[Official] What are you playing?

  • @dipset
    It's definitely a close second for my GOTY so far and I've only put like 5 hours in it, and will undoubtedly put more in the next gen version next week. It's just this mix of gameplay and presentation that sorta hooks me.

    Also this is probably the most bored I've ever heard Troy Baker in anything.

  • AC Valhalla
    Not bad in the 3 hours I've put in, that said climbing so far feels a bit off.

  • @dmcmaster I too have started playing Valhalla and I agree the climbing is rather off as you say. I've got more issues concerning how the story unfold. For instance Ubisoft have had a knack of having emotionless main characters when some substantial event happens at the beginning of the game. When a loved one gets killed off in Unity, Origins and in Valhalla there's no weight to it at all. I generally find the characters to be silly and boring anyway and when there is humour it comes off as the games trying too hard to be charismatic. With that said I have to applaud how Ubisoft opened Valhalla and there are great moments and scenery that do their best to invite you into the world.

  • With the XSX I went back to Forza Horizon 4, as a console (and PC) peasant being able to play it at 4k/60 is pretty sweet. But how fast the intermediate load times are really pushes this game to a 10/10. To me it was already a GOAT title and this removes the only issue this game (and all Forzas) had. Every time I play it I'm always impressed by the quality of the world/level design.

    Also they added some more content to the game that I didn't knew about. Really great to comeback to FH4.

    Haven't tried the Quick Resume yet but I imagine it will be sweet to just jump in for a couple of races whenever I feel like

  • Currently playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the computer room and 13 Sentinels in the living room.

    In Reality: mostly Yakuza.

  • @dmcmaster

    A) I didn't realize you were Hayterfan. Not that it matters, just thought it was two people. I am also GoTaco and might switch back to that name cause idk why I named myself after The Diplomats lol

    B) Troy Baker is clearly high in his living room reading off a Zoom mic.

    C) Otherwise Dirt 5 looks lit.

  • Booted up Blur and played through the first set of races. It's pretty surreal seeing these realistic looking real life cars throwing energy blasts at each other. It's really fun so far, although I still don't get how to properly drift/turn corners. There's also a photo mode in the game, which I would have never expected.

  • @bam541 It's good you're finding Blur a blast to play.

  • @bam541 I played a hit of Blur and a bit of Split/Second recently. I definitely like the sense of speed in Split/Second but man is it hard to make out what the attacks are actually doing. Still, loved my little time with both games. Will return for sure.