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    My Friend Pedro

    I didn't like the game as much as I expect. It was kind of boring after a while.

  • Trails of cold steel 3 about 5 hours in they made alot of little quality of life changes the story so far has been kinda slow even for a trails game but im sure itll pick up

  • Dicey Dungeons is kinda neat. I guess it's just the nature of rougelikes but it was kinda funny how I couldn't get past the first floor as most of the characters but once I got to the inventor (which seemed like a really limiting gimmick character) I just steamrolled straight to the end.

  • Went back to Battlefield V after months of not playing it. With the new upcoming Pacific theatre update, they finally got M1 Garand in the game which is super nice. Also, I noticed that the game feels much less jankier, especially the UI. Since I'm not planning to pick up any other multiplayer shooter now, looks like I might be playing this regularly again.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    I wish we had a discussion thread for this game because I would love to talk to somebody on my level of enthusiasm, but this is such a fantastic game and its currently up there as my GAME OF THE YEAR along with Resident Evil 2. To me, this is peak high budget AAA greatness. All elements of fantastic game design are present here. The animations almost look like they are physics based that's how realistic yet diverse they are. The graphics are some of the best I've ever seen with a fantastic mixture of special effects and a realistic art direction. That realism manifests in the artistic realm though. Characters look human, but there are still rich colours, and an insane attention to detail in every single player and multiplayer map. For example, in England "Piccadilly Circus" there is a sport/clothing store that pops visually, but also looks like something modern London would have on a street corner.

    The audio is the most intense and borderline traumatic sound design I've ever heard. This surpasses Battlefield in the audio department creating the most palpable immersive experience a game has offered me in forever. The first time you are struck in the middle of a cluster strike, your jaw will be on the floor. The SFX mixed with audio is such a unique experience that no other game offers.

    My favourite element about this game - it creates unique gameplay scenarios that no other game does or has done. I know its easy to hate on Call of Duty for never deviating from their mold but there are so many parts of COD MW that you cannot experience anywhere else. For example, in one single player level, there is a giant group of revolters who storm the US Embassy in a fictional country. The level begins with a shootout in a general workspace with innocent civilians caught between the gunfire. It then transitions into a sort of guided puzzle where you instruct a civilian to maneuver a minefield of insurgents to devise an escape route on-the-fly. It then finalizes with a humongous stand off at a compound, in the pitch black darkness, and without backup. You have only 4 or 5 flares to light the scene, but otherwise, you are surrounded by an army of enemies in complete darkness.

    Call of Duty uses its budget for greatness. It doesn't screw around. Its making the best possible game rather than playing it safe. This game does things that other games on the market don't and that's why its so impressive. However, not everything is perfect. The story is pretty much bullshit and there is nothing to really latch onto. At least the cutscenes last 2 minutes maximum before you are thrown into back-to-back-to-back amazing gameplay scenarios on any given level, but the story is disjunt and generally generic military crap.

    If you're the typical "gamer gamer" who doesn’t play many big publisher titles (like most of us are here at EZA) just consider picking up COD MW for the single player in like 5 years when this game is $15. Have your TV on 4K and have your surround sound on LOUD. This is a super unique game where the budget is on the screen and in your hands. You're playing the budget, you aren't seeing it get recouped in lootboxes or generic game design. COD MW is the real deal.

  • Still playing Outer Worlds. So many interesting secondary quest lines in this game. I'm at 30h and I think there's at least more 10h in it for me.

    Also bought Sacrifice. Many years since I've played this one. Such a superb and unique game.

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    That Vita game?

  • @scotty PC game from the early 2000's.

  • @phbz

    Now I remember that the game I was talking about is ''Soul Sacrifice''. Sorry, my bad. :DDD

  • Replaying Dead Space again. Can't believe how good this game still looks. I don't think there's any enhancements on the Xboxone X, but it could pass for a early game this gen. Anyways games a 10.

  • @paulmci27 Replayed it for a while. It does hold up really well.

  • Beat TLoU Remastered for the first time after only beating the original when it first came out on PS3. Felt like I was playing it for the first time honestly, forgot almost everything haha

  • I'm not playing much on the PlayStation 4 at the moment but its usually been Overwatch, some Dark Souls style games and Monster Hunter. Also been playing NFS Heat through Origin Access, not sure its going to be ruined but its been fun so far.

    So I haven't played online much or added friends lately but it'll be nice to play together or help each other out

  • Bought The King of Fighters' 98 on an impulse with my saving-up-for-Death-Stranding money after watching Sakurai's Terry Bogard presentation video. It's pretty dope, I only played one of the KoF games for a hot second a long time ago so I'm just basically mashing buttons right now. Looking forward to learning the game.

  • One year after release and purchase, I'm finally being swift and having fun with Red Dead Redemption II (PS4). Sometimes it's all about the mood, I guess.

  • I'm playing a lot of stuff but mostly Trails of Cold Steel 3, and I want to take an opportunity to say.

    Trails of Cold Steel 3 is fucking amazing, likely to end up being one of my top games ever if it keeps going the way it is going, and it makes me so incredibly glad I gave Cold Steel 1 a shot a few years back, that plus all of the other amazing games in the series.

  • im about 40 hours into Cold steel 3 in chapter 3 and its blown me away so far

  • Currently Playing Shenmue 3. and it feel pretty good i guess. they improved controls on PC.

  • I was going to wait to finish Death Stranding first, but just had to put Shenmue III in yesterday. I'm too early in to give my opinion yet but I must say that despite the obvious graphical improvements, they have honestly done a wonderful job at eliminating any jarring feeling going from II to III due to the 18 year gap. Dialogue and its delivery is spot on.

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    I was going to wait to finish Death Stranding first, but just had to put Shenmue III in yesterday. I'm too early in to give my opinion yet but I must say that despite the obvious graphical improvements, they have honestly done a wonderful job at eliminating any jarring feeling going from II to III due to the 18 year gap. Dialogue and its delivery is spot on.

    not only graphical improvement but also improved controls too and you can save anywhere you want.

    although i have only played for one hour only. just learning some kung fu martial arts.