[Official] What are you playing?

  • Finshed Clock Tower 2 and moved on to From Software's Echo Night

  • Started playing Shenmue II. There's so much going on already, Hongkong's vibes are so different than Dobuita. It feels good to be back with these Shenmue tank controls though, the first hour did well in comforting me back to how things go here.

    Also just finished Ryuji's palace in Persona 4 Golden. I have to say I'm glad that I play this on Easy, so i can breeze through the palaces. Persona 5 spoiled me so much, the palaces here are just not very exciting. I do enjoy the Shuffle Time mechanic though. Meanwhile, the social link stuff has been stellar so far. So many interesting characters already. Can't get enough of strengthening bonds, lol.

  • Banned

    Started Spider-Man...

    alt text

    I don't think I'm gonna buy a PlayStation 5.

  • @ezekiel I don't get it...

  • The Battlefield V segment on EA Play earlier got me hyped again for BFV, so I'm back in the game. I missed 2 months of updates, a few of the annoying bugs are still there but at least there's some quality of life improvements. Also, the medic class got something other than a SMG that is suitable for longer range engagements, which has been my number one wish since the medic is my absolute favorite class. Can't wait for the new maps.

  • I ended up buying Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 - Limited Edition. Wanted an easy summer game or something, and I really like these Gauls. Goscinny & Uderzo's comics are superb. Plus these three little figurines I got are cool. :)

    alt text

    [Buddha's not included] :P

  • Banned

    @e_zed_eh_intern said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @ezekiel I don't get it...

    Sure you do. There's nothing to really get. Sony makes boring games. Games that are too expensive for their own good, overly obsessed with following what's popular, looking realistic and imitating cinema. Spider-Man, so far, is any open world game, with the typical scripted missions, and the combat system is a shameless Arkham ripoff. You even beat shielded enemies the same way. I prefer the Arkham games. They weren't great, but at least they tried their own thing. I'll stick with PC and maybe Nintendo going forward. I'm glad I moved more towards watching movies and TV shows in my spare time with where gaming is now.

  • I've been in one of those ruts where I didn't feel like playing anything lately (had some racing game I can't even be bothered to look up the name of but it was purely a "zone out while podcasts play" type of thing.) Finally decided the other day "nah screw that" and dug out the ol' standby, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. Still the best, just finished cleaning up missions with Darth Maul (because it's 2001 and he's relevant I guess) but I dunno if I can be bothered doing a final sweep for all the stat points and decks. Will probably just switch over to whoever else I feel like running through it as next.

  • I'm jumping between two at the moment: Carrier on the Dreamcast and Pac Man World 3 on the Gamecube. I've never beaten the latter.

  • Tried the Samurai Shodown trial demo. I never played any of the Shodown games before, and I have to say I really like the gameplay style of this one. High damage attacks are plentiful, and it's so easy to deal (and lose) more than half of the health bar in an instant, which I love. It makes the fighting feel more deliberate, like actual samurai duels. Combos are not prevalent at all, which I kinda prefer. The game looks great too, especially the visual effects of slashing and the gore. Now I really want to pre order this since it includes the season pass for free, but I don't know if that applies to my region too.

  • Trails in the sky : the 3RD in Chapter 5 love how this games builds the world and sets all the story threads for Crossbell and Cold Steel.

  • @ff7cloud Currently in the end of the sixth chapter, the door of Olivert's story was one of the single most hype moments I've had in games in a good while.

  • @bard91 His and Muellers? yea i got pretty hyped too

  • I just came here to say I finally beat Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, but people actually talking about Trails the 3rd is way more hype, lol.

  • @ff7cloud Still bugs me to no end that people think nothing of going straight from Cold Steel 2 to 3 without caring about the Crossbell arc.

    But...I've been saying that about people doing Cold Steel before Sky anyways, so what do I know?

  • @minamik i played Cold steel first and kinda wish i waited now

  • Right? I keep telling people they're getting spoiled without even realizing it, especially regarding one character in particular.

  • @minamik a certain debaucherous person

  • I dare someone to like Rean more than Estelle. :p

  • @minamik said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @ff7cloud Still bugs me to no end that people think nothing of going straight from Cold Steel 2 to 3 without caring about the Crossbell arc.

    There's quite a good reason for that though. I'm sure they do care, I know I do, but if they aren't going to release them officially in English then I don't see the skip as much of a big deal.