[Official] What are you playing?

  • Continued my "Fancy Fifteen"-style week of different SNES games. Really like this way of trying out games.

    Thursday - Really liked Super Mario World. Prefer it to Super Mario Bros. on the NES which feels too outdated in my opinion. Definitely a game I might want to play all the way through. Didn't expect it to provide so much new stuff compared to the NES titles. Reached the third world. Had to retry some stages multiple times. The game pushes back, but in a pleasent way that I find just difficult enough.

    Friday - F-Zero is the most pleasent surprise so far. It smashes Super Mario Kart out of the park. The controls are much better. Really enjoyable and I had a blast playing. Frustrating at times when you keep blowing up, but the good kind of frustration. The one that makes you determined to achieve it, not the one that makes you throw a controller in frustration. Played it for more than an hour and won the Knight, Queen, and King leagues on beginner difficulty. Will come back to this and play it on a harder difficulty. Also want to try out some of the later installments of the franchise.

    Saturday - Super Castlevania IV is simply not my kind of game. Stopped playing when the flying medusa heads appeared together with the spinning platforms you can fall through. Didn't even give it an hour, only 30 minutes. This game gives me the bad kind of frustration.

    Sunday - Last day of the week and I end it with a bang. Donkey Kong Country is a masterpiece which I have great memories of playing on the Game Boy Color. Decent difficulty and the levels are very diverse and creative in their design. Reached the third world during this hour, which I never did back then. Oh, and also David Wise is a genius.

  • @zindenga Sadly, I can only upvote this comment once.

    1. SMW is my favourite 2D Mario game and I agree, 1 is too hard to go back to.
    2. F-Zero I suck at but soo good. Mute City music, yessssss
    3. Donkey Kong Country is a great game but David Wise makes the whole experience that much better. Water levels are pretty much obligated to suck but it doesn't matter when the music that good.

  • @E_Zed_Eh_Intern What really fascinate me the most with playing the SNES is the leap it took from the NES. Not just for Super Mario, but for all games. I can barely find an NES game I would like to play today, but the SNES has so many great ones. It must've really had that "next-gen"-feel when it launched. Sadly, I didn't get to experience that.

  • I can finally report back that I finished a game, and not one I immediately expected to finish in this timeframe.

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore:

    Never got in on the Wii U but I purchased it a while back and got to chapter 2 where I stopped for a while. Now that I had all this time on my hands I decided to pop back in while I wait for Xenoblade Definitive Edition. I'm not gonna get too far into detail but I had a great time with it. Some of my complaints would be that there were certain elements I liked in SMTIV that I would have wanted in this, And the tone is more like Persona than SMT.

  • @Sentinel-Beach

    How was American Fugitive?

  • @scotty Still playing it, about half way through, I'd say. It was on sale in Store for 7 € or something so I finally gave it a go. This is a neat little game, like a retro GTA clone of a sort. I like the camera angle, that "old" perspective. The missions are pretty easy and short which I like and there's a good number of them. There's also this minigame whenever you enter a house to rob it clean before the police arrive. There are collectibles and jumps to find and complete, and some punishing time trials as well.

    So I'd say this is a fine game for under ten bucks. Even relaxing in a way. No voice acting anywhere, by the way, so I've been listening to podcasts etc. while playing.

  • @sentinel-beach

    Check out The Hong Kong Massacre after this one, I didn't play it but it looks in the same vein.

  • @scotty Yeah, it's also on sale and I already almost bought it. That's also quite a lot like Hotline Miami which is pretty much superb, so I guess I'll need to check out Hong Kong as well.

  • Forgot to add, started my playthrough of wonderful 101 on pc (kickstarter) played it before but it feels like playing a new game cause its been so long. I also lost all of my skill so its like starting fresh that way too lol

  • @zindenga said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Have been playing Dragon Quest XI for a while now. Really like it, but boy that game never ends. Also been playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Didn't like it to begin with, but enjoying it more now. The story and characters are pretty meh, but exploring the planets looking for secrets is pretty fun. Combat isn't too bad either.

    By JRPG standards (which i always consider meaty games, for those who want the long experience) i thought the lenght was fine, not too short or too long.

    As much as i love Dragon Quest, and feel that XI (or XI S) was one of the strongest entry, but there are flaws mainly with the level design. (rehash of the same environments throughout the game and the extreme simplicity and linearity of most of the dungeons)

    I swear Silph tower in Pokémon Red/Blue is more complex than pretty much all the dungeons in XI except the fortress of fear.

    Playing new and old Square Enix games across all their franchises, you get the impression their level design feel downgraded in their modern games.

    One thing kind of annoys me nowadays is when you see or navigate the map of the in-game world from above and everything look so much bigger than the actual locations, finding places you can't actually visit. This made sense 20-30 years ago, but now you have the tech to make these worlds fully realized.

  • So The Elder Scrolls: Blades just released on the Switch, and I tried it out for a bit. Played for at least a hour an I'm close to reaching level 5. The one thing that impresses me is that it feels like a "real" Bethesda Elder Scrolls game: the way you move around, the music, voice acting and the art style makes it feel much like the console games, but just much smaller in scale. It even has the classic Bethesda faces! Authentic.

    The combat is kinda like Skyrim, it just has a timing system for the attacks here and it's more restrictive since you are locked into one enemy at a time. There's also the special attacks slots. It does its job just fine, it's not like the series is known for great combat anyway.

    There's a pretty straightforward 3 category progression system, but it seems that it's locked by levels so you can't focus on just one category right away which makes me kinda disappointed. It's still cool though.

    There's the freemium stuff, of course. Timers, in game stores, multiple currencies, you name it. So far the game has pushed me to buy something from the store two times (which I didn't do). I can't speak much about the city building stuff yet since I've yet to really build anything other than the blacksmith. I'm being extra stingy with my cash here.

    The quests are simple stuff so far, nothing to write home about. The dungeon levels are cool, I really like the atmosphere there. I can definitely see the procedural-ness of the level design and look though. The cool thing is that the levels in the quests so far always has a secret to find for extra loot, and it's not that easy to find.

    So far, I can feel that they put some work into making this feeling like a legit game, but this could all change so fast, especially if it succumbs to the worst of the freemium game sensibilities. I'm having fun so I'll definitely continue playing.

  • Tried out Snake Pass. I only had fun for like the first 10 minutes, turns out controlling a snake like this is quite annoying. The music is great though. Uninstalled.

    Also tried out Subsurface Circular and it's great! I love detective-esque games. I think I'm only less than an hour before beating it, but I'll be taking a break for now.

  • @bam541 Snake Pass frustrated me as well, but at some point it just clicked and I ended up playing the whole thing. It's a very original platformer with its movement. I liked Subsurface Circular as well. It left me wanting a bit more, but still quite fun. As a fellow detective game enthusiast, do you have any recommendations?

  • @zindenga I haven't played much of the genre recently unfortunately, so I'm pretty dry on recommendations. I do have three games that I want to try out: Return of the Obra Dinn, Disco Elysium and The Darkside Detective. Also, keep an eye for the upcoming remaster of the Blade Runner game, I've been wanting to try that out for a long time.

  • @bam541 Thanks! The first two are already on my list, but the third one I haven't heard of. Definitely gonna check it out!

  • Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Final Fantasy war of the visions

  • I played MediEvil (PS4) for a couple hours. The combat is so simple and kinda clunky, but it's more fun than I expected. I like the art style, it can look really beautiful at times (especially the skybox). I also like the level designs so far, I'm 5 levels in and each level feels quite distinct, despite the first 4 levels being basically in the same area (graveyard).

    The biggest annoyance so far for me is the checkpoint system: it seems that there's none of it. Currently I'm doing a side quest level. The boss here is pretty tough, and everytime I die I restart at the very beginning. I have to traverse back to the boss while also collecting essential objective items. It's a PS1 game alright, there no mistaking it.

  • @bam541 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    checkpoint system

    One of the key parts of a game. Hate it when it's awful and make you go through all of the things that you've already done.

  • I bought Mini Metro a week or two ago since it looked neat, and it is. Had my fill pretty quick but it's the kinda game you can just play a round or two and then get on with your day so that's not really a knock against it.
    Also decided to give Okami another go, originally played it about a decade ago but never finished it. Going really slowly at it (like, I started it two weeks ago and I'm barely 8 hours in slowly) since unlike most games I play right now this is something I wanna get all-in on instead of just idly playing while a podcast is on or whatever and sometimes life is just not willing to let you do that, but whatever I'm enjoying it.
    Speaking of something to idly play while a podcast is on I also recently dusted off my copy of Everybody's Golf. I'm not good at it, but it is fun.

  • This weekend I tried out some more games on the SNES classic. Have to say, I'm really getting into this console. I've even got my eyes on some other SNES games I want to play on the 3DS Virtual Console. What an awesome console!

    First of is Contra III: The Alien Wars. I'm not into action platformers, but actually liked the top-down level. Probably wouldn't have reached it if I didn't discover you could change the difficulty in the options. 7 lives and easy please! Stopped when I died on stage 3 and had to start all over again. Not my cup of tea.

    I've never been into Kirby games, and Kirby Super Star might actually be my first one. It's a platformer that focus on fun level design instead of difficulty, which I like. Haven't tried out all the games... yet. Beat Spring Breeze and Dyna Blade, and am now trying out The Great Cave Offensive. Positively surprised with this game.

    Didn't have high expectations of Star Fox 2 after playing the original. I actually beat this one though, and found it generally more enjoyable. Proabably because it was easier. The whole overworld map thingy was pretty neat, even if it means more small battles instead of longer, more intricate stages. Transforming my ship was a fun surprise!

    Finally, Super Punch-Out!!. Don't like fighting games, but then again this isn't actually a fighting game to my surprise. It's the good kind of frustrating, where I just want to try again because I know exactly what I did wrong. Got to the champion of the minor circuit and lost. Will probably go back and kick his but. Don't think I can leave it like this.