[Official] What are you playing?

  • Hitman 2 - awesome. Don't know why I waited so long to get it. Actually it's because I'm cheap - but it finally went on sale! Only completed the first 2 missions but really enjoying it.

  • Got to mission 8 of DMC V, it keeps getting a bit better by each mission. I'm also finally starting Persona 4 Golden on Easy just because I think I'll enjoy the combat way less here than in P5, and because I want to rush through it a bit. Really good first impressions story wise.

  • Finally started making some solid progress on Trails in the Sky SC. Just hit chapter 4 and I'm really enjoying it so far. Does anyone know where (or if) I can find information on when the cutscenes should play? I'm playing through Steam Play on Ubuntu and you have to disable the movies to play through Wine. I'd like to watch them, but would like to do it while I'm playing the game and not spoil anything.

  • Borderlands on PS4, specifically hoping back and forth between BL1 and the Australian one.

  • I got my hands on a copy of DBZ fighters, everything from the visual presentation to the music has made a huge impact on me. Would love to see Dragon Quest or Sailor Moon get this same treatment. I feel at odds with Yakuza 0, Sega including games like Outrun are a huge plus along with dance and karaoke games. The story can take a back seat too often and the side quest do a great job of building the world but feel like fetch quest.

  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades

    Despite the internet deciding this game is trash, I figured I'd give it a spin for myself. I honestly don't understand why everyone is calling it garbage but I still don't think it's fantastic either. Combat is pretty dull (as it is in all Elder Scrolls games), environments are surprisingly varied, and I do like the aspect of rebuilding a town. Everyone seems focused on the timers used to open chests but they didn't bother me much - I can't think of a free-to-play mobile game that doesn't have some sort of timer system used to limit how much you can actually play. To be fair, you can play as much as you want with this one, you just won't obtain new chests until the old ones open. Fallout Shelter also had timers that were very similar but no one batted an eye, yet The Elder Scrolls following suit makes it trash. This seemingly follows the same trend of Fallout 76 getting slammed by people for issues that were present in the very much praised Fallout 4. It's trendy to hate Bethesda I guess.

    Will I personally keep playing it? I've been rather addicted to Bit Heroes lately and my life has only room for one mobile game at the moment. It's still installed on my phone though, so I'll check in from time to time.

  • After what must have been ages, I finally returned to RDR2. I definitely missed this game, gonna progress through the story for a bit before jumping to Sekiro.

  • I'm on chapter 6 of Blue Reflection, a game I really shouldn't have dropped.

    I've a few niggles so far. While the opening chapters are admittedly quite strong, the game soon drifted into a quite lot of repetition. The pacing isn't very good and I could see it turning quite a few people off. The other issue I have lies in the design in that it's far too easy to break the game. While this is still all down to the player and how they wish to approach the game ,a limitation to the social mechanics, as seen in the likes of Persona, could have easily remedied the problem; as it is now, you can abuse the social ability to bond with your friends over and over again and thus become overpowered far too early in the game.

    Thankfully though the setting, characters, robust battle system and a wonderful new twist on the magical girl genre keeps you invested. The graphics are gorgeous and it all just really settles you. I can't recommend it enough to be honest, that is if you like relaxing, slice of life RPG'S.

  • F1 2018
    Driving games are the best way for me to deal with gaming fatigue. After Sekiro I didn't feel like playing nothing and as this one is on gamepass I decided to give it a try. Oh boy, this is intense and a well needed change from the last games I've played (RDR2/Below/Ashen/RE2/DMC5/Sekiro).

  • Watching MK11 gameplays made me boot up Injustice 2 once again. Working up on playing as Red Hood now, just to mix it up a bit since I basically main as Supergirl ever since finishing the story mode.

  • I'm about to say something that is going to make me lose my street cred.

    Path of Exile is better than Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Yep. I said it. It's true. No dissenting opinions can be proven accurate.

    I've barely made it two Act II (with two separate characters) but I just love the amount of freedom you're given with your character. The skill tree may be set in stone but it's so large you can go any direction with it. You can equip whatever you want, you can use whatever skills you want, you are just given the choice to make all sorts of different builds if you want. This game is giving me a feeling I haven't had since the first time I played the original Diablo and it's a very, very good thing.

    @El-Shmiablo I'm glad I listened to your recommendation and tried it out!

  • @sabotagethetruth Ughh stop making me want to play this game, people!

    How's the world and lore? Is it as captivating as Diablo's?

  • @axel There's a lot there to dig into, which I was surprised with. As captivating... well, that one is pretty subjective but it's free so only one way to find out.

    Play it. Join us.

  • @sabotagethetruth I want to play it but I'm afraid that it's gonna devour my life for good. The last time I played something like this, it was Torchlight II, and god damn that game made me mess up my semester grades.

  • Been playing a lot of fable 1

    Holds up good

  • @bigdude1 I've always been interesting in playing Fable 1, I enjoyed 2 a lot even though I think it is easily one of the worst games I've ever played, and overall a very poorly made game, I remember it just have some weird charm and just been fun to mess around in.

  • @bard91 cant relate , loved the whole trilogy

  • @bard91 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @bigdude1 I've always been interesting in playing Fable 1, I enjoyed 2 a lot even though I think it is easily one of the worst games I've ever played, and overall a very poorly made game, I remember it just have some weird charm and just been fun to mess around in.

    You enjoyed the worst game you've ever played a lot??

  • @bigdude1 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @bard91 cant relate , loved the whole trilogy

    I enjoyed all three as well. The problems with Fable III are hard to ignore though.

  • @sheria I think it is in many many ways an absolutely terrible game, but yes I found it to be a lot of fun despite how bad it was in many aspects, and how it absolutely failed in doing what it aimed to do. I didn't say it was the absolute worst game ever, and guess I could say other more broken games I've played are worse, and sure a bit of hyperbole, but I for sure think Fable 2 is a game that was very poorly made.