[Official] What are you playing?

  • Bought Ys Origin for 5 bucks and played it for a bit, never played any Ys games before. I really enjoy it so far, the ARPG combat is simple yet satisfying, and the controls feels tight as heck. I happened to stream me playing it since I wanted to test my internet and mic, and I almost got whooped by the first boss. Hopefully this is a sign of more challenging bosses to come. The only bad part of my experience so far is that the story doesn't immediately respond to things that just happened. After the boss fight, I wanted to report it to the other characters, but the game doesn't even acknowledge that it happened yet.

  • Update on Grandia. 12 hours in, been playing with my kid. He's loving watching me play even though he's too young to understand the battle system he's glued to it. We're having the best time. Warms my heart. Looking forward to every time we play it. Magical.

  • Started Resident Evil 5 coop yesterday morning with my friend. RE5, RE6, RE3 Remake, and Code Veronica are the mainline RE games I haven't played or finished. I played what I assume is maybe 50% of the game waaaaaay back when. I recall it feeling a lot more intense in 2008 than it currently does. On one hand, I'm way more experienced with Resident Evil, but also, this game just doesn't scare me as an adult. It's just the thrill of a zombie nearly getting you but you run away just right on time.

    Low expectations but having fun so far. It's funny how every co-op game in that era played the exact same: pre-mission inventory screen, hold circle to throw your friend up a ladder, run through bite sized levels. The only difference between RE5 and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand are the shooting mechanics. 2008 was a glorious yet weird time in gaming.

  • Been getting through Afterparty. For those not in the know Afterparty comes from the same devs who made Oxenfree but here it's about drinking and hell and a pleasant way to spend 5 hours.

  • Officially quit on Yakuza once again. I just can't. Maybe I'll try Like a Dragon one day as the combat looks more interesting.

    Right now I'm playing Cyber Shadow. It's good fun so far.

  • I'm playing Doom(2016) and having a hard time to get enjoyment of it. I'm in the minority that just don't find the combat fun at all. I'm just playing it to finish it, combat is bland and boring. I don't know if it will be much more in the upcoming levels but not holding my breath.

  • Currently playing through Saints Row: The Third Remastered. I really enjoyed the original version when I played it on Xbox 360 almost a decade ago and this remaster really fails to do the game justice for one very significant reason-the framerate is absolutely and unacceptably atrocious. The amount of slowdown and times I thought the game froze up is scarily frequent. The game runs like it was ported poorly on the Nintendo Switch and does a convincing job of making you want to stick with the Switch/360/PS3 versions if you own those. Visually the game looks like a nice upgrade but there's no reason to revisit Saints Row: The Third under this remaster. As far as videogame remasters go this one is piss poor.

  • @jdincinerator
    What's wrong with the framerate? I remember it being pretty good 90% of the time, only chugging when you try to cause as many explosions as possible.

    Finally got around to playing the Balan Wonderland demo, and good lord does it need to be delayed like....idk how long but they seriously need to rethink the gameplay, cause this thing plays like a old tech demo from like 92 when the Z axsis was completely new. I do like the idea and premise but damn does it need to rethink its gameplay.

    Also anyone getting a RTX 3090 be careful about that first boot up

  • @dmcmaster I also played some of the Balan Wonderworld demo on PS5 and it's real bad. The platforming doesn't look or feel right, so it already fails as a platformer. It looks like garbage and the rolling hills effect was making me motion sick so I had to stop playing. I can't see how Square Enix thought releasing this demo was a good idea.

  • @dmcmaster I don't know what console you've been playing on or whether that makes a difference but there has been a lot of instances of slowdown during my playthrough of SR: The Third. I wouldn't be so critical otherwise.

  • @jdincinerator I didn't have any issues with the PC version of Saints Row: The Third Remastered when I played it. It's probably an issue with the Switch version.

    Youtube Video

  • @shoulderguy I've played the Switch version and it was fine but the PS4 version has bad slowdown at times it's unacceptable these days.

  • @shoulderguy
    I actually liked the rolling hill effect, but I can see how that can be a issue.

    And yeah the platforming is just sooo lifeless, like they need to rethink everything about this game. Like (X) is jump regardless of the costume, and the other 3 face buttons are used for any abilities. This makes gameplay feel a bit more traditional, but with abilities attached to each face button it could make for some fun, if basic challenges.

    Also there's supposed to be 80 costumes/ abilities in the final game and my only thought is just how many of thoese are just going to be reskins if the same thing.

  • @jdincinerator
    Base PS4 or Pro?

  • @dmcmaster Pro.

  • Was playing Indiana Jones and the emperor's tomb. Pretty ancient controls (2002) for a 3rd person adventure. Fun game but I think I'm done with it. But I'm ready for a modern Indy!

    Someone randomly recommended me to check Dandara on Gamepass and holy smokes, what a wonderful game. Lots of influences of Brazilian psychedelic culture, very impressed with its twist on the 2d platformer formula. After Cyber Shadow bored me to dead this hits the right spot.

    Also I'm playing Mario 3D World. Aside from the camera being flawed, a really great game. There's not many games that put a smile on my face just for trying new stuff and executing it perfectly in charming and surprising ways. 3D Marios usually do just that and this one is no Sunshine, really solid game.

    Tragedy, after convincing my girl to play the game with me my Switch Pro controller just died. No clue what happened but my soul is crushed!

  • Booted up Dreams again and checked out a few games nominated for the 2nd Impy Awards. Stumbled upon this Echochrome-esque game called A Little Perspective, and I love it! It was released last year, why the hell did I found out about this just now. https://indreams.me/dream/mMReufWNwzs

    Also checked out this The Witness-like puzzle game called LOCK, and a demo for a beautiful Japanese themed action sidescroller game called Nine Tails Story. Playing all these games make me wish for another group stream by the allies, the Dreams scene has grown so much since they last played it, and there's so many cool shit now.

  • Not playing, but my local gamestop is shutting down and grabbed the last Switch Lite they had for $60

  • @dmcmaster

    You lucky son of a gun!

    Stil playing Doom and starting to have fun with the flow. Hope it just goes upward from here. I want to add another thing for video games:

    This forum increase the enthusiasm I have to play video games and that's great. Whenever I come here, I am like ''I fricking love video games!'', wanted to say it.