[Official] What are you playing?

  • Started Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. 3 hours in and so far it's pretty good, the main quests seems interesting and there's already a wealth of stuff to do and collect. The new snowy area looks fantastic, this game still holds up pretty well graphically. Also, I forget how fun the combat in this game is. I'm a bit rusty now, so I have to thank my past self for amassing the best gear and resources possible in the base game, which helps me brute force through the enemies.

  • Blasphemous. Just a few hours in and I'm loving it. Great music, some amazing character design and animations and beautiful backgrounds. The cutscenes have a cool art style and really help building the world. Gameplay does not feel as polished as Dead Cells or Hollow Knight but it's still quite good. Level design could be better but it's still upper tier.

  • Exactly what I want to see after dozens of hours in Call of Duty:


  • Finally got Dragon Ball FighterZ during a sale, it's pretty great. It's not as packed with people as I expected (at least in my area), which is a running theme of most fighting games I tried out. Currently playing through the story mode, hopefully I'll learn a thing or two after this ends.

    Update: turns out night time is pretty populated! This might be my latest obsession, gonna learn the game more while there's not much new games I'm interested in coming out anytime soon.

  • Been playing a lot of Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
    Really good so far. Seems more relaxing to play than Persona 5.

  • Xenosaga Episode 1

  • @ff7cloud I hope you're not playing on a backwards compatible 80gb PS3

  • @e_zed_eh_intern nope ps2 why? is it like star ocean 3 and freeze at a certain point?

  • @ff7cloud similar. There's a room fairly early on that if you go in, it soft locks. And you need to go in that room to get the best attack item in the game...or something like that. All I remember for sure is that was a hard quit for me.

  • I am playing RE2. It's my Second Run after finishing with Leon for the first time. This time I am more nervous because of that fricking Mr. X. I am even okay with Lickers though I don't like their design and OPness at all but Mr. X is really annoying.

  • Tried out the Disintegration beta for an hour or so. That's games gonna be a real stinker. I was bored after 20 minutes. Shooting & flying about is mediocre. Got another Anthem on our hands except less people care.

  • I finally got Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone and they are so friggin good as we all know

  • Iceborne. I am still in early missions that I can't do some limited time events like RE2 one but at least I got that one hammer.

  • Started Celeste. Already in 3 levels in and 1 B side done, and it's pretty great so far. I haven't played much platformers recently, so the difficulty took me by surprise for a bit (especially that B side, holy shit). I definitely won't be doing any more of the B sides. I don't want to throw my Switch in a fit of rage, lol.

  • @bam541 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    I definitely won't be doing any more of the B sides.

    Try going through the B-sides after finishing the game. You'll definitely have mastered it a lot better!

  • RN just Switch stuff - Hollow Knight, the Binding of Isaac, and FF8.

    I've taken reprieve from playing games online with friends on Steam as I cannot find anything engaging to play with other people atm.

    That said, I am looking forward to Doom and especially to RE3.

  • Still playing Blasphemous. I'm in the middle of moving back to my home country, with everything shipped back, so the in the little time I have free I've been playing it ok my Switch. Some weird design decisions make it less than it could be. Still its iconography alone makes it worth playing.

  • Bought Black Desert when it was on sale awhile back, finally started playing it and gotta be honest something about it in the 4-5 hours I've put into it is hooking me so far.

    Also ordered Gran Blue Fantasy Versus from Japan because I didn't feel like waiting a month and it was going to cost about the same regardless.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Another game from the time when Nintendo felt compelled to shoehorn their control gimmick into their core franchises. And just like all the others (Galaxy 1 & 2, Skyward Sword, Prime 3), this one is worse off for it but still a really good game. I'm only a few hours in but the plan here seems to have been to dumb down the challenge in order to compensate for the dumb controls. I'm cool with it. All things considered, I think they balanced it well.

  • Starting this year's new releases right with Journey to the Savage Planet. 2 hours in and I'm having quite a blast. The humorous tone is surprisingly great. The world is really fun to explore, with varied biomes, lots of hidden stuff to find and memorable local life to interact with (and by that I mostly mean to kill). This seems to be a relatively short game too, which is awesome.