[Official] What are you playing?

  • Valkyria Chronicles II

    I played VC Remastered in 2016 and bought VCII on PSP a few months later, but haven't gotten around to it till now.
    It's pretty fun so far and I like the changes made and the whole school dynamic. A bit Persona-esque. I hope it does go to more places than what it's setting up right now though.

    Game aside, the PSP reading the disc is so fucking loud.

  • I'm playing Wasteland 3. What an incredible RPG! Sadly is buggy and at times its visuals are a bit messy. But it is so good!

  • I mentioned elsewhere I was making a video on Samurai Jack and I did, however I ran into a issue after recording my VO, and only just now basically said "fuck it" and just posting what I had as a sort of test on my horrible public speaking voice
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster "but thankfully you can repair them from the samurai when you find him at the various stages a-... sigh"

    Seriously though, cool video! I actually don't mind your voice too.

  • @demonpirate
    It's Da Samurai.

    And thanks, although to me I have that "Oral report from 4th grade " sound as I speak.

  • @dmcmaster I agree that NSR has great audio and visuals but the gameplay is so bland and frustrating. I don't know what it's like in co-op but in single-player it can be very unfairly difficult.

  • Been playing lots of games because I can't seem to stick to anything. Ary And The Secret of Seasons was ok but the technical problems are blatant and really does its best to bring down some of the charisma the game does its best to conceal. No Straight Roads is an audio/visual feast that sullies itself because the gameplay is so uneventful and bland. Avengers was pretty nice at the beginning but it's beginning to become a gigantic robot-bashing bonanza. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 Remake is brilliant and addictive, it's such a positive success 5 years after the dreadful THPS5 left a bad taste in the mouths of the franchise faithful. Played a bit of Death Stranding and although I can tolerate the beautiful music, environments and deliveries-the menu-cycling is dull as heck. Still playing Huntdown and am savoring every second. Tell Me Why is proving to be another delicious helping of storytelling from Dontnod, even though I'm getting tired of the dialogue, attempts at humour and the general idea that Tell Me Why wouldn't need to exist if the protagonists didn't delve into their pasts so much.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Among Us is kind of an addiction now

  • Been playing Code vein there are some problems with the game difficulty is really low or am i just used to these type of games. world design while has its moment sometimes is really boring. the battle system while has lots of options ive never seen anything live long enough to have to use them. most of my deaths have been from falling or enemies with unfair placements. and the biggest flaw is the fan service i appreciate a good set of tiddies but theirs a time and place.

    Some good points the battle system is nice and the variety of weapon types is nice and melee weapons with ranged secondaries is something the souls series needs to do more of. the setting is cool i like the whole vampire theme and the gothic neo victorian mixed with the post apoplectic. the character designs do nothing for me and the character models do nothing for me just generic anime people who all look the same.

  • The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War alpha is really fun. I don't know if I'm gonna buy this game (due to various reasons), but playing this and seeing the absolutely over-the-top singleplayer gameplay at the PS5 showcase certainly made me want to buy it. Also, the music in this game is awesome. There's a piece of music in particular that plays at the end of each match, and it's pretty crazy, there's like super dramatic choir vocals and I love it. Here's the menu music, which is also great.

    Youtube Video