclined to cover my bases and do every side quest before moving on. It's one of those games where you get sucked into the environment which in the first level, is a seedy Santa Monica at night. I love the character sheet and it feels very rewarding doing side missions to horde XP just for one big upgrade to one stat.

    It's simple, its funny, its cute, it oozes personality. Play this game if you have a PC.

  • Just started FFIX on the Switch last night, wish me luck!

  • If I were the type to write a Don't Skip, I'd definitely do one for Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army. I've never really been able to get in to any of the other SMT games, but I'm loving this. Vibes for days! Make a new one, Atlus!

  • I've been meaning to buy Black Mirror for some time now as I was a big fan of the three point & click adventure games. It's dropped on PSNow this month so I've fired it up for a try. It seems ok at the moment, but do worry it might be a little too watered down in the interaction, puzzle and dialogue departments, maybe a bit early to say for certain.

  • Got my used and previously broken 3DS working again, and borrowed Pokemon Ultra Moon from my friend just so I'm more prepared for the Switch Pokemon game (only played Pokemon Emerald a long time ago, which I played on another friend's GBA for a short time). Rowlet is the Pokemon of my dreams, he's perfect in every way and I love him so much already! Alola is super chill too, I'm loving the vibes here.

  • DEVIL MAY CRY 5! (voice echoes throughout the entire city) I played a little bit last night, up until mission 5. V is awesome and plays similar to Sieg from Chaos Legion, but better and more stylish. I'll add more of my thoughts later after completing the game.