[Official] What are you playing?

  • xenoblade definitive edition
    xenosaga episode 1

  • I tried Just Cause 3 and Control on PS Now but didn't enjoy either. Instead I've gone back to finally finish The Saboteur.

  • As I was playing Dirt Rally 2 with just a normal controller I felt I really needed a Driving Wheel this time. Don’t know how I managed Dirt Rally (1) without. I bought one, the Logitech G29.
    Problem is I never used a Driving Wheel before and even with one, I have no reference, since I have no driving license. Setting up the Wheel with various games is not easy, there are a few hundred settings for force feed back and sometimes even dependent on the game and the car you drive. I need to rely on setup files found on the www. I have to get really used to it and for now, I cannot say my lap times are better. Dirt Rally is a difficult game anyway. But combined with a VR headset it is deeply immersive. I also played Project Cars in VR, which has a lot better performance than Dirt Rally and as soon as it was on sale I brought Project Cars 2, which looks better and Wheel setup is a bit easier or simplified. Driving alone on the Nordschleife to get used to the driving Wheel, and it is still stressing me out. Setup with Wheel and VR is occasionally a bit time consuming as well. I looked for a more relaxing experience and since it was on sale last week I brought Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator for 5€ each. First one is 8years old now but gets regular updates and DLCs, has modding support and a VR beta. … Truck Simulator might sound boring – because it is – but it’s also awesome. Bought all location DLC for 20€ … Just driving in Europe from city to city, basically just a delivery service and building up your own company. On the Radio you can listen to your own music files or have a radio station streams. Modding support also lets you drive regular cars, so you are not limited to 80kmh. Probably playing it until I have the best Trucks and seen the most routes and then dropping it. Did the same with Elite Dangerous, which I played for 200 hours.

  • My MGS2 attempt was a failure. No thanks.

    Playing Life is Strange 2, completely random pick unaware of how it relates with current events... Damn that opening shook me. How things went from a normal day to life collapsing before my eyes was pretty effective.

  • Deliver us the moon with added vertigo

  • I keep telling myself I'm gonna get back to working through Okami, but then 51 Clubhouse Games came out and I've done nothing but play Backgammon, Sevens and Klondike Solitaire for the last three days.

  • Final Fantasy 2 Namingway Edition rom hack. Good times if you're inton16-bit RPGs. If I finish it, it'll be my first pre-7 final Fantasy clear.

  • I just purchased Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition for $10 on Steam because its on sale. I might jump in after I finish FF7:R this month.

    I know @bard91 @ffff0 @Brandon_Reister @Exist-2-Inspire all talked about loving Dragon Age in our 2011 GOTY thread so I'll pose a question to any one of you. Are there any essential mods I should download before going into this? I am totally fine having never played the vanilla version, I just want a seamless experience.


  • @dipset I only ever played the PS3 version of the game, so no idea about mods. Vanilla was fine for me but i haven't played the game since 2010 though.

  • @dipset I never modded it, but last time I played it (2014) the combat felt too slow. So you may want to speed it up.

  • I bought the Kingdom Hearts collection that was on sale sometime ago, never played any of these games. Starting with KH1 now, excited to see what's in store for me.

  • The Hitman 3 announcement made me finally start Hitman 2, bought it weeks ago. Got through Colombia already, this one's a pretty weak level compared to Miami. I heard everything after this is great though, so I'm excited for that.

    Also, there's goddamn earphones that you can use as fiber wires. I'm so down with that.

  • @bam541 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    I bought the Kingdom Hearts collection that was on sale sometime ago, never played any of these games. Starting with KH1 now, excited to see what's in store for me.

    So envy you...

  • I'm finally playing Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiskai
    I'm only 2 hours in yet hooked again, especially after the entrance of two certain bracers.

    The translation though is very rough but I guess I can't complain.

  • @sheria such a great game get ready to fall in love with the characters

  • Started The Talos Principle a couple days ago. I like it a lot so far, very strong Witness vibes, but very different types of puzzles. Great learning curve too.

  • Yakuza 0 was $10 so I grabbed it at the recommendation of @DIPSET and @TokyoSlim . Only maybe 30 mins in but it seems pretty solid. I've been searching for some enjoyable Japanese listening practice so the Japanese voices were an unexpected bonus. Will certainly update once I've made it farther.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Glad to hear. Chapters 1-2 are very much tutorializing you but once it gets going, there’s no telling whether you’ll spend 40 hours running a cabaret club or not.

  • @sheria are you using the GeoFront translation? That one came out just recently and it is supposed to be at the level of a comercial release.

  • I'm playing Sakura Wars right now, and while this admitedly is not a game for everyone, and being quite honest with the fact I ate a hash brownie like an hour ago that is kicking in, I just love how melodramatic it can be at times.

    There too many ways in which this game is not impressive, and I'm astounded by how enjoyable it manages to be despite that, if you can buy in the televonela level story and presentation.