[Official] What are you playing?

  • I'm playing Dark Souls remastered. I'm going to be honest, I don't like how this game feels at 60fps.

  • @phbz What do you dislike about it? I picked it up on the Switch, and had it on PS3, so I've been locked at 30, and was curious what it would have been like had I picked it up on PS4 instead.

  • @happygaming I don't know exactly how to put it, I think it feels less heavy than the original, less sluggish.

    Probably unrelated but it seems more buggy than the original. Several geometry related issues from being caught on the environment to enemies falling through the floor.

    Not a great remaster. I have 360 games that just by running on the X1X are better than this.

  • Completed all of the character story modes in SFV. I've only completed one chapter of the Shadow Falls story, but I don't feel invested to bother finishing it, since I saw the story on YouTube back in 2016 when Max did his playtrough. My fun has been mainly in the all of the arcade modes and causal matches. My only problem with the arcade modes is that none of them have the break the car bonus mode, and only barrel breaking bonus mode. For SF1 Arcade mode this makes sense, but for all of the others, it does not, because every Street Fighter after I and before V had the car breaking stage. Hell, Final Fight was the first game to actually do this. Speaking of Final Fight, I love all of the FFi characters they put in to the game. I care more about what's going on with them, than some of the Street Fighter characters. Then again, I was always more in to Final Fight than Street Fighter half of the time. Cody, Lucia, Poison, Zeku, and Abigail are all fun. Can we get Guy in here too? Lucia, Cody, and Poison being my particular favorites.

  • I'm close to finishing Katana Zero, and I think it will be safe to say this will end up as my favorite 2D game ever, I expected to like this game not absolutely fall in love with it.

  • Tried playing NHL '94. Maybe it's just because it's a Genesis game and I was running it through an emulator with a PS4 controller and those d-pads couldn't be further removed from each other, but I wasn't really feeling it. Then I got myself a copy of NHL Hitz 2003 and while I've only played a few rounds, and am absolute trash at it, I'm loving the game so far.

  • @hanabi NHL94 is one of the greatest sports games ever made!...if you've been playing it since it came out in 1993. I can't begin to imagine playing a game like that for the first time in 2020.

  • Destroy All Humans remake
    Well it's Destory All Humans, but prettier.
    Like it's oddly disappointing how much it plays like the original.

  • I bought Mr. Driller DrillLand the other day and I'm coming to the realization that there's a good chance that, for like the third year in a row, my GOTY is probably gonna wind up being some decades-old game that just happened to get either an amazing remake or in this case its first western release this year. I'm absolute trash at it (again), but it's real, real fun. Especially the mode inspired by Tower of Druaga.

  • Tried out Brawlhalla for a few hours, it's pretty fun. I still don't like how the game looks, it reminds me too much of old flash games, but hey at least there's one character that I like. It definitely scratches my Smash itch, I haven't bought Smash Ultimate for myself yet since there's no way I'm paying full price for an old game.

  • I'm feeling the yearly shooter itch, so I tried out Rogue Company after watching Huber play it. It's a shooter that has a bit of Counter Strike tactical feel to it (the maps feel like a smaller, more action-focused map from CS) and the hero abilities from something like Overwatch, but it's also third person which is quite a big difference. It's a swimming in 7s for sure. The gunplay is solid, and rolling around to dodge bullets and other dangers is pretty fun. I can't say for sure how good the map designs are yet, but they looks very nice and colorful. The character designs are pretty decent, I found my favorite one already. It's still early access so there's definitely some jank here, but I'm having fun with it. There's not a lot of players yet, but I suspect that will change when the free to play version rolls out.

    Also, this might be a pretty easy platinum trophy...

  • Bought eternal Poison for the ps2 been playing that i like the setting and im only about a hour in so the story hasnt really piqued my interest yet

  • Tried out Sonic Forces. It's pretty okay, definitely nothing special. I think an hour is enough for this game, lol. I do think that there's a more interesting game idea hidden in the tag team parts with Sonic, which reminds me of Sonic Heroes. Also, the soundtrack so far is disappointingly flat, it definitely helped to kill any interest I had in continuing the game.

  • Working my way through Ghost of Tsushima, still popping into MLB The Show, played a few rounds of Everybody's Golf, and just re-started Elite Dangerous, and Death Stranding - neither of which I got very far in before.

  • It's not really a game, but I just bought the Korg Gadget for the Switch. I've been trying out the music making stuff in Dreams for a while (which is super awesome), and made some okay stuff with it. Most importantly, it gives me enough confidence to keep making more music, so I figure this is the easiest upgrade I can get (thanks to the Allies for introducing me to this with that wonderful group stream). I haven't really understood all the technical stuff yet, so I have a long way to go with this. I did mess around for a bit and had fun with it, you can make some simple beats with this easily.

  • @bam541 Had a lot of fun with it. The interface with the touch screen could be way better and exporting files too. But it's cool to make music on the go and for that price one can't demand a full feature daw.

    Started playing Carrion. We should have more reverse horror games! Second one I play this year, both very low budget, both satisfying on the premise alone. But would love a higher budget attempt on the genre.

  • Tried out Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's F2P Battle Royale. I got a couple of good matches already (only Solo though). I'm actually pretty into this game so far, it's more action focused and less resource-management based than most BRs. For starters, there's no health and armor pickups (which makes it less resource based), and in it's place is these hacks (special powers) that you can have a maximum of two different ones at once. The powers are varied enough to satisfy a variety of play styles (I usually run away from most enemies so I pick up the Teleport power a lot. I also don't like super close quarters fights so I use the Shockwave power to blast them away), and they're all useful in their own way.

    Another thing I like is the upgrade system of the weapons and powers: there's no rarity system, and in order to get a better version of your weapons/powers, you need to pick up duplicates of said weapon/power, which means that in most cases you'll only get the upgraded versions if you stick to said weapon/power from early on. I think this system also makes up a bit for the resource gathering gameplay, and it also makes it feel quite different compared to other BR games.

    I think both of these things (the hacks and the upgrade system) changes the typical BR gameplay quite a lot, it just makes the whole gameplay feel more situational since there's more avenues for my loadout to put myself at a disadvantage. Not only I need to keep in mind how my current weapon will fit in the current situation, but also I need to think about my powers and how I can use it best. Also, if I ever need to throw away one of my weapon/powers, It might be a harder decision since I probably have them upgraded already. Not to mention the maneuverability of this game promotes this kind of thinking, and also makes it more intense since enemies can close in on me pretty quick so I have to adapt and act quickly. People can die pretty quickly here too (remember there's no armor here, and the health regen kicks in not too fast).

    Lastly, the gunplay feels solid. The weapons variety is pretty good, but the impact and feedback of using them is okay at best. I like the futuristic aesthetics of this game too, it does feel a bit flat at times but I enjoy the kinda abstract vibe of it. I also like how the map gets limited by decaying specific areas instead of a circle. The decaying map areas are creepy as heck, I can't explain why exactly.

    I have to play more to know if I'm truly hooked, but it's a promising first impressions for sure. Between this and Fall Guys, I'm pretty stocked with good BR games.

  • Realized Control AWE dlc will be released at the same time on all platforms, so bought the season pass to play the Foundation now and awe later this month.

    This is the first dlc I bought this gen, other than that only Blood Dragon last gen. Man, I love Control so much.

  • So, I finally took the plunge and started playing Bloodborne.

    Not sure how I feel about it so far. I appreciate the world, the atmosphere, the level structure with the shortcuts to unlock and so on.

    But I don't enjoy the gameplay. The movement and combat feels janky. I'd heard stories about the framerate, and boy they weren't lying. I'm not usually too sensitive to that stuff but it makes moving around quite unenjoyable. I feel slow and heavy, even though apparently it's meant to be much faster than other Souls games? Bayonetta this ain't!

    It's also not great-looking, is it? I mean, the art direction is awesome, but the actual models, lighting and so on are pretty subpar. Almost feels like a last-gen game at times. The player character model for example is so unattractive! Mass Effect could produce cooler characters than that...

    Anyway, my experience yesterday was exactly what I feared before I started playing:

    I went through the intro stuff, got my weapons, started exploring. Opened the first shortcut gate and fought this big guy with a massive cleaver, tucked away in a corner. Clearly an optional enemy, clearly meant to be hard for a rookie player. Cool, challenge accepted. Took me 10 tries but I beat him. And... no reward of any kind. I searched all around its area, nothing, just a dead-end. Wow, way to reward players for exploring... Mkay, moving on. I went through the whole brazier area, killed everyone there, moved on to kill the big guy banging on the gate, kept going, reached a giant bridge with 2 big black wolves, killed them too. At this point I was so stressed because I'd been playing for 20 minutes and still no checkpoint or shortcut of any kind. I had around 5,000 blood echoes. I crossed the bridge, fought more monsters. Surely a lamp awaits at the end of that bridge, right? Nope, here's the first boss, with zero warning. Obviously I died, and lost all my progress.

    Is this the Souls experience everyones loves so much? Because I hated it.

    On the way to the bridge I had spotted a couple ledges I could jump down from, but since I had no way to know where they led, and couldn't get back up if I jumped, I didn't. Later on I tried and indeed discovered a shortcut leading back to the bridge. It's very hard for me to call this good game/level design... I get that the whole point of those games is to create a hostile atmosphere and let players figure everything out by themselves, but when it leads to tricking and ambushing the player at every turn, I just feel unwelcome, period.

    Hollow Knight has a similar philosophy but it never feels unfair. It at least has the decency of providing save points before bosses, and signposting its paths clearly enough to not mislead the player too much (although you can definitely still get lost).

    And yet, despite all that, I can't wait to get back to it tonight and give that boss another shot, so I guess the game is doing something right! Maybe it'll grow on me eventually and I'll finally see what everyone else seems to see in it.

    I have a couple noob questions:

    • Is there a map??
    • Is there a way to safeguard my Blood Echoes somewhere? Say I want to save up for something that costs 2,000 Souls, can I gather 1,000 and "store" them somewhere and get the rest later? Or do I have to survive long enough to accumulate whatever I need? I feel like that would just encourage grinding, is that something people do in those games?

  • @axel Answer to your questions. No.

    I love that about Souls games, that you actually can lose something on a fight, or just by venturing exploring. It creates a sense of genuine dread that I deeply appreciate. And then just going back to recover your loss, that can be an adventure in it self. And the feeling of hopelessness when you fail to recover your blood echoes/souls... I love it.