[Official] What are you playing?

  • @capnbobamous

    One my all time favourites. I actually have the PAL PS2 version of it, it's become quite a rare find now, never quite understood why the Dreamcast version stayed in Japan. I've lost track of just how many times I've completed both games now, my favourite parts of 2 are the battle with Pudding and the final boss.

  • As for me, I've fired up another game I started but got distracted from and that's Mirrors Edge Catalyst. I do still prefer the original, but this is truly great as well, shame it was so overlooked.

  • I went off 3D Dot Game Heroes so went to another from my Tackle the Backlog: Grand Theft Auto 4. I bought it day one but went backpacking for 2 months the following week. I can't remember if I ever went back to it but I do know that, at some point, the friends and slippery driving got to me and I hard quit. I think I'm maybe 25% in now but am having a great time this time around. Hopefully I the luster doesn't wear off.

  • I've been playing GTA Vice City... on my Android phone! Got a Play Store gift card and a new phone as so I tried it out. I've been very busy lately, no access to my PS4 so no console games, and this kept me entertained. It runs very well on my phone and i don't hate touch controls, so this is great so far. The game's more simple gameplay and structure (compared to newer GTAs) actually works very well in mobile form. I never finished this game before, maybe this is the time to do it?

  • @sheria Yeah it's a bizarre treat. Sometimes the inputs are a little off, but not enough to where it ruins my time with the game.

  • I've been playing a lot of Sekiro, and my conclusion? It's like Nioh, minus the fun, lol.

  • @minamik I hope Nioh 2 has less weapon/armour collecting/managing. That and grinding were the ones that held it back. Like if I complete the main story and am +50 lvl below DLC and some sidequests, that is not a nice thing to have. Like I spent 2 whole days just to get my level high enough to not get wiped out easily.

  • Picked up some games I missed: Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Far Cry 5, Spiderman, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Ni No Kuni II. I finished Uncharted quite quickly and fired up Far Cry last night. It started well and I've got to say, I really like the setting and villain so far.

  • Playing Path of Exile since it released on PS4.
    For those not in the know, PoE is a fantastic free2play ARPG. You can play the game without spending a cent (unless you REALLY want some cosmetics) though if you are going to get into the game's meta, which can be incredibly deep if you want it to be, it is highly encouraged to buy a few extra stash tabs, especially the ones that keep track of the various currencies and maps, though that will only cost you a few dollars at most.
    Other than that what you'll get is a really superb and engrossing game that is very regularly updated with huge amounts of content accessible to all players.

    PSN ID: ElShmiablo if anybody wants to hop on some time.

  • I tried playing a modern, realistic football game last year and didn't enjoy it for even a few seconds. Decided to try something on pretty much the exact opposite end of the spectrum this morning and started playing NFL Blitz 2001 on my Nintendo 64. I feel like a dumbass for getting so heated and trashtalking the AI when I play stuff like this but if anything that (and the fact that I've already probably played it for a good four hours despite not giving a single solitary shit about football as a sport) means it's probably doing something right.

  • Picked up Final Fantasy VII on Switch.

    I only played it back when it first came out, but I was young and my English was very limited, so I honestly don't even know how I made it all the way to the end of Disc 2, but then I got stuck there against a boss and could never beat him (I think my only save was right before the boss and I couldn't go back to buy items or anything).

    It feels very weird to replay it now, I recognize almost every location, every screen, every music theme is a like a huge nostalgia hit. But at the same time I feel like I'm experiencing (and understanding) the story for the very first time, so much flew over my head back then!

    The world and the plot are immediately engaging, and actually more relevant than ever. However the writing (or at least the localization) is downright abysmal. There are lines that are literally nonsensical, seemingly misunderstood by whoever translated them. Characters will say things that seem out of context, or it'll feel like another character should be saying their line, or you don't know what they're referring to. It makes some scenes very hard to follow.

    I'm loving it though. The soundtrack is god-tier and the combat system is classic JRPG but there's nothing wrong with that.

    I'm only 3 hours in but I can't help picturing how every story beat could be done in the remake and it's making me extremely excited. This game deserves a modern remake, I hope Square Enix doesn't mess this up because it could seriously be a masterpiece if done right.

  • Rocking Sekiro, pretty much almost finished (I think). Gunning for the platinum trophy has been a good uphill climb the whole way through. Really enjoying the music and environments more than any other Soulsborne game. All around a total pleasure.

    That being said, I've been pushing through so mang difficult games recently (Bloodborne and Hollow Knight earlier this month) that I'm feeling burnt out on getting stomped. Thinking of moving into something super chill like Captain Toad or maybe a visual novel.

    Happy gaming to everybody else!

  • After putting more time into Sekiro, I've become more and more convinced that it's actually a Naruto game in disguise.

  • @momohara Captain Toad is fantastic. It's probably my favorite Wii U game.

  • Sekiro: I beat Jiraiya!

  • Okami HD

    A game that has been recommended to me countless times and I've never had a chance to play finally entered my life recently. I don't even need to say it, but the visuals in this game are downright unique and mesmerizing. As a person that generally doesn't care for Zelda games, I was worried I would only appreciate the visuals here but they do a great job of building the world, characters, and the threat that I absolutely do care about what's happening. While combat isn't the most complicated thing ever, it's varied enough to be interesting and I still have quite a few weapons left to unlock. While I appreciate how creative some of the paintbrush techniques have been, they don't always seem to trigger when they should and they can sometimes be a bit of a burden - creating lily pads to cross water is slightly tedious for example. Still, I completely understand why this game is held in high regards and I can't wait to get farther in it.

    Path of Exile

    I've been playing a mobile game called Bit Heroes recently which has a severe grind and randomized loot so my urges to get better stats have been increased and Path of Exile is also helping to scratch that itch. While my sessions with this game have been short, it feels much more like Diablo 2 than Diablo 3 in the fact that you are given so much freedom in how to make your builds. The skills you gain are mostly up to you and the passive skill tree is one of the largest things I've ever seen. It certainly doesn't help that this is free to play but feels very much like a paid game.

  • Hitman 2 - awesome. Don't know why I waited so long to get it. Actually it's because I'm cheap - but it finally went on sale! Only completed the first 2 missions but really enjoying it.

  • Got to mission 8 of DMC V, it keeps getting a bit better by each mission. I'm also finally starting Persona 4 Golden on Easy just because I think I'll enjoy the combat way less here than in P5, and because I want to rush through it a bit. Really good first impressions story wise.

  • Finally started making some solid progress on Trails in the Sky SC. Just hit chapter 4 and I'm really enjoying it so far. Does anyone know where (or if) I can find information on when the cutscenes should play? I'm playing through Steam Play on Ubuntu and you have to disable the movies to play through Wine. I'd like to watch them, but would like to do it while I'm playing the game and not spoil anything.

  • Borderlands on PS4, specifically hoping back and forth between BL1 and the Australian one.