[Official] What are you playing?

  • New update on Bloodborne:

    I beat the Shadow(s) of Yarnham (very annoying) and Rom the Spider (surprisingly easy). Now some shit happened and the world seems to have changed.

    Am I near the end?

  • I'm in the mood to replay something, so I played The Last Guardian for a bit. It looks real nice, probably because of the TV upgrade and HDR. Getting to pet Trico again feels great.

  • @axel Man, I love Byrgenwerth so much.

    Anyways, I'd say it depends on if you tackle any of the optional areas, but you're a bit more than halfway there.

  • I generally consider Rom the mid point, but bloodborne also has alot of optional areas that don't even feel optional so it's yeah.

    Also been playing battle toads it's fun the vibe is nice though the combat is not anything special so far.

    Oh has anyone tried Raji just bought it after I realised spritfarer was included with game pass since I was tossing up between both strong ps2 vibes from the trailer(Prince of persia and God of war etc. )

  • @phbz Your screenshots are making me envious about MSFS, my laptop just can't cut it, need them to announce that Xbox release date.

  • @miserableperson I have serious doubts it I'll come this gen. I can't imagine Xbox One running this game but I would love to see them try. It would be interesting. On the other hand fully optimised on the SXS must be mind-blowing.

  • @phbz When it was announced at E3 2019, they said it would come to consoles though they didn't give an exact timeline other than they were focused on PC to start. I'd imagine we'd see it by the end of next year, especially given how well its been reviewed.

  • @miserableperson Considering the minimum requirements for the game, it would most likely only release for Xbox One X, Series X and/or the rumored Series S right? I can't imagine a base Xbox One running that, unless they're pulling off some PS3/360 Crysis levels of optimization.

  • @bam541 I believe initially they said the original Xbox One too, but I would guess that the Xbox One release gets removed and its pushed to the Series X only. The same thing happened with Everwild, announced as Xbox One but when we saw it in July, Series X was the only thing mentioned. I'd guess this was because they hadn't revealed the name of the next generation yet, so they just attached it to the current known consoles.

  • The Samurai Jack game isn't half bad, only put a hour or so into it

  • Borderlands 3. It's fantastic so far. I really like the new mobility stuff. I feel like I will be able to keep playing 2 and 3 and enjoy both.

  • I'm replaying Final Fantasy IV for the first time in around a decade (first time in Japanese!) and... was it always this hard? I've gotten wiped several times already and I'm only at Tower of Zot.

  • No Straight Roads
    Don't sleep on this, just don't.

    It's like if Double Fine actually made a sequel to both Psychonauts and Brutal Legend as a single game

  • @dmcmaster good to hear positive impressions, since the criticial reception is not the best ever, but I'll wait until it is slightly discounted, $40 is a bit high for me for what this looks like.

  • @bard91
    I'll be honest there's something about it that's just clicking with me, has been since it was revealed idk how long ago. It just has this energy and style to it that I can't really recall anything else having.

    Like you fight a virtual pop idol who essentially has nerdy power rangers in her head only to hop into a rap battle right after.

    That said I can see how it's not for everyone, especially since alot of the combat is dependent on you reacting to the actual music.

  • I bought Abzu and played it for a grand total of fifteen minutes before I regretted my purchase. It's a pretty game and all but if I wanted to stare at pretty scenery of the ocean while doing not a whole lot of anything else I'd have just watched a video. I think the screenshots I saw just reminded me of Journey (think I read somewhere the art designer of it worked on this too) and forgot that the main reason I liked that game was the stories that were born from its multiplayer aspect.

    After deleting that, I bought One Step From Eden and I haven't really played that a whole lot either yet but I dig it so far. Feels like some weird mashup of Chain of Memories and Megaman Battle Network.

  • Tried out Street Fighter V again since it's one of the free PS+ games. It's definitely way more complete and polished compared to back when I played it first near it's launch.

    I also started Shenmue III. It's like they finished a sequel only a few years after the second game, but didn't release it until 2019... and I love it! I'm happy to see that Shenmue's trademark attention to details are still present. Also, the turtle race is as fun as Huber made it out to be.

  • Hypnospace Outlaw is on Gamepass, been wanting to play it since it came out last year, sadly had to give up because it gives me "motion" sickness. Which it's weird since the game simulates a 1999 PC, with similar interface. So "motion" might not be the right word but I do get nauseated. 🙁

  • Tried out Destiny 2 for the first time. I have played the first game before, so it was pretty fun seeing all the changes and such. I already replayed the same strike 3 times in a row and having a blast... Some things never change.

  • After being tempted so many times before, I finally picked up NFS Rivals for like 4 US dollars. I'm at least one hour in and it's pretty great so far. Currently playing as a racer, and it's pretty intense. I really like that cops can bust in at anytime, even when you're in an event. It really keeps me on my toes, and they are so hard to escape from. I also like that the economy is closely tied to it (getting busted makes you lose all the money you earned, you need to store it to a hideout to save it), there's so much stakes here. I already lost like 200K money because I was chased for like 10 minutes, I just can't shake em'! I don't really want to play as the cops, but man it seems like they have a much more comfortable experience here, lol. Also, the game's graphics holds up decently, which is nice.