[Official] What are you playing?

  • MHW: Iceborne.
    Sadly haven't put that much time in it but I did manage to play 12h yesterday. Hit the first wall at the end. Barioth is just too fast and strong for my hammer-wielding hunter and my gears was not up to date until now.
    I still used Commision gear my handler is wearing until last week and weapon was rarity 8 since month after launch of og game's release. My hunts have been around 18-35 minutes so it has taken awhile soloing story missions. Might just call help since many of my friends didn't jump on Iceborne. Just not enough time. I do intend to get better gear so I won't be a punching bag this time around.
    I'm loving Seliana and all the new stuffs like upgrades, gears and items that help me finish some I didn't in base game. Also old monsters having new moves. <3

  • TLoZ: BotW

    I nearly played it around 19-20 hours with CEMU on PC. My average FPS performance was 17-18(yeah, I know). It was still great. I enjoyed it very much. I can't look open-world games with the same view ever again. This is what it should be when a game is open world. They really worked hard, I can tell. Variety in nearly all of the aspects is amazing! Also, before I began I was thinking that story will be there just for the sake of it but man! I was wrong. It is really nice to follow and I even got some teary eyes about the

    Mipha part

    I have 2 points to criticise:

    1-Presentation is weak. It would be so much better and immersive if they had put on the same care for presentation. For example, you are watching a cinematic which is usually good and when you came back to game it is just not has the same seriousness as cinematic. It is annoying for my opinion. The cinematic I wrote in the spoiler; you just came back and it just losts the value when you just hear mumblings etc.

    2-Melee combat is not fun enough. Whenever I had a choice about fighting, I found myself thinking about maybe avoiding it; not because it is so dangerous but because it is not very enjoyable for me.

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    I have 2 points to criticise:

    i always wanted from software to work on a zelda game i think their 3rd person combat would fit in a zelda game

  • Finally started playing the Link's Awakening remake and outside of the occasional framerate issue I love it so far.

  • @ff7cloud

    Personally, I don't want any game to borrow something from souls' combat mechanic. Because I don't like it. That said, I realized that after playing Sekiro, now am really curious about how Ghost of Tsushima will make me feel like about the combat part. In Sekiro, I really felt the ''sword'', clashes and had a satisfying feeling about ''flesh''.

    But like I said, new SW game looks like it took elements from souls and I really don't want to see it in any other game. It is not a ''open-world'' thing which you can easily adapt regardless of whatever style you play your games. It has some ''limited'' crowd I think.

    Maybe just the ''feeling'' of weapons and weight in them, that would help a lot of games for combat. I am looking at you Assassin's Creed.

  • A Link to the Past/Super Metroid randomizer

    I am really liking it. It really tests your knowledge of those games.

  • @scotty what dont you like about souls combat?

  • @ff7cloud

    For me, it is slow and it is hard to fight with more than one person. Of course, it should be harder when enemies are crowded but it shouldn't be that hard in my opinion.

    But like I said above, I really like the ''feeling'' of weapons and weight in them. Cutting the flesh in Sekiro for example was very satisfying.

  • I picked up Persona 5 a few days ago. I never played a Persona game. I know Persona 5 in particular is somewhat of a favorite among the Allies and this forum so I figured I would give it a genuine shot.

    It took me some time to get invested in the story. Now that I'm about 15 hours in, I'm excited to see more of it. The early game is definitely a slow burn. While personally I would like to see the main plot move along at a faster pace. It's still early on so I don't want to make any definitive judgments until I've seen the whole game through.

    This is probably the worst time of the year to start a 100+ hour game so I don't imagine I will finish Persona 5 any time soon. That said, I plan on coming back to it after the deluge of big new releases finally end this year and before the flood of big releases start in 2020. When that finally happens I'll share my final thoughts on the game.

  • Bought One Night Stand yesterday, it's a visual novel thing that just popped up on the PSN store (you might be familiar with it if you watch Kinda Funny's E3 showcase). Since my internet was kinda fixed earlier (upload speed tanked for weeks, had to stop streaming), I'm gonna stream this shortly. twitch.tv/bam541

  • @ff7cloud But Souls combat is Zelda combat. Block, dodge, circle strafe.

  • Played through Ghostbusters Remastered on my Switch today. Had a great time. Was always sad I missed it the first time around. Definitely recommend it. I don't know if Switch version is different or there was a patch, but I didn't have any of the technical issues Damiani mentioned in his review, so don't let that scare you off if you're interested.

  • Wow, I haven't exactly been active on this forum since basically creating this thread. Really fun to see that its still so active and among the bigger threads on here, you guys rock!

    And now I'm gonna go and continue Link's awakening :)

  • @brawlman

    I think I mentioned Titanfall 2 back in February of this year in this thread and basically had the same experience as you. Its seriously one of the best FPS games I've ever played. That Half Life DNA is in there too.

  • One of my favorite rpgs of all time Grandia got released on Steam today

  • The Ninja Warriors Once Again. The Ninja Saviors stateside. I beat the game already, but my main problem with the game is that to play new characters, you have to beat the game twice. Instead of unlocking them from the start. I hate artificial padding games. We know the game is short, but don't advertiser new character lock them behind beating a game, most hardcore fans have played multiple time. There is no saving between stages either, but it's not that big a deal for me. You can still select stages for time attack since they got rid of scoring entirely.

    Sorry to start off negative, but this is a great game. One of the best remakes of an SNES classic. I got mine on the Switch to make it feel more appropriate. Each character has their own move sets and new moves added making it play similarly, but differently from the SNES version. The combat give most of the characters interesting juggles and air combos to experiment with. Why was there not a training. The input commands are like Final Fight and Street Fighter-lite. Easy to know; semi difficult to master. There is a co-op mode, but both players share the same life bar. So it requires both players to be at the top of their game. I recommend this game if you're in to old school brawlers from the 16 bit and arcade days.

  • Been playing Doom 1 and My Friend Pedro on my Switch.

    I enjoyed my time so far with Doom, I got in farther than I've ever been before, but my experience with this confirms my long lasting suspicion that I don't like old school style shooters as much as modern ones. There's way worse ways to spend 5 bucks though, so no biggie.

    I'm only like 7 levels in My Friend Pedro so I could probably improve my skills as I go on, but man this game is kinda hard to control. Every once in a while I can do something pretty cool looking, but most times I just look like a tryhard psychopath on hardcore drugs.

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    My Friend Pedro

    I didn't like the game as much as I expect. It was kind of boring after a while.

  • Trails of cold steel 3 about 5 hours in they made alot of little quality of life changes the story so far has been kinda slow even for a trails game but im sure itll pick up

  • Dicey Dungeons is kinda neat. I guess it's just the nature of rougelikes but it was kinda funny how I couldn't get past the first floor as most of the characters but once I got to the inventor (which seemed like a really limiting gimmick character) I just steamrolled straight to the end.