[Official] What are you playing?

  • Revisited Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception earlier. I have a digital backup of my PSP copy so I don't need to put my dying PSP on a run again, just through an emulator (shoutout to PPSSPP). It's so weird to be playing the short ass levels in this game, it's clearly built for portable gaming. It's great though, this is like one of the very few games I used to replay a lot when I was younger (back then I really don't like replaying games). I could finish this pretty quickly so I might do just that.

    Also, I decided to continue my Persona 4 Golden playthrough! I was burned out by the monotonous dungeons some time ago, and quit right before meeting Rise. I'm still very curious about the story, and I'm coming in with a riskier approach just to make it more fun for myself. I got hooked and played it overnight yesterday so it seems to be going pretty well.

  • @irongrey I didn't want to skip it, I like to know context and story. But that was hard to endure! Fortunately the game lets you turn off voices, because it was giving me an headache.

    On the other hand... I'm now around 15h in and damn, pretty amazing game! Since the Wii days I've been on the fence about it... I had no idea this is basically a good Zelda game. Lots of Windwaker vibes.

  • Breath of Fire IV is super charming. Loving it so far.

  • Picked up Rainbow Six Siege at a sale sometime ago, only got the chance to start it up now. All I can say is that I'm so confused, will be a while before I understand anything in this game.

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  • I have played a good amount of matches in R6 Siege, and I have to say that it's really fun. It's very satisfying to utilize your character's skills and being useful because of it. Putting down bear traps is the best and most simple so far, so I'll keep doing that. I'm very glad that I took the chance to try this out. I just wish I have friends to play this with, I feel like communicating while playing this would make it so much more fun.

  • Been playing Black Mesa. Really cool remake of the original HL.

  • Playing Ori. Absolutely fantastic!

  • Currently trying to blast through the Battlefield 4 campaign, bought it for 3 bucks. It's just as I expected so far: a pretty looking game with too many explosive shit, a weird plot and a cast of characters that you begrudgingly tolerate. Playing it on Hard makes the enemies too spongy, but alas I must go on since I already got quite far anyway.

  • Started Ori & the Will of the Wisps yesterday. Thought I'd put it on for an hour since I'm working from home because of the virus. 7 hours later I still had the controller in my hand, games simply amazing. Guess I'll not be getting too much work done.

  • Started the CoD: Advanced Warfare singleplayer campaign. Maybe it's because I just finished Battlefield 4's super mediocre campaign, but I'm 5 missions in and it's pretty great so far. This will be the last of my FPS sidetrack before jumping into Animal Crossing (hopefully my copy comes on time, but it's unlikely).

  • played the first three episodes of ultimate doom a while back. didn't really like them; the level design was better than doom 2 but they were way too easy. I sorely missed things like the mancubi and hell knights. on the flipside I played like half of Thy Flesh Consumed and gave up because while it was harder, it wasn't in a fun way. Having to fight a dozen Barons of Hell while trying not to die on pain floors only to get put up against a cyberdemon in a tight, enclosed space? On multiple occasions? Nah screw that.

    After that I got into Tetris Effect for a bit. Nice, fun, relaxing game. Even if I'm still bad at Tetris like usual I enjoyed my time with it. I'd probably still be playing it if the new AC wasn't filling that niche now.

    Recently picked up Hollow Knight and Kamiko as well. Only played the first level of the latter (as all three characters, think I prefer the bow user at the moment) so I can't really speak much to it but it seems cool. Haven't gotten far in Hollow Knight but I like a good metroidvania from time to time and it seems solid enough so far.

  • I played Spiritfarer demo. It was one of highlights of E3 2019 for me and I couldn't find the chance to play the demo first time when it was avaliable. Now that I found the chance I know that it is a little bit slow for me and also I hope final game have things to do between going from one place to another; if it will be like the demo it'll get boring fast.

  • Just played the demo for Chicory: A colorful Tale. It is like 2D Okami with max jolly vibes. Also, doing lots of MH World due to the quarantine. Still in High Rank but if any ally wants to join up I'm samo6106 on Steam.

  • Dusk Diver is a game probably not many people have heard of, and it is a low budget version of Yakuza/Persona mix that I absolutely love, there are clear cut corners all over and it is just really mindless fun, but my good am I enjoying it, worth checking out if it looks at all appealing.

  • I tried Ghost Recon: Breakpoint because of the free weekend and man! What a boring game. I tried The Division 2 before again with free weekend thingy and couldn't even move forward after the first 30 minutes or so. This one is like that too.

    I am sure someone can come and tell me all the differences between 2 games but from my point they are so similar. Lack of ''feeling the kill'', thousands of same type basic missions, ''couldn't care less'' stories, loots etc.

    Like I said, I didn't put my hours into both of the games but I have a clear idea about the main ''identity'' of them and I can wholeheartedly say that I am really really glad Breakpoint failed. At least now there is a chance that next 3rd person action game from Ubisoft won't be so similar to these. But I still have a fear about Beyond; because last gameplays gave me the idea that it will be similar to these as a ''mind set''. God, I hate games as service mentality!

  • Weird events in the last few days ended up in me getting Nioh 2, and I'm already stumped in the first hour... I've made two characters to play as and choosing between them is very hard! This game's character creation system is pretty great.

  • I'm halfway through SOMA. It's good stuff!!

  • Just collecting in a bunch of Switch games I already beat on my commutes and at work. NSMBU, DKC Tropical Freeze, Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild. Nothing I'm majorly dedicating to until RE3.

  • Ended up picking up Good Job! after that mini direct yesterday and I'm not sure why, these aren't usually my kinda games. Seems fine so far, do like trying to do it "proper" first time and then just tearing the building to shreds while collecting cosmetics the second go-around.