[Official] What are you playing?

  • I've been distracted by CS Global Offensive for the past few days. Decided it's time to play at my own laptop instead of hogging my friend's PC. Anyway, I'm excited for the weekend to come so I can have some quality time with Control again.

    I might try out FF VIII after that, I've been wanting to try it out for a long time and since not much comes out in this month that interests me then it might be the perfect time for it.

    Gotta say. It's a pretty half-assed job they did and the game deserved better. I don't mind using cheats since I already did everything back in the day and drawing magic at 3x speed just saves so much time.
    Remade models just feels so out of the place and even saw Cid once in low quality that I took a pic of it.
    As a remaster I can't think of any other game that has gotten worse treatment.
    I still enjoy going through it since it is my favorite with that amazing OST and don't get bothered by graphics too much. Love how you can early on break a game even without cheats.

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    As a remaster I can't think of any other game that has gotten worse treatment.

    Silent Hill 2 definitely got worse.

  • I've played a bit of Darksiders 3 but its bored me already. I honestly haven't got a genuine good thing to say about it, it's just too run of the mill.

  • I said "I'm gonna play some Astral Chain tonight!" but after spending an hour on those traffic puzzles I think I'm kinda spent. I'm way too dumb for this stuff. Did manage to somehow S+ all three of them though.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum I decided to replay Postal 2 and it's still as fun as I remember to just go around town being a total psychopath.

  • Control, Gears 5, and WoW Classic!

  • I've been wanting to play something light, so I bought River City Girls right after watching the group stream. Just beat the first boss and I'm having a blast.

  • I beat Astral Chain, and since Daemon x Machina hadn't showed up yet, I spent a bit of time in the NES thing. Vice Project Doom is actually pretty neat.

  • Slay the Spire- I never thought In a million years that I'd be into a deck builder card game, but I heard it was good & it was on game pass so I gave it a go & to my surprise I'm totally addicted to it. Its easy to get into but the difficulty ramps up nicely. It has that one more try thing going for it. It goes to show going out of your comfort zone pays off sometimes.

  • Daemon x Machina might end up as my personal goty, solely due to it scratching the rarely scratched "customize your mech to be sick as hell" itch. I do love all the weird characters you go on missions with though.

  • Played the CoD Modern Warfare beta. I still can't get over how great it feels to shoot and aim here, the controls and gun feedback is off the charts. The maps that are available are pretty good too. God, i'm so excited for the full release. If only this weekend wasn't such a busy time...

  • Finished a playthrough of Catherine Full Body last night. Going to start either Control or Greedfall tonight. Haven't decided yet.

  • Haven't posted here in a while, I've been playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses exclusively for the past month, I'm over 70 hours in and I still haven't finished my first playthrough (I'm on chapter 18 now, Blue Lions babyyyy).

    I absolutely love it, I don't want it to end and am already thinking about which house to pick for a second playthrough, but at the same time I do want it to end because I have a lot of other games to play dammit!

  • Fire Emblem 3 houses just failed a mission for the first time Dedue is a friggen tank
    im Black waifu house

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    Dedue is a friggen tank

    My man!

  • @bam541 it felt pretty good, I usually play on pc but playing on ps4 still felt really good! the audio is also incredible, sneaking around in the "realism" mode listening for people was my favorite :P

    If anyone wants to add me for CoD my Activision account is Still_Rampant (I think that's the account you use to add people for crossplay?)

  • Gears 5 and really enjoying it. Just now finished the 1st chapter and my main positive is how awesome the environmental storytelling is.

  • bout 10 hours into Greedfall...

    Janks on janks on janks. Story is medium so far. Characters so far are ok, but not Dragon Age: Origins good yet. World is nice, copy paste on building interiors though. Weight based inventory, so you'll get overburdened. Graphics are passable. Faces kinda bad tho. Movement and action are twitchy. Fighting system will take some time to get used to, but isn't that hard. Some things like traps seem OP - but it may just be my build. Game as a whole is just super unpolished. Rotating camera in a cutscene clips through a boulder, making it wire-frame. NPC's stuck in static poses until you get close enough to "activate" and then scatter at super speed like roaches when you turn the light on. Traversal is somewhat unclear as to what you can and can't walk on/climb/etc. For example, I haven't put any points into balance, so sometimes I'm not allowed to walk on certain skinnier things. Not really marked or anything - just takes some getting used to seeing what stuff looks like "nah, I won't be able to jump that gap/climb that hill/walk on that plank"

    Not to sound overly negative - things like this don't really stop me from enjoying a story/companion based RPG. I don't necessarily feel like I'm far enough in for it to have "grabbed" me at 10 hours. I'm still having a passably good time.

  • Resistance: Fall of Man

    Replaying this split screen for the first time since it came out. I remember loving this game, but it doesn’t hold up suuuuuper well.

    Pretty much every element in this game other than the guns and AI is half assed. For example, there isn’t any music until some strings pipe up when it wants to scare you. I don’t remember this being so vanilla.

    With that said, the levels get better mid-game and it’s still quite fun to play with a friend. We played it to get into the spoooooky Halloween atmosphere but it’s more of a warmup because it’s not really that scary. I think Resistance 2 was better in that regard.

  • Metro: Exodus

    I've put about 5 hours into this beautiful game. It stands up to the quality the series is known for and I actually quite like the small amount of freedom they have injected into this particular entry. The graphics are great and the atmosphere pulls you right in. I'm looking forward to seeing this through to its conclusion.

    I am going to put it to one side for a bit though as Zelda: Links Awakening just arrived at my door ^^