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    @sheria translated nowhere, I bought a physical copy for Vita when I was in Japan and was given a link for the PC version with prepatched english translation, I can send you those links if you are interested, but from what I've seen of your posts in the past, I think you may not like the idea.

    I'd be happy with buying the Vita games for my collection and then playing the patched versions elsewhere. I was already poised on getting the physical copies as it was.

    How is the translation though? I look at how long and hard they spent properly translating TitS SC and that was a game with intent to sell. Is a fan translation actually good enough here? These games have enough text to create a novel.

  • @sheria ok, I'll look for the links later and send them to you, I had no qualm with it either since I did what I could to pay for them and I'm just playing them elsewhere.

    I haven't played them a lot yet, but from what I've heard Ao is a pretty decent translation wise while Zero is a little more rough, particularly when it comes to NPC dialogue, the story itself can be followed without issue.

    From what I've seen I think the translation looks pretty good (Just about an hour into the game), and most people agree it is at least serviceable for Zero while Ao is perfectly fine.

    If you are not in a rush you may also be interested in waiting for the geofront project, they are reworking Zero translation and they hoped to have it release sometime this summer, but it sems like they may not be able to meet that goal, it is a fan project after all, but it seems they essentially want to really up the quality of the translation.


  • I bought the Vita versions and I'm using a guide. The voiced parts I can understand without issue, and the rest I rely on my now limited Japanese reading ability combined with context and aforementioned guide. I think I made it through the intro and first chapter of Zero so far before I got distracted by RE2, DMC5, Sekiro combo attack, lol.

    Now I've just finished Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and am working through Trials of Mana. I'll buy Cold Steel 3 when it comes out (barring NISA fudging the localization), but I won't get around to it till I've finished Zero and Ao.

    What I can report is that I have yet to find a favorite character from Zero so far. I'm probably leaning towards Randy or Tio.

  • I keep holding out hope that they'll get localized

  • We just got a Mana game almost a quarter century after the fact. Anything can happen!

  • I really would not hold my breath for the games to be localized, the fact they are only on dead consoles and PC is not a very promising prospect and XSEED is unlikely to touch it again, so I imagine that unless CS3 blows up big for NISA they won't be interested. But I guess we can hope.

  • I play the Langrisser mobile game and their having a Legend of Heros crossover event and i just unlocked Chloe

  • Trials of Mana: Learned about changing classes, then proceeded to get lost looking for the Ice Labyrinth.

  • Now that I've seen it, I can't imagine them keeping Angela's second combat skill the same in the remake, hahaha.

  • Booted up the Division 2 AMD sent me a code for buying a graphics card

  • I beat the RNG Gods in Trials of Mana for my preferred final class change seeds. Angela = Arch Mage, Duran = Liege, Riesz = Fenrir Knight. You have to get these seeds from treasure chests that may or may not drop from certain monsters, then plant them in an inn and you may or may not get the class change item you want...lol. A lot of save scumming (quick save/load does not work when planting them if anyone else is gonna play. Just a heads up!)

  • HOly crap this fight in chapter 6 of TRails in the sky the 3rd is awesome maybe the best fight in the series

  • Resonance of Fate. I'm about 2 hours in and so far so good. I hear it gets hard so we may be in for a 20 hour quit.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern that was my experience with it back on the 360, I just remember I hit a pretty big spike in difficulty and kinda lost interest, but I remember liking what I played

  • @e_zed_eh_intern yea theres a big spike about 15 to 20 hours in but its a good game

  • Finally beat him !!!!!!!!!11111

    Spoiler Cassius Bright

  • SpoilerTHat Plot twist during Chapter 7 omg didnt see that coming!!!!!

  • Pac-Man Champion Ed. 2+ (Switch). Better than the first, but I really enjoyed that one too.

  • @ff7cloud Kyle Bosman would call that a spoiler