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  • @gageblackw23 Low budget is one way to describe Sims 4, lol. I really hope the next Sims game returns to Sims 3 style gameplay again, coming back to small, segmented areas after playing Sims 3 makes it all feel outdated, even with Sims 4's improved look and UI.

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    @sacred-arfaid I don't mean in the sense of lifting anything straight from Ar Nosurge and putting it into an Atelier game. (although a mix of Atelier and Ar Tonelico would certainly be interesting). Just, going through the entirety of Ciel Nosurge, and continuing it into Ar Nosurge, you can tell that they put a lot of thought and work into the story and characters, where the Atelier games feel pretty mmm...lighthearted? I like the Atelier series, don't get me wrong, it's weirdly, relaxing, in a way, but I've never played one that felt as well thought out as the work they put into the Surge Concerto series of prequels to Ar Tonelico.

    Two drastically different series. I adore both, but I'd never expect the the same priorities for both. Atelier goes for slice of life and it just works for the series. It tried a slightly different approach with the Iris trilogy, but it just took away from its unique identity the series had.

    I spent a long time reading into Ciel Nosurge before I started Ar and It soon shot up as one of my favourite series. Atelier doesn't need that though, it's a completely different beast.

    Have you tried Mana Khamia? It might fit the bill for you.

  • I'm still working on my PS4 backlog. It's been a pain of a system for me as I've gone though four of them now; two regular PS4's and two Pro's...

    I've lost a lot of progress due to the hardware failures, one was Omega Quintet which I was quite far into. I've pushed myself to start it again though.

  • I cannot, for the life of me, remember who it was but while watching an EZA stream a while back, I asked if RE2 Remake had a Japanese setting. One person in chat ran and turned it on to check for me and confirmed. If you are one here, thank you! My wife and I are just finishing up Leon's A story and will move right in to Claire B. We didn't enjoy it to begin with but I think discovering the power of leg shots made traveling the map far less frustrating. Looking forward to getting to the DLC.

  • I kinda needed something to cleanse my palette after that attempt at playing Sonic R I went on a rant about earlier, so I decided it was finally time to just pick up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe already. Had it back on the Wii U and enjoyed it, and it's still just as great on the Switch. Only real complaint (outside of the dumb Smart Steering thing, but that can be turned off pretty easily) is that playing it in handheld isn't as comfortable as holding the Wii U's gamepad but that's true of anything on the Switch really.

  • I've played Wolfenstein Youngblood for about 3 hours and then stopped. I kept trying to push through but nothing about the game was doing it for me. Also, this game is making me really motion sick. Which is strange because I didn't notice having any motion sickness issues playing New Colossus.

  • I've put some time into Assassins Creed Origins. First off, the combat is a lot better now than any past game I've played. I'm a little sad though to see that they've now ditched their formula to instead take the the overdone, cookie cutter approach to sandbox games.

    I've so far been mopping up all the optional stuff from the map, but as always, the playable area becomes bigger and bigger and the thought of clearing every marker you now see on your map is daunting to the max. My biggest problem right now though is just how big my main map is. If every single area on this map is a part of the main progression? Then I'm out.

  • Just played an hour of the open 2v2 alpha of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and I'm very impressed. The best thing about this is that the guns feels GREAT to shoot, really nice visual and audio feedback. They literally couldn't do a better job of showcasing the weapons than the 2v2 mode they're doing here. The mode itself is intense too. I'm trying out higher sensitivity with the controls and it's a blast. Didn't take long for me to perform well, the controls are just so smooth and responsive. Now I can't wait for the main game to come out. I don't want to play this alpha too much because I want to keep the multiplayer feeling as fresh as possible, but I'll probably cave in and just play it even more in the next 3 days.

  • Man, I wish this Modern Warfare alpha last longer. It's been a blast. I didn't do so bad either so far, case in point...

  • Some MGS 3
    Youtube Video

  • Syndicate on PS3. It comes up pretty often as an unappreciated game of its time. I have enjoyed it so far but it does feel a bit dated in terms of it being a room by room fps. Only a couple hours in so it might open up. I'd say swimming in 7s to this point.

  • I wanna like Astral Chain but I'm four hours deep and I feel like I'm only just now wrapping up the basic tutorials. From how the last few moments felt I think it's gonna start being real good but damn is that a slog to get there. I find it hard to believe this game was made by the same company that has so many "GO GO GO WE'LL EXPLAIN IT LATER JUST GO" intros to games as Platinum.

  • Finally finished with Judgement. I don't know what I was doing wrong for Huber to think that fighting Koga was easier than Mr. Shakedown...or how anyone could like mortal wounds. So many visits to sewer doctor... I liked the story and characters, but some stuff in that game just really rubbed me the wrong way.

  • I played almost the entirety of Dragon Quest XI S demo (which is about 10 hours). It's a great RPG, gorgeous to look at (even on the Switch, i'd say docked more impressive than handheld) very classic in its gameplay which is totally okay for me (i still love turn based battles), and very easy/accessible which is not necessarily a bad thing. Note that there is a Draconian quest AKA hard difficulty but i decided to play the first run the way developers intended.

    The story is full of JRPG cliches, i'd say not that memorable although it has moments, and the cast is very charming. Also they kept all sorts of jokes typical of a DQ game which is nice.

    The symphonic music surprised me: Nintendo originally said they were only field and battle themes, when there are actually more, almost all tracks i've heard so far are orchestrated and they add a lot compared to the MIDI versions of the previous release. Though i'd still say past DQ games like IX have better tracks. (the composition is just more interesting)

    They added QoL improvements which really smooth the experience a lot like you can forge weapons everywhere, the ring command for the horse, or the super fast battle option which is great for grinding.

    Now onto the things i didn't like:

    • the free movement battle is so stupid (i'm sorry but that's true) since it adds nothing to the game, everyone still behave the same regardless of where you attack an enemy and the camera actually makes watching the attacks from your party members more difficult. There are other JRPGs who implemented a far better version of this, like Xenoblade games where they reward the correct positioning (for example if you attack from the side you can do this move which deals more damage than usual, or this enemy has a weaker spot on the tail so you should attack it from behind). Anyway thankfully it's not that big of a deal, since you can set the default camera locked option in classic DQ style which is better.

    • There are certain aspects of the game that are kept archaic because that's how they were in previous entries and i get it, some of those i don't mind like you can only save by praying in a church or in front of a statue: it could be a deal breaker for some not having a save option before a boss battle but you can get used to it if you plan things in advance (a bit like in Monster Hunter games); while others are just annoying like menus intentionally convoluted, they often have an extra step that makes everything confusing. For example you press X to view the map of your zone but if you want the entire map of Erdrea it's on an entirely different menu, on general settings, why? it could have been just a button option from the map menu. Same goes for example for the battle speed which is not a quick toggle.

    • Like i said the music are fine but all towns have the same 2 tracks: one for daytime and the other at night. I was a bit disappointed by it especially coming from JRPGs again like Xenoblade or Octopath Traveller which have so much variety in the tracks even for each town with different genres, different vibes for the village themes. It's a shame cause the towns in Dragon Quest XI S are so great and detailed, you'd want that attention to details reflected on the music as well, which sometimes doesn't even fit the mood.

    Anyway i have the full game pre-ordered already, i couldn't resist to that Toriyama art for the retail version, so i'll probably finish it once it comes out (with possible multiple playthroughs): besides the flaws it's still a great game, and ofc i'm very curious to try out 2D mode and the new stories.

  • Anyone else buy the ff8 remaster today?

  • I've just bought FF8 again. I can't remember how many times I have beaten this game but I'm keen to see the new models and I guess trophies will finally set goals again.

  • I've been distracted by CS Global Offensive for the past few days. Decided it's time to play at my own laptop instead of hogging my friend's PC. Anyway, I'm excited for the weekend to come so I can have some quality time with Control again.

    I might try out FF VIII after that, I've been wanting to try it out for a long time and since not much comes out in this month that interests me then it might be the perfect time for it.

    Gotta say. It's a pretty half-assed job they did and the game deserved better. I don't mind using cheats since I already did everything back in the day and drawing magic at 3x speed just saves so much time.
    Remade models just feels so out of the place and even saw Cid once in low quality that I took a pic of it.
    As a remaster I can't think of any other game that has gotten worse treatment.
    I still enjoy going through it since it is my favorite with that amazing OST and don't get bothered by graphics too much. Love how you can early on break a game even without cheats.

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    As a remaster I can't think of any other game that has gotten worse treatment.

    Silent Hill 2 definitely got worse.

  • I've played a bit of Darksiders 3 but its bored me already. I honestly haven't got a genuine good thing to say about it, it's just too run of the mill.