[Official] What are you playing?

  • Carving through Mafia: Definitive Edition and it's quite superb. It's astonishingly remade and the missions are exciting thanks to each chapter feeling distinguished and maintaining a focus that really smokes its sequels with bullet holes. There are some strange technical issues but the quality of this remake makes up for the shoddiness of the slapdash Mafia II: Definitive Edition.

  • Replaying Galaxy and thinking Nintendo are suckers and should have released it standalone as it is (1080/60) for $40 and I would still buy it.

  • Started playing Doom Eternal thanks to Game Pass-pretty freaking sweet it is.

  • This is the Police 2. Really enjoyed the first one and am enjoying this one... Except that it keeps crashing on me. I'm trying my best but I might abandon it with a broken heart.

  • My brother brought my PS3 back from overseas a few days ago, and I replayed John Woo's Stranglehold. I enjoy playing it mostly because it's kinda nostalgic at this point, but man, it does not hold up at all. The aiming is so stiff, the story sucks ass, and the framerate is pretty abysmal at times. I really like this one part where you have to protect a band while they're playing jazz (the sax guy died early so there's no sax parts for the rest of the section, which is kinda cool), but other than that part, it's pretty mediocre overall. I still have more PS3 games I want to replay, so I'll move on to something else.

  • I was trying the Pikmin demo. Very generous demo and really sold me on the game. Except the image quality is too rough for my taste. Usually I'm not too picky about graphics but in this case the type of textures used don't mix well with 720p on a big screen.

  • Started playing a game Huber's been recommending-Wintermoor Tactics Club, and yes it is cozy and it is a lovely little strategy game, just a pleasant and fun indie offering that deserves a look for sure.

  • Bought Paper Mario today. Was desiring some more Nintendo and went for it. A couple of hours in I have to say the writing is surprisingly good and funny, the art direction is superb and overall seems to be overflowing with that creativity that only Nintendo is able to deliver. On the negative side I have to say, I dislike the initial fase of almost every game but this really pushes over exposition to mechanics to the absurd. Yes, Is get it is a game for all ages but (1) don't treat kids as youknowwhat and (2) give players the option to pick a "fully functional human" mode. Holy Shi... Nintendo! Combat looks potentially interesting but for what I've heard online it doesn't quite develop upon its basic premise. But oh boy this game is charming!

  • I got my friend's PS4 a few weeks back along with most of the "important" games. First one I started up was God of War. So far so good. Absolutely beautiful, incredible story, etc.

    Got Yakuza 0 on sale and started that up today. This game rocks my vibe so hardcore. Honestly like it more than GoW at this point. Completely different and an unfair comparison, but this game is so freaking rad. We'll see how both finish up for me, though.

  • I'm 10 hours into FF7, the og version, playing it for the first time.

    First of all, I'm enjoying the game, enough that I'm looking forward to keep playing, but I can't hide the fact that I have to remind myself plenty of times that it is a game from 23 years ago and that it was something revolutionary in some ways at the time.

    This game outside of the nostalgia factor, just doesn't have what it takes, and doesn't hold up to be considered a great game now a days, not strategy wise, not in design or presentation and from what I've seen so far certainly not in story (the fact that I'm playing it along with what is shaping up to be one of the best stories in games in 13 Sentinels). I do think I enjoy the game well enough so far that there's hope for me to end up liking it more by the end, but seen it with my 2020 eyes this is outdone by many RPGs since then, and in my opinion even before then, FFVI is a much superior game so far for me, and would say the same from Earthbound or Chrono Trigger which I didn't love either.

    I'm not saying this to thrash on it, I've just thought a lot about my impressions of the game since I wanted to finally have my own opinion of it.

    Ohh but Red XIII is dope!

  • Currently reinstalling and trying out R6 Siege and Apex Legends again to find out whether they're still broken/buggy on my PS4, cause I'm feeling the ol' shooter itch again and Rogue Company got boring real fast.

    Aside from that, I've been grinding slowly on Genshin Impact. I recently got to rank 26, and after unlocking quite a few characters, the combat really starts to get fun. I think it's safe to say now that the exploration could be better, with the somewhat janky controls and unsatisfying movement speed, but the combat is more than enough now to make up for it. Chaining elemental combos with my friends on coop mode is very satisfying, ngl.

    Also, I got some really good survival matches on GoT Legends and I got a lot of higher level gear pretty quick. It's so fun, can't wait to try out the Nightmare challenges.

  • Playing Genshin Impact regularly now. I love it, from the main and small story quests or the recent character quests, there is a lot of world building going on. Today I found out why there is this magically sealed door in Mondstadt. Hmm, I remember after the first 2 or 3 hour I thought I already got more narrative out of it than with BotW.

  • Currently playing Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.