[Official] What are you playing?

  • @dipset Yeah it was $49.99 CAD at Walmart for Black Friday, sold it for $60. I think I'll just grab one of the older ones soon so I don't have to feel guilty about the price when I barely play it.

    Too bad about the updates, all that talk about this being the biggest update ever had me intrigued - though I guess I feel better in my decision now.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern The update is fine but it adds that obnoxious stuff from Black Ops into Modern Warfare. Like Tiers and battle pass and all that stuff. I'd still recommend getting it again at Black Friday next year or the next BIG sale just for the SP.

  • It's December again, which means it's time for my annual daily runs through Christmas NiGHTS. So far I've set new personal bests in both Claris and Elliot's stages, though it's nothing especially high compared to last year (300k for Claris, 470k for Elliot.) Hoping I can break the 500k barrier for Elliot this year but I feel like that's gonna take me either getting a lot better or pushing my current abilities to the limit.

  • Samurai Showdown (2019). This is the GOTY best fighting game for me! SamSho is not about laying multiple combos, but knowing when to strike and land successful blows. I love how you have three different type of supers, a dodge, a parry, and catching a sword barehanded, if you're unarmed (a staple for the series). There is a deep risk/reward system with the combat. It's the first in a long time, that I will dedicate a lot of my time to a fighting game. Most fighting games I don't touch anymore, due to time or lack of interests. I am blessed to have SamSho back, and that is how you do a reboot right. Samurai Showdown is the 100% authentic sushi restaurant you go to and order more.

  • I'll start Arise tonight.

  • I'm just finishing up Shenmue II HD. Unlike the original, I never finished the second game that many times and playing Shenmue III for a little bit showed me just how rusty I was when it came to the latter half of twos story.

    I also played about 30 minutes of Astral Chain which I bought a while back. I know it's early days, but I honestly don't think I like it very much.

  • I played some of the Game Awards demos on Steam.

    SkateBIRD - It's going with Tony Hawk Pro Skater style controls which I like. Unfortunately it doesn't feel as smooth as those games. The bird flaps around so much that its hard to keep track of which way your skateboard is facing. I noticed lots of bugs and after the second time the game crashed on me, I moved on to the next game.

    Chicory A Colorful Tale - A top-down game about using paint to solve puzzles. Maybe a little too simple for my tastes but a solid game demo.

    System Shock - I remember playing a System Shock demo years ago and I think this is that same game. I can't say for sure because I never got this demo to work. It wouldn't recognize control inputs. I couldn't change any of the settings in the menu so it was stuck at low graphics and resolution. If this is that same game from years ago, I would expect the demo to be better optimized than this.

    The Drifter - This game has great style and I'm into the grim atmosphere. I've never been a fan of pixel point and click adventure games though. Which is what this game is.

    Eastword - This one confused me because the demo has no tutorial or introduction to the game itself. I walked around and talked to a bunch of folks but nothing happened. Not a good first impression but it could just be a bad demo.

    CARRION - This is why I wanted to play all these games. I never heard of this game before but now I'm completely sold on this one. Awesome gameplay, setting and great pixel art. I would prefer if it was simply level-based, instead it's more metroidvania style. At least it's not another rogue-like. Easily the best demo I played.

    Spiritfarer - I spent my time hugging human sized animals, building up my house boat and gliding around like it's Breath of the Wild. What's not to love.

    Haven - The movement felt a little too janky and the characters have some really bad/boring dialogue. Definitely feels like the game is in a very early stage of development.

  • I bought a digital copy of the WipEout Omega Collection on sale. I'm enjoying it more than I expected, the handling is great, the ships have weight and turn nicely. It's very fun to become acquainted with a track and its various shortcuts, where to slow down and where to accelerate. I found races against the CPU and timed tracks. I have only tried WipEout 2048 so far, so I don't know if there's any difference to WipEout HD or Fury.

  • @hanabi said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Hoping I can break the 500k barrier for Elliot this year but I feel like that's gonna take me either getting a lot better or pushing my current abilities to the limit.

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  • I'm playing Pathologic 2 on GamePass. Really weird RPG, super low budget that I wouldn't play for sure if it wasn't on the service. Didn't even knew of the game, so I like to occasionally download games just to check and this one is interesting. Don't know if I'll finish it, but I'll keep playing it.

  • I fancied playing RE5 again. I platinum the PS3 version when it came out so I snagged the Remaster this time to maybe do it again.

  • Finally began playing Ace Combat 7 I had pre-ordered. 5 hours and 4 missions later restarted and went easy. Shamefully I'm just not good enough if it's not in VR.

  • I bought EA's Star Wars Battlefront II for 5 dollars weeks ago and I only started playing it recently. It's really fun, gunplay is decent but they really nailed the look and feel of the Star Wars universe. I hope with the recent RoS update buzz, it gets more people to try it out. It has come far from the game it used to be. IGN did a re-review and it's quite positive, so hopefully it's enough to get people interested.

  • @bam541

    I'm playing it for one week and I like it. The only problem I have is that there is no map voting and I usually have to play same 2-3 maps all the time.

    I'm about the run it for RoS content.

  • @scotty I also lament that fact. I don't even know how many maps are there in the game, I've been playing only like 4 maps total.

  • I'm playing SW Jedi: Fallen Order and it is far from perfect. There are lots of bugs and FPS problems. Also combat is awful, I didn't enjoy with the combat at all. It is the most boring part of the game.

  • Ace Combat and now that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is on GamePass I'll be playing that too.

  • Picked up Hypnospace Outlaw in the steam sale. Haven't really gotten that far so I don't have much to say other than it's pretty cool, kinda feels like Papers Please but on AOL instead of in the USSR if that makes sense.
    Really I wouldn't have bothered mentioning it yet since I'm only like two hours deep, but I just wanted an excuse to post this beautiful thing I discovered. a christmas song from an in-game musician.
    Youtube Video

  • a Pokemon look-alike game named monster super league on techbigs

  • I don't know if it's just nostalgia talking but despite not enjoying THUG much at all I'm really loving Tony Hawk's Underground 2 so far. The "we want to be Jackass" storyline is kinda lame but it's not like I play these games for the story in the first place so whatever. Even if most of the additions like tagging and focus are just dumb gimmicks I actually think the sticker slap can be a decent combo extender.