[Official] What are you playing?

  • @dmcmaster I'm using Ringfit Adventure adventure myself for similar reasons, pricy, but for the short 20 minutes sessions it recommends it really feels like a good workout.

    The game itself is the most basic of rpg systems, and can feel like little more than a facade, but its tone is the right one to at least let that go and enjoy it for what it is.

    Definitively feels like a great step in terms of games that have this purpose.

  • I bought the SNES Classic a while ago, but haven't really played it too much. Decided to spend this week trying out some of the games "Fancy Fifteen"-style. But instead of 15 minutes I give them a full hour, one game per day.

    Monday - Started with Super Mario Kart. This game I've played before and I love Mario Kart. I find the simple tracks rather charming actually, and the controls give the game a slight... challenge. Very sensitive. I like it, but there really isn't anything there that the newer installments don't do better.

    Tuesday - Never played any Mega Man games, so it was interesting to try out Mega Man X to see what it's all about. Never been much of a platformer guy, but I guess Mega Man in a way is more of a 2D shooter than a platformer actually. Tried out all the stages, but only reached the penguin and the chameleon boss without beating any of them. Might play it some more, but would then probably look up which stage I should start with. Think I would find it more enjoyable that way.

    Wednesday - Today I tried another franchise I have never played, Star Fox. Played Level 1 and reached Stage-4 before I eventually got a game over. Another fun game which I don't think I will play through. Starting over after a game over is too brutal for me. Also, I have Star Wars: Rogue Leader for GameCube which I guess is similar, just better.

  • @bard91
    I was going to pick that up up myself, but it's been damn near impossible to find

  • @zindenga Hi, big fan of Mega Man X here. If you wish to be drip fed tips, let me know. Two things I'll say right off the bat:

    1. Start with Chill Penguin. The mid-stage upgrade capsule is invaluable.

    2. Explore. Each stage has a heart (increase max HP) OR an E-Tank (reserve HP). You need specific power-ups or weapons to get some (not all) of them. For example, you need fire to get the heart in Chill Penguin's stage. Also note, you need to use the E-tanks manually by pausing and using in the menu.

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern Thanks, maybe I will. There is definitely something there that I really enjoyed.

    I actually got the upgrade from the Chill Penguin stage if you are talking about the dashing, but haven't found any others. Should I look around the other stages for secrets before I take on the boss again or should I be able to take him on already?

  • The recent announcement of Battlefield V's "cancellation" bummed me out, so I uninstalled it and in it's place, I tried out BF4's multiplayer for the first time ever (skipped it when it launched... remember that disaster?). I'm playing it at very early in the morning and there's still some packed servers with good ping, so this is a great start. Playing it makes me realize how much better the modern setting is for Battlefield games, there's just so many options and ways to wreak havoc when you take advantage of modern day military arsenal. Hopefully the next game is set in modern times (or the future!). For some reason I got a bunch of XP boosters already so that's awesome.

    Also, my experience with Battlefield games have led me to being supremely lucky many times, like this moment here...

  • @zindenga Sadly, I don't think you can. You have to beat a level before you can keep anything from it. I guess you'll just have to fight him and learn the patterns. Also, if you didn't know, if you press dash and jump together while doing a wall jump, you will jump much farther. Super helpful for that fight.

  • Banned

    @bam541 Battlefield games thrive when they have that BRO DID YOU JUST SEE WHAT I DID factor which I think the previous two games have really lacked.
    Making air vehicles a powerup was a MISTAKE.

  • @bam541

    You should play Gun Master mode. My favourite.

  • I'm 5 hours into "The 25th Ward: The Silver Case", near the end of Correctness which is the first part, roughly 1/3 of the entire game. It has been a pleasant surprise so far: i hadn't played a visual novel in a loong time, for some reason i thought that genre was not for me, and this was an impulse buy coming from the Golden Week sale on Steam, the whole package (game, soundtrack and a very small artbook) was around 5 euro.

    The tone is on the line of other Grasshopper games, a bit sad at times but never takes itself seriously. Despite having not played the original Silver Case so far i've never felt i missed out on something, the game does a good enough job at setting the atmosphere and the characters.

    The gameplay is a bit archaic: characters are pretty much still images, 3D environments look like Killer7 and you move using in-screen navigation keys; having a piece of paper and a pen to write down all the names and passwords, is essential cause there isn't an in-game notepad, and occasionally it will ask you to put the a code you read like 10-20 minutes before.

    The fights against the hitmans have been intentionally annoying, they literally want you to choose those options in a specific order or you're dead, and the game basically trolls you. At least you restart immediately in the actual fight.

    The art style tho is phenomenal, and the music also is excellent (Akira Yamaoka and Baiyon worked on it)

    alt text

  • Continued my "Fancy Fifteen"-style week of different SNES games. Really like this way of trying out games.

    Thursday - Really liked Super Mario World. Prefer it to Super Mario Bros. on the NES which feels too outdated in my opinion. Definitely a game I might want to play all the way through. Didn't expect it to provide so much new stuff compared to the NES titles. Reached the third world. Had to retry some stages multiple times. The game pushes back, but in a pleasent way that I find just difficult enough.

    Friday - F-Zero is the most pleasent surprise so far. It smashes Super Mario Kart out of the park. The controls are much better. Really enjoyable and I had a blast playing. Frustrating at times when you keep blowing up, but the good kind of frustration. The one that makes you determined to achieve it, not the one that makes you throw a controller in frustration. Played it for more than an hour and won the Knight, Queen, and King leagues on beginner difficulty. Will come back to this and play it on a harder difficulty. Also want to try out some of the later installments of the franchise.

    Saturday - Super Castlevania IV is simply not my kind of game. Stopped playing when the flying medusa heads appeared together with the spinning platforms you can fall through. Didn't even give it an hour, only 30 minutes. This game gives me the bad kind of frustration.

    Sunday - Last day of the week and I end it with a bang. Donkey Kong Country is a masterpiece which I have great memories of playing on the Game Boy Color. Decent difficulty and the levels are very diverse and creative in their design. Reached the third world during this hour, which I never did back then. Oh, and also David Wise is a genius.

  • @zindenga Sadly, I can only upvote this comment once.

    1. SMW is my favourite 2D Mario game and I agree, 1 is too hard to go back to.
    2. F-Zero I suck at but soo good. Mute City music, yessssss
    3. Donkey Kong Country is a great game but David Wise makes the whole experience that much better. Water levels are pretty much obligated to suck but it doesn't matter when the music that good.

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern What really fascinate me the most with playing the SNES is the leap it took from the NES. Not just for Super Mario, but for all games. I can barely find an NES game I would like to play today, but the SNES has so many great ones. It must've really had that "next-gen"-feel when it launched. Sadly, I didn't get to experience that.

  • I can finally report back that I finished a game, and not one I immediately expected to finish in this timeframe.

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore:

    Never got in on the Wii U but I purchased it a while back and got to chapter 2 where I stopped for a while. Now that I had all this time on my hands I decided to pop back in while I wait for Xenoblade Definitive Edition. I'm not gonna get too far into detail but I had a great time with it. Some of my complaints would be that there were certain elements I liked in SMTIV that I would have wanted in this, And the tone is more like Persona than SMT.

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    How was American Fugitive?

  • @scotty Still playing it, about half way through, I'd say. It was on sale in Store for 7 € or something so I finally gave it a go. This is a neat little game, like a retro GTA clone of a sort. I like the camera angle, that "old" perspective. The missions are pretty easy and short which I like and there's a good number of them. There's also this minigame whenever you enter a house to rob it clean before the police arrive. There are collectibles and jumps to find and complete, and some punishing time trials as well.

    So I'd say this is a fine game for under ten bucks. Even relaxing in a way. No voice acting anywhere, by the way, so I've been listening to podcasts etc. while playing.

  • @sentinel-beach

    Check out The Hong Kong Massacre after this one, I didn't play it but it looks in the same vein.

  • @scotty Yeah, it's also on sale and I already almost bought it. That's also quite a lot like Hotline Miami which is pretty much superb, so I guess I'll need to check out Hong Kong as well.

  • Forgot to add, started my playthrough of wonderful 101 on pc (kickstarter) played it before but it feels like playing a new game cause its been so long. I also lost all of my skill so its like starting fresh that way too lol

  • @zindenga said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Have been playing Dragon Quest XI for a while now. Really like it, but boy that game never ends. Also been playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Didn't like it to begin with, but enjoying it more now. The story and characters are pretty meh, but exploring the planets looking for secrets is pretty fun. Combat isn't too bad either.

    By JRPG standards (which i always consider meaty games, for those who want the long experience) i thought the lenght was fine, not too short or too long.

    As much as i love Dragon Quest, and feel that XI (or XI S) was one of the strongest entry, but there are flaws mainly with the level design. (rehash of the same environments throughout the game and the extreme simplicity and linearity of most of the dungeons)

    I swear Silph tower in Pokémon Red/Blue is more complex than pretty much all the dungeons in XI except the fortress of fear.

    Playing new and old Square Enix games across all their franchises, you get the impression their level design feel downgraded in their modern games.

    One thing kind of annoys me nowadays is when you see or navigate the map of the in-game world from above and everything look so much bigger than the actual locations, finding places you can't actually visit. This made sense 20-30 years ago, but now you have the tech to make these worlds fully realized.