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    How much you played so far?

    Not a lot. I've done the introduction parts, but now i'm dropped in a rather large area/city to explore. I'm currently looking around for all the optional stuff before moving on to the mission marker, but at the moment I just don't find it very clear.

    you enjoying it better than witcher 3 sher??


  • Started playing Lords of the Fallen since it was free on PS4. I'm enjoying it

    Also started Shovel Knight, such a fun game!

  • Just started playing Suikoden for the first time today. Ive been in the mood to play a nice simple old school JRPG its scratching that itch. The games totally charming nice sprite work and a great soundtrack.Gaming comfort food

  • Playing Shadow Hearts: Covenant. So freaking good.

  • Just started Final Fantasy X. It's my first Final Fantasy. It took my this long because I never knew where to start from. Found a ps2 copy recently and decided to pick it up. It was time, couldn't wait any longer.
    It sucked me right in, I'm hooked.

  • Was playing NMS, then I kinda got sucked into one of last month's free PS+ games, Rebel Galaxy. I enjoy the space combat. Reminds me of AC:IV ship combat. (That's a good thing to me, your mileage may vary)

  • I just received Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness today so I've started playing it. I've also started AoT: Wings of Freedom a couple of days ago.

  • Fiinnallly started Bloodborne :D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Going thru the Bioshock collection, enjoying its so far, only thing is I wish there was a option to make the text font in Infinite a little bigger.

  • @DMCMaster Yeah. If there's one thing devs suck at this gen it's fonts. God forbid anyone without 20/20 vision play video games!

    Anyway, I replayed the world pillar descent sequence in Gravity Rush and, I have to say, I think that's one of the best bosses I've every fought.

    You feel such an intensity dodging Raven's attacks to try to inch just a little further down the shaft. It's really tense, because she easily empties your health meter, requiring you to make really jerky movements and midair evades. When you land a hit on her it's so gratifying, because you buy yourself another 100 meters or so. Just a perfect combination of that game's mechanics.

  • Currently playing Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers.

    The translation is a little spotty but I'm so happy to have this series in english again, really enjoying it and the story is really coming together now, though I havent even SEEN some of my favourite units yet

  • Divinity Original Sin on Honour mode

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    40 hours into Persona 5. I'm so in love.

  • Mass Effect, A Link btw Worlds, some Witcher 3, and Destiny (so pumped for RoI.) My girlfriend has been playing the Bioshock remaster and is in the arcadia section.

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    I have just finished off Journey (twice), so now I can't decide if I should go with starting Uncharted 3, or pick up and finish off Dishonoured!

  • I mostly play GW2, It's my place to unwind after a busy life of work. I have many other games that I buy on a regular basis but I tend to be the type if I can't see myself finishing it once I start it without distractions then I'll put it on hold for a day that I can fully immerse myself in it.

  • About to start the Witcher series at game 1. Wish me luck.

  • Blood's playthrough has inspired me to play Earthbound all the way through for once, so I'm playing that as my single player game whenever I'm not playing Rocket League, Overwatch or What The Box.

  • I'm on chapter 15 of Valkyria Chronicles, and good gravy, what a game it is! Otherwise, I'm playing Monster Hunter: Generations, and am always up for online multiplayer.

  • Im playing trails of cold steel in chapter 3
    valkeryia chronicles remastered both games are great