[Official] What are you playing?

  • @dipset Odd. I'm playing on a Pro as well and, other than some hitching when transitioning from game to menu, it has been pretty solid for me.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I expect they probably have finessed the issues then. I played it around Sept 2019 pre-patch, then again post-patch and both versions would give Cyberpunk a run for it's money. Just outta curiosity I re-read my thoughts in the Control thread from when I played it. I guess my verdict was that I liked it, but didn't appreciate how the combat-first game design makes the Old House feel pushed by the wayside a bit.

    I still think I'll give it a 2nd go on PS5 before the inevitable sequel. For a new IP, this game knocked it out of the park. People gotta ease up on new IPs because their sequels are always incredible.

  • Finished Cyberpunk on my ps5 like two weeks ago. Sheesh...that game has good writing but everything else was woof. With 19 crashes, what else can you expect. (My hottake: it should never have been released on consoles)

    Thank the gods that PS+ gave Maneater out. Fun game. Feels like a nice buffer game until I play something else. If I ever find out what to play next.

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps

    I downloaded this from Game Pass because why not, and I'm pretty blown away by how fun this is. I wasn't super interested in the original despite some friends telling me it's a good game, but the lack of worthwhile combat and most of the good stuff being in side content kept me away.

    Now in this sequel, I'm really enjoying myself about 2.5 hours in. Combat very obviously took inspiration from Hollow Knight and at this point, there are a lot more similarities between these two games. Mainly, the combat feels very similar with clear enemy attack patters that require a bit of chipping away, enemies that pack a punch, and even the menu's look similar.

    I went back and watched videos of Hollow Knight and it looks a bit flat by comparison to Ori in that Ori fills the frame at all times. Little BG and FG elements are animated and there is a strong composition on screen at all times. It isn't too noisy either, they just fill the screen to create a lot of depth but none of it is distracting.

    In the end, I might end up liking this more than Hollow Knight. I'm now fully in on the Ori franchise if it has any legs, and if Hollow Knight was clear inspiration for this game in 2020, I can only imagine how great Hollow Knight Silksong is in 2021.

  • Just bought Smash Bros Ultimate, and it's my first Smash game. It's pretty fun so far, Link seems to be the most ideal character out of the original batch so I'm definitely gonna try to learn him. The mechanics are easy to grasp, although I still feel like I'm randomly mashing buttons right now. I haven't played much online yet, but the input delay is very noticable, which kinda sucks. Also, there's so much stuff in this game! With the gigantic music library here, my Switch's pretty much a dedicated music player to me now.

    P.S. I loveeee playing as Zelda. Might be my main.

  • Desperados 3 dropped on Gamepass and I think I'll have to make some changes to my 2020 top. The game is phenomenal.

  • Due too some unfortunate circumstances my My PlayStation & xbox are fucked. So I'm digging out my old systems. So I decided to give Grandia a go. I'm fucking smitten. I'm going on an adventure. I've not felt this good playing a game in years. Playing with my youngest its Heaven.

  • @paulmci27 I love playing older games and having “they could do this then?!” moments. The voice acting and rotating camera felt ahead of their time when I first played Grandia maybe 10 years ago. Super game from what I played of it.

  • I'm playing The Medium and I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. Cool esoteric thriller, 3rd person walking sim. I don't think it will dethrone Observer as my favourite game from this team but it's in that same vein of borderline interactive fiction.

  • Playing Doom(2016)

    Just want to say something: Whoever designed that mini map, he/she did a terrible terrible job! I am getting really annoyed while trying to figure out which thing is where or on which floor. Is it too f..cking hard to design a map where a player can understand these simple things!!?? It was like that with SWJ: Fallen Order too. In Doom, you can't even turn the map 360 degrees!!! Is this a f..cking joke!? I'm really pissed off!

  • Continuing my playthrough of Control that I haven't touched since May. Makes me think that Remedy should make TV shows because Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control have a certain TV show quality to them-especially Quantum Break seeing as that game had a TV show interspersed throughout it.

  • @jdincinerator

    How can you continue a game that you didn't play since May from where you left? Asking for real. Didn't you forget most of it?

  • @scotty You're picking up where you left off is all. I know I should've just stuck with it until completion but it seems what with it being free on PS+ this month, Brad streaming it this week and wanting to play something lighter off the back of completing RDR2-it seems like a the kind of story-driven and linear game I want to get through and enjoy.

  • @jdincinerator

    Okay, I would have start from the beginning again.

  • Giving Yakuza Zero another chance. Trying to push myself to finish it. I honestly think it's objectively a mediocre game but every time there's a main story bit it's always so fucking good that I'm doing my best. Unfortunately I don't see me playing all the other ones if I eventually finish this one because most of it is so sufferable.

  • @phbz I kinda feel the same as you. I finished that game a year ago and was satisfied with the story, but it took me nearly a year to actually finish it because I got tired of the main gameplay loop at some point in the middle act. I put down the game for months and when I got back I just rushed through the main missions. I still want to play the other Yakuza games, but it's very low on my to-do list.

    I wish that someone would make a different game out of the city exploration and side quests/activities from this game, because I truly feel like those parts are the only time I enjoyed the gameplay. I guess that's the reason I really gravitate towards something like Shenmue. The combat parts of Shenmue are way less prevalent, and Shenmue III added a whole new dynamic to it that I really like.

  • Bought Ys Origin for 5 bucks and played it for a bit, never played any Ys games before. I really enjoy it so far, the ARPG combat is simple yet satisfying, and the controls feels tight as heck. I happened to stream me playing it since I wanted to test my internet and mic, and I almost got whooped by the first boss. Hopefully this is a sign of more challenging bosses to come. The only bad part of my experience so far is that the story doesn't immediately respond to things that just happened. After the boss fight, I wanted to report it to the other characters, but the game doesn't even acknowledge that it happened yet.

  • Update on Grandia. 12 hours in, been playing with my kid. He's loving watching me play even though he's too young to understand the battle system he's glued to it. We're having the best time. Warms my heart. Looking forward to every time we play it. Magical.

  • Started Resident Evil 5 coop yesterday morning with my friend. RE5, RE6, RE3 Remake, and Code Veronica are the mainline RE games I haven't played or finished. I played what I assume is maybe 50% of the game waaaaaay back when. I recall it feeling a lot more intense in 2008 than it currently does. On one hand, I'm way more experienced with Resident Evil, but also, this game just doesn't scare me as an adult. It's just the thrill of a zombie nearly getting you but you run away just right on time.

    Low expectations but having fun so far. It's funny how every co-op game in that era played the exact same: pre-mission inventory screen, hold circle to throw your friend up a ladder, run through bite sized levels. The only difference between RE5 and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand are the shooting mechanics. 2008 was a glorious yet weird time in gaming.

  • Been getting through Afterparty. For those not in the know Afterparty comes from the same devs who made Oxenfree but here it's about drinking and hell and a pleasant way to spend 5 hours.