[Official] What are you playing?

  • @bard91 cant relate , loved the whole trilogy

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    @bigdude1 I've always been interesting in playing Fable 1, I enjoyed 2 a lot even though I think it is easily one of the worst games I've ever played, and overall a very poorly made game, I remember it just have some weird charm and just been fun to mess around in.

    You enjoyed the worst game you've ever played a lot??

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    @bard91 cant relate , loved the whole trilogy

    I enjoyed all three as well. The problems with Fable III are hard to ignore though.

  • @sheria I think it is in many many ways an absolutely terrible game, but yes I found it to be a lot of fun despite how bad it was in many aspects, and how it absolutely failed in doing what it aimed to do. I didn't say it was the absolute worst game ever, and guess I could say other more broken games I've played are worse, and sure a bit of hyperbole, but I for sure think Fable 2 is a game that was very poorly made.

  • @sheria Fable 3 holds up as one of my favorite games ever, but it is still hot garbage. As you said, those games just have a charm that makes you want to push through.

  • what specifically did you guys dislike about fable 3?

  • @bigdude1 I only played like 5 hours, but from what I recall nothing in that game was good, to be more specific.

    • it looked bad

    • the characters and story were completely uninteresting

    • the menu in the hall thing is one of the single worst ideas I've ever seen in a game

    • ridiculous loading times

    • the humour didn't hit the mark

    • the combat remained uninteristing

    • social mechanics were pretty dumb and shallow

    • the world and stages felt incredibly small

    Some of this also apply to Fable 2 tbh, but from my little experience with 3, it was just dreadful, and not even fun despite how bad it was like 2.

  • Fable 3 had a really cool ending, its a shame you didnt get that far.

  • Finished Disc 2 of FF VII last night, and with that I'm officially further in than I ever made it as a kid.

    I still remembered that Hojo fight and the stairs leading up to it, it all came back to me. I was stuck forever on him back then, and now I wrecked him on my first try, no challenge at all. Gonna try to wrap it up tonight, I'm not going for 100% or optional Weapons.

  • I think I've officially dropped FF8 from my rotation. I haven't touched it in months and I realized last night that I have no desire to return to it at this moment. Maybe some day.
    In the meantime, I've added in FF12. This is a game I've been meaning to revisit for years, and am happy I can finally do so now that it's on the switch. I thought it was pretty tedious when I was younger and quit it at around the part where you get to the dungeons. I think I just didn't know what I wanted back then because this game is great. I really dig the combat and gambit system, both of which were major turn offs for me when I first played. Surprisingly good story thus far, and I really appreciate all the little ways it feels like it belongs in the same world as Tactics. Can't wait to get back to it.

  • You know what is worse than overly long exposition segments, having the power go out TWICE during a overly long exposition segment with no way of fast forwarding or skipping sections, just happened with Trails of the Sky The Third.

  • Ratchet and Clank on my PS4 and Yoshi's Crafted World when I'm at work. I never played the R&C games. The remake just reminds me how I miss when big western publishers like Sony could make games that didn't HAVE TO BE photo-realistic, depressing and bogged down by scripted presentation. The game has plenty of cutscenes, but there's also plenty of interrupted gameplay, which has been okay and seems is gonna become more satisfying now that I can fly during combat. Not a great game, but I'll take it over another Last of Us wannabe.

  • I have now hacked my PS Vita and it's able to play PSP backups, so I got a few of my PSP games backed up to it. Playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite here feels pretty great. Now my PSP can peacefully retire for real.

    Also, this means I can't sync my account anymore just because I don't want to take the risk. At least I got the Golden Abyss platinum out of the way first.

  • Grinding MK11

  • Cuphead (Switch)

    Always been tempted by that one and with the recent Switch release I couldn't resist.

    I was worried I'd get frustrated by the difficulty but so far I've surprisingly taken my countless deaths with a smile.

    The game feels great to control, there's just the right amount of complexity and options, and most importantly I never feel cheated when I lose. I always blame myself for not seeing that coming, not having the right reflexes or making a wrong call, and that's fine!

    I'm on World 2 now and I've killed 2 (or 3?) bosses there, so I'd say I'm about halfway through (the main menu says 40%). Currently stuck on the dragon but getting slightly better each time!

    The presentation is also even more delightful than I expected, the soundtrack in particular is a huge highlight, I'm loving those vibes!

  • Finally started Shenmue II. My intention was to begin a bit earlier in the Spring but the release of Ace Attourney trilogy pushed this game back because I just love Ace Attourney games.
    Just feeling cozy with continuing Ryo's journey. I want to take time with it though I want to get over it befote Judgment is out. Still should be enough time to beat it without rushing through.

  • Currently about halfway through Spiderman (PS4), and about a 1/3 into Days Gone. Playing Spiderman solo, and Days Gone with the misses. Both exceptional.

    Sony have absolutely smashed it with their exclusives this gen.

  • Playing Sonic Colors (DS) and Batman: Brave and the Bold (Wii)

  • Playing Arc the Lad 2. This has to be the most under the rader JRPG I can think of. Simply brilliant. You need to play the first game first which is a 6/10 prologue, but worth it to get prepared for the second game.

  • My copy of DQV froze as I was saving and when I rebooted it... file corrupted. I have files from earlier in the game (before the wedding) but don't think I have the heart to go back through it all right now. Such a bummer.