[Official] What are you playing?

  • @Browarr Alien Isolation is a great 6 hour game... it's just too bad it's like double that.
    If you're a fan of the series though it should be tried. It nails the aesthetic of the first movie, and that Xenomorph is terrifying and super smart.

  • @Inustar @Billy Thank you guys for your answers ! I will pick it up (the game is already at a low price) since I love the first Alien movie. Thanks again :)

  • was just playing dragon quest builders demo i was on the fence before now ill probably pick it up i thing its price is a little high though

  • Played through the DQB demo on vita too and really liked it. Controls are a little awkward but they're fine after a while.

  • I finished Chapter 4 of King's Quest and since the previous chapter was really really (R E A L L Y) awesome, I had high expectations. God I'm disappointed. Not because it's not as good as Chapter 3 but because it's as bad as Chapter 2 which was really really (R E A L L Y) weak IMO.

    They managed to do worse with the puzzles (most of them seemed like fillers for an episode already too long), really bad writing (some important characters and strong relationships brought without really building that up) and a lack of good art direction (especially after Chapter 3, maybe a question of color tone).

    For now, they're doing one good episode every two episodes. So I have faith for the last one (welp, there is also some kind of Epilogue). It was a nice surprise when I finally played Chapter 1 (free on PS4 IIRC) and it could become one of my disappointment of the year (probably 2017 when I look at the schedule release).

    Also tried to play again to GTA V. I feel it's just not for me and that makes me a bit sad (but I might saved 50 hours of game time in the end so yay).

  • I'm on the last deck of my first time playing System Shock 2. It's a game just dripping with atmosphere, so I can see why it was so lauded, but the combat is not very good. It's got some of the Deus Ex problem in the way it feels when shooting. Also, all I really have to do is rush and circle strafe any enemy with my melee weapon.

    Still, a lot of things in the environment are developed much more fully than Half Life, which came out a year earlier. It's been fun. I've only played a little of the first System Shock, but will go back to it after I finish this up. I suspect I will like that one even better.

  • @Maczime I played the first episode purely because it was free on PS, and I loved it. It was just so gorgeous, I loved the art in that game. Haven't played any of the other episodes because I'm waiting until they're all out, so I'm a little saddened to hear they aren't all great. Probably won't stop me from picking up a bundle some time in the future for the right price.

    And don't worry, you're not alone with that thought of GTA V. It's a great game that I couldn't get more then a couple hours into. It's just not my style.

  • Decided to give Dark Souls another go after gaining confidence from Bloodborne. Everythings going well so far :D

  • @Faaip The first game?

  • Just started Lords of the Fallen since it was free with PS Plus this past month. I love Souls, and while it seems less refined, I'm having fun so far.

  • @Billy Yeah the first.. I never finished it originally

    I thought Lord's of the Fallen was super fun!

  • Slowly working my way through Dragon Ball Xenoverse; Just started the Buu Saga.

    I played through the Dragon Quest Builders demo and loved it, but I wish I was able to mine stone.

  • I've been playing Yakuza 5, but it has the same BIG problems that 4 had.

    The game just feels clunky a lot of times, and the pacing is horrible, and I'm still only playing as Kiryu, and just imagining that I'll have to switch characters just as in 4 at some point is a turn off, that was easily the part that I disliked the most about 4.

    The game is fun and has a lot of things that I enjoy, I just feel it could do with a lot more polish, and honestly I wouldn't mind not having a story, or at least have one with a much smaller presence, because I feel like it horribly breaks the pacing of the game, and it is hard to get invested in it.

  • I reming myself that I had a Fallout New Vegas playthough ongoing and that I had to beat the rest of the DLCs I didn't managed to finish ( Dead Money and Lonesome Road).
    I already beat New Vegas main quest four times and each DLC once but I can't get enough of this game and I decided to play it one more time a month ago haha :D

    Two hours ago I beat Dead Money: Good atmosphere (my only complain is that there is now enough new music) and I liked the overall concept of the SIerra Madre casino. And the cons: I only liked Dead Domino in the new cast of characters ( he is, in my humble opinion, the single having a relevant personality), the DLC is too much action based (as all the DLC tough) and there is no side activities (there are some collectables but it ain't fun). I gave it an overall six out of ten. It wasn't a blast (Old World Blues is really good tough, really funny) and still had fun playing it.

    After I finished Dead Money, I got prepared for Lonesome Road ( from what I remembered of it, Lonesome Road is more action-based than the others) and managed to play one hour. I cannot say anything about it, and I remember that it was my least appreciated DLC. But it was a long time ago, so my feeling towards it may change :)

  • I'm working on New Game Plus for Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

  • Youtube Video

    Just started it, but man after MGS2 I'm so hyped to get stuck into Kojima more :D

  • @Mr-M Is this your first playthrough?

    I played through it for the first time recently. A really great game. Holds up better than MGS2. I started playing through all of the Metal Gear games in an effort to beat them in order of release. I haven't started MGS 4 yet.

    While I'm at it, I'm currently playing Yoshi's Island (GBA), Jak & Daxter, Jak II, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Uncharted Golden Abyss. That's in order of priority.

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    Just picked up Pokemon Fire Red again. Its just as good as I remember it! Started with Squirtle (love water pokemons) and have slowly started to build my team :sunglasses:

  • Decided to awaken my inner child and play Animal Crossing: Wild Leaf. (got some fond memories of the GCN game)

    Judge me at your own peril.

  • @matt Nice name ;)
    I had played MGS1 long ago and I've got the rest of the mainline games through various gifts but never played them so I've decided to finally go through them all. If 3 is seriously better than 2 I'll be so happy.