[Official] What are you playing?

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    40 hours into Persona 5. I'm so in love.

  • Mass Effect, A Link btw Worlds, some Witcher 3, and Destiny (so pumped for RoI.) My girlfriend has been playing the Bioshock remaster and is in the arcadia section.

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    I have just finished off Journey (twice), so now I can't decide if I should go with starting Uncharted 3, or pick up and finish off Dishonoured!

  • I mostly play GW2, It's my place to unwind after a busy life of work. I have many other games that I buy on a regular basis but I tend to be the type if I can't see myself finishing it once I start it without distractions then I'll put it on hold for a day that I can fully immerse myself in it.

  • About to start the Witcher series at game 1. Wish me luck.

  • Blood's playthrough has inspired me to play Earthbound all the way through for once, so I'm playing that as my single player game whenever I'm not playing Rocket League, Overwatch or What The Box.

  • I'm on chapter 15 of Valkyria Chronicles, and good gravy, what a game it is! Otherwise, I'm playing Monster Hunter: Generations, and am always up for online multiplayer.

  • Im playing trails of cold steel in chapter 3
    valkeryia chronicles remastered both games are great

  • I finally picked up Dishonored (Definitive Edition on PS4) from my shelf a couple of nights ago, today I finished the third mission. This has been surprisingly good, I have to say! I mean I remember the good review scores the game got 4 years ago (wow), but I just didn't get on the hype train at that time. But I'm glad I finally gave it chance. The control of Corvo feels right, there's a right amount of weight and speed in his movements. Things like that are important in a game like this. I decided to go for the High Chaos run this time, so it's pretty easy this time around. My game autumn looks kinda empty, so it may be that a Low Chaos run is happening later.

  • Trying to beat Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. So far I really like it.

  • @michemagius said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Trying to beat Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. So far I really like it.

    I picked up the trilogy off the eShop a while back, but have only cleared the first two. I imagine it's very similar, eh?

  • @Billy Yeah it's pretty similar but the plot is more developed. Can't wait to play Apollo Justice.

  • Digimon Cyber Sleuth
    Its basically pokemon on PlayStation, and there's nothing wrong with that

  • Star Fox Zero

    Damn, that game is rough and definitely not up to Nintendo standards. I always assumed the criticism about the controls was exaggerated, but nope, they're really bad.

    I never feel challenged by the game itself, I'm only struggling against the GamePad. By the end of my 2-hour sessions yesterday I was starting to get the hang of it, but still not having fun. I'm not getting good at the game, I'm only dealing with it better.

    I actually loved Star Fox Guard and couldn't put it down, but this one has no redeeming qualities.

  • Hello Allies!

    I managed to beat the three first entries of Uncharted. Definitely had good fun with them, but sadly they won't be among my favorite gaming experiences.
    Gameplay is pleasant, sceneries are great, same for the actions scenes, characters are likeable and acting is a strong strength for this series and I really enjoyed the sence of adventure of these games. I will definitely play Uncharted 4 before the end of the year, so I will beat the entire series within one year.

    I restarted The Last Of Us (second playthrough) and this game is for sure among my favorite games. Everything about it is phenomenal, characters, music (this game made really emotional), gameplay is satisfying like nothing else and I am a lover of post-apocalyptic worlds so this is definitely my jam.

    I plan to play Dead Space on PS3 next (my last-gen backlog became thin so my complete transition to next-gen is near haha !) or Alien:Isolation or Mad Max but I heard these two games do have flaws and I wanted to know if these two have (although their drawbacks) strong good arguments ?

  • @Browarr You'll love Dead Space. It has great action and atmosphere. Regarding Alien: Isolation... It's a very unique take on the survival-horror genre. The Alien itself is incredibly well done and terrifying, and the artwork is fantastic. However, I felt the game suffered from pacing issues. It takes a while to really get started, and the game takes longer to go through than it should have. The lack of checkpoints and the inability to save anywhere turns a lot of people away, but it definitely adds to the tension of each encounter. Not sure which side of the fence you'll fall on.

  • @Browarr Alien Isolation is a great 6 hour game... it's just too bad it's like double that.
    If you're a fan of the series though it should be tried. It nails the aesthetic of the first movie, and that Xenomorph is terrifying and super smart.

  • @Inustar @Billy Thank you guys for your answers ! I will pick it up (the game is already at a low price) since I love the first Alien movie. Thanks again :)

  • was just playing dragon quest builders demo i was on the fence before now ill probably pick it up i thing its price is a little high though

  • Played through the DQB demo on vita too and really liked it. Controls are a little awkward but they're fine after a while.