[Official] What are you playing?

  • Easy Ally

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  • Easy Ally

    Gonna start Shadowbringers soon then Sea of Solitude when it's out.

  • Bloodstained: Really enjoying it as i was a big fan of symphony of the night, this game has something that SOTN doesn't however, Difficulty
    Trails in the Sky: the 3RD: in the last chapter just wanna grind a bit to level everyone up before the last dungeon
    Division 2: got this as a gift from AMD for getting a graphics card not quite my thing but fun in small bursts
    Trails of Cold Steel 2 NG plus run just getting ready for TOCS3

  • So I was a little intoxicated when I made the purchase but it was cheap and it had been too long so I was represetin Grove Street after many many years of not touching my favorite GTA , it may be a little nostalgia but I'm having a ton of fun with San Andreas once again, definitively prefer by a long margin over the newer ones.

  • @bard91 fantastic game. It's between that and 5 for me.

  • I swear this damn pinball machine is rigged in Judgement, lol.

  • Bloodstained is really good guys cant stop playing it

  • Currently playing Samurai Shodown. This is totally my kind of fighting game: no extra fuss, only the best parts. Got a good few hours so far and I'm loving it. Already got a main too (Jubei). It's not the most content filled fighting game (NetherRealms' games spoiled me), but since I'm taking this game more seriously and actually trying to put time to learn it, I don't mind sticking to regular AI battles.

    Also, I will be streaming this game so I'm just gonna plug my twitch right here :)

  • Having some fun with SMM2. Great as expected.

    Playing Outer Wilds too. Kinda surprised that didn't saw mentions to this game around here. Visually does its job, obviously low budget, but otherwise it's just fantastic. If you like different games, jump into this knowing as little as possible. Not a difficult game but it doesn't hold your hand and much of its joy comes from exploration and discovery and it's worth to go for it knowing as little as possible and making sense of things on your own. I wish there was a really where this exact game could have an 100 million budget.

  • Horizon Chase Turbo. Got it for free on psn! Where has this game been all of my life? HCT is like a spiritual successor to Rad Racer and Out Run. All of these game modes and unlockables are going to keep me busy for a while.

  • argh lost like 30 mins of bloodstained progress. Accessed a new part of the castle just to stumble on a boss fight after there was no save room for a while and now i gotta go do it all again. Oh well that how it goes i guess

  • Decided to play TF2 for the first time in roughly six and a half years. I kinda hated it by the time I left. I'm not sure if it's just the fact that I've had more than enough time to heal any kinda burnout, the fact that I'm not constantly surrounded by people begging for trades or spending more time gawking at hats than at actually playing the game anymore, or if I just found a rare "actually fun" server (despite being just a round of 2fort that took literally two hours to complete) but I had a great time and I can totally see myself getting back into the groove with this.

  • Horizon Chase Turbo

    This turned out to be much more fun than I expected. I was browsing my library with my girlfriend, trying to find something to play when it caught both of our eyes. Considering you can play all modes with extra people, that adds a lot to the experience. Some of the stages are downright beautiful too, with a strong 80s aesthetic and changing background.

    DOTA: Underlords

    I had tried a few other auto-chess games and never had much fun, so I decided to try out the "official" one. The in-game tutorial doesn't really prepare you for success in any feasible manner so after watching an hour long tutorial on YouTube, I felt prepared to play properly. And what do you know.. it's pretty fun. The game seems to be in some form of beta, so there's a few kinks to be worked out (and a progression system waiting in the midst) but I understand the appeal now. I still don't see this thing taking over my life, but I'm in for a few games a week.

  • @sabotagethetruth I gave Horizon Chase a try because why not, and I'm honestly having a blast with it, as someone that generally has zero interest in racers this is just hitting all the right tones for me

  • Not that I'm specifically playing anything here but I just spent a solid hour and a half on Homestar Runner (.com)

    I played a few games like Trogdor and Peasant Quest for old times sake. I have to say that this website and Knox's Korner might be the highest amount of nostalgia per capita on the internet for me.

  • I've been playing SMM2, then I checked Moonlighter on GamePass and got hooked.

  • Is there a way i can play the crossbell games without owning a vita

  • @ff7cloud You can buy zero from japanese websites for PC and Ao from chinese ones, but I've heard the PC version of Ao has malware.

    Easiest thing would be to download the prepatched versions whcih already come with the fan translation, I can send you the links if you are interested, I bought the vita physical games simply to have them and that is more than enough for myself to justify using the pirated pc version (which I honestly wouldn't care anyhow)

  • @bard91 said in [Official] What are you playing?:


    yea send me the link ill buy a physical vita version off amazon

  • Started playing Yoku's based on the recommendation from some Allies on the discord and I'm really enjoying it so far. It was an immediate buy after running through the demo.