[Official] What are you playing?

  • Got back into RDR 2, man I miss this game. Just reached chapter 5, can't say I didn't expect where this ended up but it's really fun seeing the chaos of it all. What a mess, these gang of thieves.

  • I was playing Metal Gear V... The prologue was kind of annoying but wtv most games tend to be. A bit too silly too. Played the first mission in Afghanistan and enjoyed it right until the end when it became silly again. Uninstalled it.

  • Just finished Judgment. It's no Yakuza Zero, but it's real good if you like these kinds of games.

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    @gageblackw23 I cannot, for the love of god, find my copy of Demikids Light. And I never even got to play it. I don't imagine it could compare to the stronger SMT games but nonetheless, I wanna do the whole dang series.

    I'm playing it emulated since the game never came out here in EU, i usually buy games but in this case i would have to buy a US or Japanese GBA and then find a copy, it sounds so complicated.

    I think it's a game worth checking in this day and age where some people feel Game Freak is too conservative with Pokémon, it's interesting to see a different perspective on a similar concept. One interesting note is that while it is for kids, the game is not that easy, it doesn't treat you like an idiot which is nice.

  • Well i think i may have spoiled the identity of someone in Zero no kesiki by playing cold steel first

  • Tried out Strider (2014). I like how Hiryu controls movement wise, climbing on the sides of surfaces is pretty fun, and how the game looks graphically. The combat is very simple, mostly I'm just mashing Square and blasting through most enemies easily. There's not much reward in killing enemies so I'm more inclined to just get through them as fast as I can, and this indirectly makes the enemies way more annoying because they can disrupt my movement quite easily. Boss fights so far are very underwhelming. This will probably end up being a podcast game soon.

    Also, I think Souls fatigue has completely taken over me. Can't even play Sekiro for more than an hour without aggressively yawning. Not saying Sekiro's bad, it's awesome and it brought a lot of cool mechanics that I really enjoy into the Souls formula. I guess I'll be skipping Souls-esque games for a while.

  • Dragon Quest 2. Great game so far. Like the first, I recommend a guide. I never would have figured out half of the things so far and would have walked away long ago. Still, the DQ charm is there and I'm enjoying it.

  • I haven't played a Sims game for quite a while, and I was feeling the itch so I bought The Sims 4 for PS4. Not gonna force my lil' laptop to deal with this CPU-memory hog.

    Anyway, it's pretty good so far. I think Sims 4's lesser scale compared to Sims 3 suits the console playstyle better compared to PC (although Sims 3 on PS3 is pretty amazing, I miss that game). The controls are the most underwhelming part, I expected a more integrated and natural-feeling control scheme, but it's actually like a halfway between actually trying to make a gamepad-friendly controls and directly porting the PC version without changes. It's not too bad, I just need to get the hang of it, but it's definitely a hindrance.

    Everything else is just... well, Sims 4. I don't think it's as fun as Sims 3 but it's still a pretty good game.

  • Started Wolfenstein Youngblood. Two plus hours in so far and I'm quite impressed, even though they did a story trope that I hate.

    I didn't expect it to be have RPG mechanics: it is in place of the old progression system and I certainly like it more so far. Other than that, gameplay wise, it feels more like New Order than New Colossus (which is a good thing), with tighter controls and more balanced difficulty. I don't know what they changed exactly but going guns blazing is so much fun here. It's so much fun that I didn't do much stealth at all. This might change when the game starts to get harder.

  • Omega Labryinth Life is pretty okay so far. Haven't made a lot of progress yet but I think my favorite thing so far is customizing the garden. Reminds me of when I used to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I'd spend days just getting all the flowers and trees placed exactly where I wanted them (until somebody moved in to town and destroyed everything by plopping their house right in the middle of a peach grove or something.)

  • just finished Zero no Kesieki wow a little darker of a game tied up some loose ends from skymore of a sequel then cold steel is

  • Finished Heart of Darkness for the PS1, it was fun. A shame that the gameplay was so messy but other than that it was good. Animations are particularly excellent. And for the first time I'm playing Alan Wake and... holy smokes, it's not very often that I play through a game for 6 hours straight, but I'm loving it. How could have have missed this last gen? This completely smokes Uncharted and Gears. Love the shooting, art direction and storytelling so far. And the Twin Peaks vibes... is like this game was made for me. I was hyped for Control but now I'm beyond that.

  • I've put a number of hours into Dragon Force, which I've had an interesting relationship with.

    At first, it's super absorbing. Understanding the different systems, figuring out which troops best others, searching castles, recruiting captives, the little story segments that pop up in the first hour or so. It's attractive and it makes you look forward to what surprises it might hold. Then there aren't any surprises, or if there are, there aren't any in the several hours that follow the first. Once the loop is understood, it's a schematic, slow game that asks you to play it conservatively. There is just nothing keeping me on the line here, though I may turn it on one last time to see if it can pull something out of its pocket.

  • I've finally started up Left Alive. Right off the bat I could see it was a game for me, but reading review after review, each one just cemented that feeling even more.

    Every review I read gave me deja-vu for when I was looking into Alpha Protocol; a fantastic game that was heavily put down mostly because of graphics, animation and mechanics that appeared a generation behind. Graphics and Character animation I personally find irrelevant, but old school mechanics are almost always a plus these days.

    I'm not too far in yet, but I can tell already that I'm sticking with this one for quite a while.

  • Omega Labyrinth Life, still.

    I got to a point where there's character specific dungeons that are a lot harder than the normal ones (mostly because you enter with nothing and have to scrape by with whatever gear you find) and promise some good character-specific loot if you beat them. Finished one and I got... underwear (which is basically armor in this game) with worse stats than what I already had equipped just from bumbling through the dungeon, nevermind what I had been using before entering it, and with a really dumb gimmicky special ability (made all the seeds you find for the garden in the hubworld into one specific type) instead of something useful like stat boosts.

    I'm gonna try one more of these to see if that was just a bad decision for that one character but if this one also gives such useless armor I'm gonna just go back to the story dungeons.

  • Trails to Azure this may become my new favorite of the series

  • Turn back the clock to when I bought Ciel Nosurge while I was in Japan, but at the time I didn't realize you needed a Japanese PSN account to download the rest of the chapters. Fast forward to today, I watched an English story playthrough on Youtube, and am now knee deep in Ar Nosurge. The localization is a bit...iffy, but this game really goes to some interesting places. I wish the Atelier games could have as much thought put into them as these do, although they seem like yearly releases, so I guess that's not possible.

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    I wish the Atelier games could have as much thought put into them as these do.

    In what sense? I can't think of anything that Ar Nosurge does that I would want to see in added to an Atelier game.

  • @sacred-arfaid I don't mean in the sense of lifting anything straight from Ar Nosurge and putting it into an Atelier game. (although a mix of Atelier and Ar Tonelico would certainly be interesting). Just, going through the entirety of Ciel Nosurge, and continuing it into Ar Nosurge, you can tell that they put a lot of thought and work into the story and characters, where the Atelier games feel pretty mmm...lighthearted? I like the Atelier series, don't get me wrong, it's weirdly, relaxing, in a way, but I've never played one that felt as well thought out as the work they put into the Surge Concerto series of prequels to Ar Tonelico.

  • I wanna get three things out of the way:

    1. I love me some Sonic
    2. I think I have a pretty decent tolerance to jank
    3. Even when I'm playing something bad, I still try to find the positives

    So I decided to boot up Sonic R again today. There's a lot I actually like about it. There's only a few stages but I think they're neat enough that I'm willing to overlook that, especially Radiant Emerald which is genuinely beautiful by Saturn standards. The game has a great soundtrack even if it is pretty cheesy (though you can always turn off the vocals if that isn't your thing.) I like how the roster tried some cool things like creating metal knuckles or that weird-ass tails doll. The stage layouts have so many weird turns and shortcuts that it makes discovering the optimal path feel like a cool challenge on its own. On the surface it's kind of obviously a rushed out title so the Saturn could have something, literally anything Sonic related for the holiday season, but in spite of that it's kinda neat right?

    There's just one liiiiiiiiiitle problem though. The controls feel like you're permanently just losing control on an oil slick. It doesn't matter who you're playing as either. I think its the worst with Sonic but I don't care enough to double check. And that's a pretty big issue since he outclasses everyone else in the base roster so hard. You either fly into walls as sonic and hope all that acceleration loss doesn't screw you over, or you play as Tails or Knuckles and pray to whatever deity you believe in that the AI just has a mental breakdown. Don't even bother trying Robotnik or Amy because you are going to lose if you do.

    It probably doesn't help that I was trying to bumble through everything while collecting the chaos emeralds. You gotta find out where they are, go off the beaten path to collect them (which usually requires slowing to a standstill just to pick it up since again, slippery mess) and then still get first place or else you just wasted three minutes on that stage. I wouldn't say you have to play as Sonic to get them and still win the race, but it sure felt like it while I was playing. The Sonic coins that you have to pick up to unlock the various robot versions are a bit more lenient (you only need to get third or better) but since they're all over the place it's going to be a much bigger undertaking to find out where everything else and even when you do you still have to beat the characters to unlock them. The easiest way to pick up all these coins is to play as Knuckles or Tails since they handle better but considering the robots are at least on par with Sonic, I mean I sure hope you memorized every shortcut on the map.

    To be fair this isn't a huge issue if you're ignoring all the collectibles around the stage but I mean, that's half the game there. It's really barebones if you don't bother unlocking everything and even if you do, in spite of how hard it can be to control, you're gonna be done in less than an afternoon. I don't like thinking about the people that paid full price for this back in '97. I'm sure it's still a bitter christmas memory for a few people.

    I think Sonic R is one of those rare instances where I genuinely hate a game. Which is a shame, since I wanted to like it in spite of how janky I knew it would be going in. Not like it's the first time I played it or anything. I actually really enjoyed this game back in middle school when I had that one gamecube collection it was on. I'm not sure if I was just really stupid back then (well I was, but I mean even by middle schooler standards) or if for some reason that port of a port was better than the original.